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Do you already know how to sing? There is always something new to learn. Singing is a life-long pursuit, and it definitely won’t happen overnight so check out this article on how to become a better singer.

Learning How to Sing Properly

Before we start with singing lessons, there is one important fact that you need to know

You Are Not Stuck With Your Voice – You Can Train it to Be Better!

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Normally, we believe the voice we are born with is static – and you either have it (a nice singing voice) or you don’t. The truth is you can easily develop both your speaking and singing voice. Similar to any other muscles in the body, your voice can be trained to be powerful and sound much better.

If people ever tell you that you “can’t sing”, don’t get your hopes down. All you need to do is train your voice.

How do you train your voice? First, you need to understand the main parts of your voice (see The Fundamentals below), what their purpose is and how you have been using them. Then you just need to practice and train consistently by doing some vocal and breathing exercises.

The Fundamentals:

Everyone loves to sing, and chances are, you have been singing along with your favorite artist, either on your way to work, in the shower, or in your car. Here are the essentials:

A great voice comes from controlling these areas of your voice:

  • Breathing – Do you know that there are seven variations on your breathing?
  • Tone and Resonance – How powerful does your voice sound?
  • Pitch – Can you sing in tune?
  • Dynamics and Power – How soft and loud are the sounds you produce?
  • Vocal Muscles – These includes the larynx, vocal cords, and the diaphragm – tension vs. strain
  • Voice Range – Do you sing both the high and low notes consistently?

Take Control:

Breath control and changing how your voice works and sounds are two of the most important focus points for your practice.

Controlling Your Breathing

Controlling Your Breathing When SingingTo start, your breathing has to be:

  1. Relaxed – No good sound will come out if you strain yourself in breathing.
  2. Intuitive – You must sound as natural as you can be.
  3. Enough – You don’t want to be short of breath when you’re singing a long musical phrase.

If you are not sure how to do this, try steadily counting 30 seconds without having to take a breath and without strain. Was that easy? Then your breathing is relaxed and intuitive with enough air. Otherwise, you’ve got some training to do.

Becoming Better

There are seven ways you can breath and you’ll have to practice all of them. These will help build up breath control and also help your vocal chords relax.

  1. The Yawn – deep inhalation and heavy exhalation, like when you are sleepy or bored
  2. The Gasp – a sudden, short intake of breath as if you’re in shock or surprise.
  3. The Sigh – let out your breath audibly. This exercise is similar to the yawn but not as exaggerated
  4. The Hiss – make a sharp sound like that of the prolonged letter s. Control your breathing through your lips and teeth
  5. The Pant – like the gasp, however, it’s harder and quicker
  6. Slow and Silent Breath – Have you tried secretly listening into a conversation on the phone? That’s the slow and silent breath
  7. Sleeper Breath – deep and heavy breathing as you do when falling asleep

Do this stuff repeatedly to practice your breathing. Practicing will not only promote your breathing control but will also increase your endurance and promote relaxation.

Changing How Your Voice Works and Sounds

Training Vocal Chords for Singing Here’s where the weirdness happens. Your body’s muscles produce the sounds that you make. And so you need to train them regularly for them to function well.

Your goal is to manage your voice to:

  • Stay in key when singing
  • Make a relaxed tone
  • Avoid straining

To make a “relaxed tone”, just open your mouth and makes some basic sounds. That’s all you have to do!

Bust a quick “hmm” sound that is fast and short without any strain or tension, similar to what you do when you learn something new and interesting.

Just do this using your natural pitch; you don’t need to match a certain pitch or note. Whatever is easiest for you – just be as natural as you can be.

How Do You Become Better?

Just keep on practicing the “hmm” sound. This particular exercise will not only help change how your voice sounds but will also promote relaxation.

  • As you progress, prolong the “hmm” sounds you make
  • Gradually transition to different musical notes while humming
  • Finally, imitate how a siren sounds, as it goes up and down, with your humming

These exercises will make it easier for your voice to move smoothly up or down in pitch between the chest, middle and head voice registers allowing you to hit different pitches.

Remember, that’s only one way to exercise your voice. There are different types of vocal exercises that will help improve the musical quality of your voice and its different aspects.

As you learn different techniques, practice specific exercises for your voice regularly.

The Game Plan

singing how to

  1. Breathing exercises like the ones mentioned above (15 mins daily)
  2. Do the voice drills mentioned above in your natural tone for half an hour every day for a week
  3. After a week, practice the same vocal exercise but this time, use a particular scale (say, C Major) for a week
  4. Gradually build your pitch by practicing different musical scales – one specific musical scale weekly
  5. As you are working to improve your voice, study new techniques, exercises or methods by visiting different blogs. Reading everything is a great way to help improve your performance.

Music has 24 scales in total. Assuming you practice the vocal exercises with one musical scale per week, it will take six months to go through every scale.


After this time (and with the help of our blog), you’ll want to train your voice in specific areas:

  • Pitch
  • Harmony
  • Advanced Control of Your Breath
  • Resonance and Your Tone
  • Projection
  • Vibrato
  • Endurance
  • Singing High Notes and Falsetto
  • Vibrato
  • Different Musical Genres

For each of these areas, you would need to spend weeks and weeks on training and focus on them.


  • time-to-vocal-training-running-outDaily Basic Practice – 45 mins per day
  • Learn Something New for each Week – 1 hour per day
  • Practice a “new technique” – 45 mins per day
  • Total Time Commitment – 32 weeks

The above list seems like a ton of work but you will become a better singer!

Yes, I know… 8 months is a long time, and you want to be a solid singer today!

I wanted the same thing when I started to learn to sing.

There is another way to expedite this amount of time.

The Better Way to Learn Singing

The only way to truly become a better singer is through voice lessons. However, singing lessons do not come cheap.

I don’t have a lot of money, but I want a professional, not some random person. Private vocal lessons were not really in my cards.

What did I do? The answer, my friend, is online singing lessons.

Do They Work?

Online singing lessons were the perfect choice. I needed to know the proper breathing technique, harmony, pitch, tone, resonance, endurance, projection and other areas to train my voice SIMULTANEOUSLY. Who would want to waste eight months to learn everything individually?

These online singing lessons are designed to fast-track your progress. Different concepts are organized methodically for easy learning. They also schedule things for you to learn faster than normal pace.

Which One Should You Pick?

There are two main choices, in my opinion:

  1. Superior Singing Method
  2. Singing Success

The Perfect Choice

Best Way to Learn SingingOne of the BEST vocal programs available online is the Superior Singing Method. It had provided me great results making it my top choice. It offers excellent singing lessons with lots of bonuses, great tips, and different tricks.

To learn if this is the perfect choice for you, feel free to read our thorough review.


Another Great Option

Learn to SingIf the first one doesn’t interest you another great option is Singing Success. Brett Manning has proven himself a great vocal coach. The best part about this program is it has a lot of different stuff included.

Read our full and in-depth review here.

My Experience

Since I wasn’t flush with a lot of money, I first started with Superior Singing Method. I got better immediately. The difference in my performance has been drastic.

It only took me a few weeks to finish the entire course. You do it, and you feel like you’ve got a new mastery over your voice.

I was singing with confidence, and I could hit so many more notes much better, including higher ones.

But it Didn’t Stop There

I was hungry for more. I decided to check out Brett Manning’s program – and it was pretty great as well.

After one course, most people would stop learning. But I didn’t want to stop, now that I know I could sing even better. It was what I needed to master my vocals. Other great vocal coaching programs include Singorama and Hear And Play Vocal Mastery

There is no better way to learn singing fast than by using online singing lessons.

Here are some online singing lessons reviews.

So what’s next?

SingingWell, that depends.

Are you interested in a specific musical genre? Do you need some additional help with singing high notes?

We’ll have some different articles on our blog to give you some tips on singing better. If you are brand new to singing & do not know where to start, then read this. You can initially try the course without a fee. Here’s something else to give you some basics.

After reading through that stuff, some formal training will be your next step. Before you make a choice on what, though, check out these singing lesson reviews.

Now that you can sing, go and learn how to sing better.

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