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Wussup fam,

Wanted to let you all know about some of the different stuff that we’ve been checking out lately. Enjoy


Jeremy Ellis on Maschine

YouTube video

Articles/Blog Posts

13 Do’s and Don’ts fo Performing at Open Mics
How to Make Lots of Money Selling Your Merchandise
What Record Labels Are Looking For When Scouting Artists
8 Ways To Compose Music More Effeectively
How To Book Your First Live Show
Get More People Out To Your Shows


Guerilla Music Marketing Online – Bob Baker

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This is the last music marketing book I finished (Im reading the one below now). This is a great book that pretty much delves into a lot of different areas when it comes to marketing your music online. It’s not that long of a read and has lots of great information for beginners and experienced musicians. I highly recommend you read this book if you’re an independent artist. Bob Baker (the author) is a legend in the independent DIY music marketing industry. It’s definitely worth checking out. Here are the different chapters of the book:

Section 1: Laying the Foundation for Online Music Promotion
Section 2: Creating a Highly Effective Artist Web Site
Section 3: Promoting Your Music Across the Internet
Section 4: Making the Most of Social Media and the Interactive Web
Section 5: Powerful Music-Specific Sites & Online Services You Need to Know About

Definitely get this book. It’s a good read and has lots of tips, resources and information.


Music Success in 9 Weeks – Ariel Hyatt (Affiliate Link)

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This is the music marketing book I am reading now. I’ve always been a fan of Ariel from CyberPR as well. This book is a great book, especially for anyone starting out online. Ariel lays out a week-by-week plan of things for you to focus on if you’re about to release some music. I’ll post more here about the book when I’m done reading it, but from what I’ve read so far I’d recommend it, especially to beginners to music marketing. Here’s a list of the chapters in this book:

Week 1: Setting Goals
Week 2: The Pitch
Week 3: Your Website
Week 4: Social Media Primer
Week 5: The Musician’s Guide To YouTube
Week 6: Blogging
Week 7: Your Newsletter
Week 8: Creating a Continuum Program
Week 9: The Real World

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week (hopefully) with some more cool shit.

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