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We offer tools, resources and information for aspiring and established rappers, singers, songwriters, music producers, beat makers and musicians.

Get beats for your songs, sounds for your beats, lessons for your voice/instrument, the knowledge to succeed in the modern music industry and much more.

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Licensing Information

Standard (MP3+WAV)


File Type – 320khz MP3 + 32 Bit WAV Files
Delivery – Instant
Distribution Limit – 5000 copies
Audio/Video Streams – 10000
Not-For-Profit Performances – 100
# of Music Videos – 1
Radio Stations – Submit to up to 2 Stations

Premium (Track Outs)


File Type – 32 Bit WAV Track Stems + Mixed MP3/WAV
Delivery – Instant
Distribution Limit – 10000 copies
Audio/Video Streams – 500000
Unlimited For-Profit + Not-For-Profit Performances
# of Music Videos – 1
Radio Stations – Submit to up to 100 Stations



File Type – 32 Bit WAV Track Stems + Mixed MP3/WAV
Delivery – Instant
Unlimited Distribution
Unlimited Audio/Video Streams
Unlimited For-Profit + Non-Profit Performances
# of Music Videos – Unlimited
Unlimited Radio Station Submissions

At Deviant Noise we can help provide the soundtrack for your next single, EP or album project.

Whether you’re a rapper, singer or songwriter we offer modern Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop instrumental backing tracks that are produced, mixed and mastered to the highest quality using cutting edge instruments and composition techniques.

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Price USD $24.99 – Mens + Womens – See Sizes/Colors

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Whether you’re an aspiring or established singer, rapper, DJ, filmmaker, music supervisor or visual artist we’ve got the sound and knowledge you need for whatever you’re trying to do.

If you’re an aspiring music artist, learn how to sing better. If you’re an aspiring music producer, learn how to make beats. Or up your game either way by learning how to play guitar or how to play piano.

Take it even further by checking out our picks on the best singing lessons, piano lessons, and guitar lessons online.

If you’re looking for the best online singing lesson, read our Superior Singing Method review.

For the best online guitar lesson, check out our JamPlay review.

If you’re an artist and you’re tight on paper and looking for free beats, we might be able to help!

We also provide professional mixing and mastering services for music artists and custom audio production services for film/tv and corporations.

If you’re a music producer, get our take on the best music production and beat making software or download some of our signature drum samples and sounds.

Simply put – is your one-stop shop for music production and music business resources that’ll help you succeed as a rapper, singer, DJ or producer.

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  • Rap and Hip-Hop Beats
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  • Pop and Electronic Beats
  • Custom Beats Available
Mixing and Mastering
  • Give your music that polished, industry sound
  • Get Maximum Loudness without distortion
  • Get Maximum Clarity and Quality

Needed for:

  • radio play
  • film/tv placements
  • demo submissions
Building Blocks
  • Drum Samples and Sounds
  • Drum Beats and Loops
  • Sample Packs