[AUDIO] How To Market Your Music To Millennials

Marketing to Millennial Music Fans

Millennial Music MarketingDo you know who millennials are?

You’re probably one. It’s anyone who was born from 1980 to 2000. It’s a generation that grew up with a lot of diverse music. If you grew up during Hip-Hop’s golden age (the mid-nineties) you know what I’m talking about.

So you’re a rapper, a singer or a producer. You need to market your music. You may be a millennial, in which case you just have to look at yourself and how/what you consume in terms of music and just cater to that.

Understanding Your Target Market – Even If It’s You.

Easy right?

No, not all the time… Sometimes the hardest thing to do is analyze yourself and take away strategies to reach people like yourself. Sometimes you need to look at the data from someone on the outside looking in.

On this week’s episode of Music Business Podcast they talk to a strategic consultant at a youth market research agency. In the podcast she gives tips on how millennials listen to music, what they listen to and more.

It might help you reach people who are becoming financially independent and who grew up with music in every part of their lives.


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