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You can’t deny it – as a beat maker you need a steady stream of UNIQUE high quality sounds – both drums and instruments – when you are creating music…

Use the same stock sounds as every other kid that gets into the game, and you’ll learn what it means to stay mediocre.

And face it – making sounds that stand up to the majors is HARD WORK and TIME CONSUMING. And it’s not exactly the “fun” part of the music production process…

But Here’s the Thing…

If you don’t do it, your beats will sound like the next run-of-the-mill beat maker online.

That’s how you fade into oblivion…

This isn’t a new idea, either… Look anywhere online and you’ll see people talk about how important sound selection is.

Legendary producers know the importance of using unique sounds. That’s why big names like Dr. Dre and Timbaland employ their own personal sound designers, like “The Sound Oracle.”

Sounds for Beat Making Software…because high quality, unique drum & instrument sounds are one of the real secret weapons when it comes to creating club anthems and radio hits.

But having your own personal sound designer is so damn expensive…

And so, you rely on all of the different drum and instrument sound sellers out there – spending hundreds of dollars buying different sound preset packs…

And then you’ll try spending hours a day creating your own sounds but who the hell has the time for that… You can’t focus on making beats if you spend all your time trying to make sounds.

Creating your own sounds is a good way to go – but it’s time consuming and can ruin your “in-the-moment” creativity, leading to unfinished beats that just sit on your computer hard-drive collecting dust.

So how do you avoid all that and stay focused on crankin’ out high quality beats all day?

Can you get your own personal sound designer that will send you hot new drum sounds, instrument presets, audio loops, MIDI files and sampled instruments EACH AND EVERY WEEK?

Hell yea you can…

Dollar Drum Squad Monthly Membership




Join the Deviant Noise DOLLAR DRUM SQUAD Today and for about $1 a day, you’ll get brand new sounds, presets, instruments and patterns EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

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We’ve been in the music game a long time, so we know how important dope sounds, presets and instruments are to the beat making process.

We work on new, unique and high quality sound design every single day

In addition to hundreds of hours of trial and error, we studied sound design and sonics to help us create the dopest sounds possible. And we continue to learn more every single day.

We make so many sounds that we probably wouldn’t ever have to use the same exact sound more than once – ever!

And for a limited time, we’re opening up the Deviant Noise DOLLAR DRUM SQUAD – an EXCLUSIVE monthly membership that costs less than a coffee a day.

It gets you brand new HIGH QUALITY sounds, loops, patterns and presets EVERY SINGLE WEEK – delivered directly to your email inbox just in time for a weekend full of beat making madness

Join the Dollar Drum Squad today and each and every Thursday you’ll get a selection of BRAND NEW, never before used…

  • FAT Drum Sounds and Drum Loops that will Make Your Grooves KNOCK HARD
  • Catchy Melodic, Bass and Rhythmic Loops You Can Use to Spice Up Your Own Beats Royalty-Free, Forever!
  • Unique MIDI Patterns for Leads, Basses, Pianos, and More That Will Inspire Your Beat Making in New Ways
  • Insane Sounding Presets for Your Favorite VST Synths That Will Make The Catchiest Melodies Come to You With Ease (for Massive to Sylenth, Nexus to Serum and MORE)
  • Lush and Beautiful SAMPLED Kontakt Instruments You Won’t Find Anywhere Else – Improve your sonic palette with instrument sounds no one else has!
  • Exclusive Bonus Items Every Month JUST for Dollar Drum Squad Members – It’s Like It’s Christmas EVERY Thursday!





Have you ever had someone listen to your beats and say “Hey, this sounds like X” or “I’ve heard that sound/sample before?”

It’s not a great feeling.

The only way to avoid this embarrassment is to find and use sounds that are UNIQUE – stuff that not EVERY single beat maker out there has!

The fact is, you need to be bringing fresh sounds into your productions on a consistent basis. And without your own personal sound designer, that’s tough to do while you’re trying to consistently put out new beats.

So it’s no wonder BIG-NAME producers all employ a sound designer to get them hot sounds on the regular.

And now, with the DOLLAR DRUM SQUAD from Deviant Noise, you’ll have a personal sound designer sending you new sounds, presets, patterns and more EVERY SINGLE WEEK, like clock-work.Subscribe

If you join the Dollar Drum Squad today you’ll only pay $1 for your first week – that gets you INSTANT ACCESS to a new kit PLUS an additional kit Next Thursday.

Test us out with minimal risk and see how we’ll set you up every week so that when inspiration strikes… you aren’t messing around trying to find or create new sounds for your beats.

Sounds for BeatsWhen you join now, you’ll pay JUST $1 for the first 7 days. That gets you instant access to your FIRST weekly kit today – AND on the next Thursday you’ll get another new kit to use ROYALTY-FREE, and you’ll be re-billed at the regular price of $29.95/month.

You read that right… Pay only $1 right now and get INSTANT ACCESS to your first week’s new sound kit, and then on the next eligible Thursday we’ll send you another brand new set of drum and instrument sounds, presets, loops, patters and more to use in your music productions.

If you love it, do nothing and we’ll keep sending you new stuff you can use in your music, royalty-free, every single week. If you don’t love it, simply cancel before the 7th day and you won’t be re-billed at the regular monthly price.






Royalty Free Drum Samples and Sound PacksLiterally… You can either buy a can a coke every day, or you can…

  • Turn weak sounding beats into pro, FULL-sounding BANGERS and be the man on your block…
  • Avoid the embarrassment weak drums and played-out instruments/sounds can cause when showcasing your finished beats to friends, artists and record labels.
  • Churn out hit beats FASTER by focusing on your musical ideas, not finding or creating the right, unique sounds
  • Get more beat sales and beat placements (with major artists) by having a great instrumental supported by great sounds most other producers won’t have
  • Save hours of unnecessary work while still getting a steady stream of fresh, unique and inspiring sounds, loops, patterns and presets EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

The choice is yours…