Essentials DRUM Kit

Essentials DRUM Kit


Over 160 Essential Drum Sounds Every Music Producer Needs to Make Bangin’ Beats

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The Deviant Noise Drum Kit Essentials Pack is a “go-to” set of knockin’ drum sounds that come included in the full “Beat Building Blocks – Music Producer’s Starter Kit.”

In this sample of the larger package you’ll get 160 DOPE SOUNDS:

  • Neck Snapping Snares, Claps, RimShots and More That’ll Make Your Head Bob
  • Thumping Kicks that Hit You in the Chest
  • 808s That Will Rumble Your Audience to their Core
  • Tons of unique Percs, Hats and More That Will Help Your Drums Groove Better

Pick up the Essentials DRUM Kit for only $10 and experience the difference a solid set of drum sounds can make to your beats.


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