28 August 2015

Singing: How to Learn and What it Takes

SingingSinging like a star takes a lot of practice, dedication, and personal drive.

You also need to invest your time and money to become a better singer. Give it all you’ve got and you just may surprise yourself with your progress and better performance at such a short time.

Singing well does not only entail producing sounds from your mouth; it takes so much more. Singing is about your tone and pitch control, your breathing, and your posture.

Many things are in play to create those professional songs that make up your favorite music.

Things to Remember

How can you put that dedication and passion you have for music to better use? These are some of the things you will learn throughout the pages of this site.

We will have some great articles on our blog. But you can start off with our complete guide on how to sing.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you should learn how to get better at singing.

For starters, here’s some stuff to kick-start your journey towards learning to sing properly.

#1 – Determine Your Range

singing-what-it-takesIt is highly important to know your vocal range because this determines which singing style will work best for you. Say, you have a bass-heavy voice. You probably don’t want to sing a high song.

If you tried to, the sound you’d produce probably wouldn’t be that great.

Recognizing what your abilities and knowing your vocal range will help you figure out the singing style and a comfortable music genre for you.

There is no need for you to be able to sing any song in the world. Choose songs that will fit your style. Of course, you can always improve on different areas of your voice. You can develop your voice with practice and training, but its main character usually stays the same.

Improve the stuff that need improvement but know your basic vocal range.

#2 – Breath Control & Posture

posture-breath-controlYou may not believe it, but the way you sing is greatly affected by posture. While slouching the airflow is constricted but if you are standing straight, air travels easily through your lungs.

You will also sound much better. The next time you sing, you may want to pay closer attention to your posture.

We see artists in music videos, television and movies casually singing with no problem, and so many singers forget about their posture. However, what you see is the finished product with a fully-produced track being played in the background.

When the singer is practicing or recording, he/she will most likely be standing straight and tall.

Another important thing is proper breath control. You’ll probably run out of your breath quickly if you fail to learn how to breathe properly. It will affect your voice overall, and not in a good way.

#3 – Practice Daily

singing-practiceObviously, practicing is always a “make-or-break” thing when it comes to singing properly. Surprisingly, many people still don’t practice enough.

Practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been singing or if you’re a beginner, I cannot stress enough how important practice is. Constantly practice and you will improve your skills quickly.

8-12 hours per day – this is how long professional singers practice at certain times (even the best ones). They usually do this six days per week.

You can at least take an hour a day to do it. If you want to become a better singer, there are two things that you must do – practice constantly and train (exercise your vocals) constantly.

Practice daily. Find time to do it, despite your busy schedule. Set aside 20-30 minutes daily to do nothing else but practice (breath control, pitch, etc.). This practice will help you improve – I have no doubt. If you can set aside a full hour daily, that will be even better.

Consistency is the key. Doing 2 hours in one day then skipping practice the next three days is not the proper way to do it. Practicing for 30 minutes every day is MUCH BETTER than sporadic practice sessions.

#4 – Voice & Singing Lessons

This section comes last in the list because taking voice lessons is VERY important if you want to learn how to sing. You have to practice daily and take voice lessons seriously if you want to take it to the next level.

Practice is very important. Don’t be afraid to look for help. Remember, you should always find ways to improve yourself and your skills no matter what it takes.

The same thing applies to everything in life, especially if it is a passion of yours.

Don’t let your ego or pride stop you, either. If you are a singer, there is a possibility that you don’t think you need any training because you’re awesome. You CANNOT get along with minimal effort, and you CANNOT get along without working on your biggest asset – your voice.

If that were the case, then you wouldn’t be reading this site, would you?

Vocal Instructors

vocal-coachYou can try to find a private voice coach in your city/town. One of the advantages of having a personal coach is proper assessment and evaluation during lessons. Someone will be there to guide you along personally. Any singer would greatly benefit from a great vocal coach.

There is one problem, though. Having a vocal coach can be costly (the better coach they are, the higher fee they will have). Unless you are willing to pay out hundreds or thousands monthly, you will most likely be left on your own.

Most vocal instructors have weekly half-hour appointments. That’s it. But if you can afford to pay and don’t mind that, It’s a good idea.

Online Singing Lessons

Best Way to Learn SingingIf you don’t have that much cash for a personal vocal coach, I recommend online singing lessons. There are some great online vocal courses out there.

In some cases, they are is just as good as a personal vocal coach without being too costly. Most programs offer a one-time fee ranging from $97 to $150. They will give you a full set of audio exercises and video instructions to help you improve in every way.

The only trouble with this type of program is that you would have to study on your own. It’s tough to force yourself to watch the videos or practice regularly.

However, if you are committed and you go through the whole thing, you will get so much better. And you’ll do it quickly. Now, that’s a big difference.

Most singers, even experienced ones, have improved tremendously from the some of the training we recommend on this site.

Get Even Better Results

Why not combine both – online singing lessons with a vocal coach – for even better results? Having both will be more practical and cost-effective. Some courses will allow you to ask questions to the instructors themselves. If you prefer a vocal coach, that’s cool but you can still seriously consider this.

Having gone through an online vocal training first, you will be so far ahead with the lessons that when you finally hire a personal vocal coach, the single weekly sessions will do so much more.

So if you’re interested in singing, you have to be committed. And the best place to start your journey is our guide on how to sing properly.

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