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Welcome To DeviantNoise.com – the best place on the planet to learn how to make music if you’re a complete beginner.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to go professional, or a music lover who wants to pursue it as a hobby, we can help you get started quickly and easily.

We try to put out the best, most comprehensive and easily digested guides and articles to help you understand what it takes to make the music you want to make, without boring you to death.

Whether you want to learn how to be a vocal artist, an instrumentalist, a songwriter or a music producer, our how-to guides and articles tell you everything you need to know to start making music for the 21st century.

We have a focus on modern music creation, especially pop, hip-hop and r&b – but what we teach you can be used to make any style of music you can imagine.

And best of all, our content is completely free.

Where to Start if You’re New

If you’re brand new to making music and Deviant Noise, check out these frequently asked questions about making music.

If you’re an aspiring music artist, learn how to rap or how to sing better.

If you’re an aspiring music producer, learn how to make beats or find the best beat making software.

Or up your game either way by learning how to play guitar or how to play piano.

Take it even further by checking out our picks on the best singing lessonspiano lessons, and guitar lessons online.

Already have music ready to go? Learn how to upload your music on spotify today!

Simply put – DeviantNoise.com is your one-stop shop for music production and music business resources that’ll help you succeed as a rapper, singer, songwriter, or music producer.

Our Free Music Making Resources

Tutorials for Beat Making, Singing, Rapping, Writing Songs, Playing an Instrument and Getting Heard


At DeviantNoise.com, we want to help you make your best music.

We offer tools, resources and information for aspiring and established rappers, singers, songwriters, music producers, beat makers and musicians.

Get the knowledge you need to make the best music possible and get is out into the world.

Let’s make some noise.


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