21 March 2018
5 Essential Synth VST Instruments

5 Essential Synth VSTs Every Beat Maker Needs in 2018

5 Essential Synth VST Instruments

There are a ton of options out there for VST instruments so it can be pretty overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to buy when you make beats and get bored of your DAW’s stock plugins.

But don’t worry, we’re about to tell you the 5 best synths you can buy in 2018 if you’re a music producer.

These synths are hella versatile, super high quality and most sound making companies make patches and presets for these synths.

And it’s what everyone is using now, so if you want a modern music sound – get these synths:


Top Synth VSTsPrice: $149.99 USD

Native Instruments’ Massive is a good place to start. It’s a wave-table synth plugin that can seem intimidating at first, but so can most synths.

Lucky for you it comes with 1300 or so presets that you can easily tweak to make unique to your track.

You can also make a lot of dope sounds from scratch using this synth alone but it also has some good expansions and third-party preset packs.

It’s great for fat bass sounds and unique leads. The great thing about massive, too, is if you’re a Maschine or Komplete Kontrol user, it seemlessly integrates with the hardware.

That means you can control the synth parameters on your hardware right out of the box.

You can buy Massive here.(free demo available)


Best SynthsPrice: 139 EUR (about $170 USD at time of writing)

Sylenth is a crazy ass synth. The presets that come with this 4 oscillator synth are wild and so big and bright you usually have to eq the hell out of them so they don’t take over the mix.

It’s another versatile synth that’s specifically good for bass and lead sounds. But browse through the patches or make your own easily.

Tweaking a couple knobs on the well-laid out interface will have you creating weird shit super quick. The 4 oscillators (the things that make the sounds) are coupled with 2 filters and a bunch of onboard effects you can use to bring your sounds to life.

It can be a go-to synth if you want. (But so can any of the synths in this list).

Learn more and get a demo at the Lenner Digital site


Synthesizer VST InstrumentsPrice: $249 USD+

Now this bad boy is the must-have of the list. It’s not very easy or intuitive to create your own Nexus sounds, but the pre-made patches it comes with??


These are massive sounds that really inspire creativity. And there are a ton of expansions available on the manufacturer’s site (Refx).

It comes with over 1500 presets in 24 different categories, and some great onboard effects and sequencers (like an arpeggiator.

Get your own at the Refx website.


Best Synths for Hip HopPrice: $189 USD

Serum is similar to Massive in that it’s a wavetable synthesizer. But if you’re wondering why you should get it if you already have Massive it’s because it sounds sick.

And lots of people make preset packs for Serum so it’s a good one to have. And if you want to make your own sounds, Serum lets you import your own audio to create custom wavetables to base your sound on.

It’s got onboard effects and allows for realtime manipulation of your wavetable.

Not sure how many presets come pre-packed with the synth.

Try out the demo or buy at the Xfer Records website.

Omnisphere 2

Best Synths for EDMPrice: $499 USD

The newest version of omnisphere is a beast. I first heard about this synth way back in the day from a producer friend. I tried it a few times and thought it was cool, but nothing crazy.

I’ve changed my mind a bit. Seeing other people use the synth (and learning how many producers out there actually use this thing) inspired me.

It comes with 12,000 sounds included but with a high pricetag, it’s something not a lot of up-and-coming producers want to dish out for.

If you have all the other synths on this list then sure consider this one. But personally, I would buy the other’s before this one.

Having said that, I’ve heard multiple producers say that if you know how to use it, Omnisphere can make absolutely any sound you would ever want. So there’s that…

Learn more or dish out $500 at the Spectrasonics website.

Got any favorite synths of your own that you think are must-haves? Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. WW

    I have them all just getting into music production and I play with them every now and then and I agree 100% they are great a little intimidating because all the knobs and just learning what everything does and at 61 years old and working I appreciate all the information that you are giving us newcomers Thank you

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