18 January 2017
mobile apps

Why You Should Create Your Own Mobile App As A Musician

mobile apps

The internet has certainly transformed the music industry in ways that we can’t even begin to explain. It brought ‘everyone’ online and this spawned new developments in what has changed the music industry even further: technology.

And though some have seen it as doom for the music industry, technology has brought its fair share of good. It’s changed how fans discover and interact with music. Meaning you don’t have to be at a local bar to be discovered or noticed. You also don’t have to rely on agents and gigs only to get paid for your work. You don’t have to wait for live performances to interact with your fans. You can do all these and more via a mobile app. One that you can create.

So take charge of your music career. Make your music and get it out there.

Explore the whys and whats of creating your own Mobile App as a Musician here.

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