How This Band Used Pandora AMP To Score Over 50,000 Views of Their Video In 3 Days.

Promoting Music on Pandora

Yes, you can use Pandora AMP to score over 50,000 views of your music in just 3 days. It’s possible.

A band called Smalltown Poets did it. All because they used analytics to guide their marketing decisions.

Here’s how.

First, they noticed that a certain song was doing quite well on Pandora particularly during Christmas time. Its title: “Children Go Where I Send Thee.”

Then judging from Pandora data, the band uploaded a video of them performing the song on Facebook. After that, they didn’t just sit there. They did a couple of things to increase the speed of sharing. And they watched as the video got over 50,000 views.

Of course, they were thrilled. But they also learned a couple of things from the entire experience. Things they did perfectly and those they should have done better.

It’s a great read.

You are bound to learn something from this article- whether you are behind the mic or behind the boards.

Read it here.

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