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Welcome to DeviantNoise.com’s drum samples, loops and sample packs page.

Any producer knows – drums can literally make or break a track.

That’s why you want only the most knockin’ drums for your track – download our latest drum packs and samples below:

Drum Sample Packs

Why Download Our Drum Sounds

When we make drums at DeviantNoise.com – we make drums deviant.

We utilize all methods and sound sources available to us to make the phattest drums you’ve ever heard that will make your next beat or instrumental a banger.

We stack drums. We record sounds. We filter and EQ and apply effects to drums that most producers cant. We make each drum unique.

Strength in Quality, Not Quantity

Most places you download drum kits from will give you hundreds of sounds but only a handful will be worth anything. When you purchase drum samples from DeviantNoise.com you get a kit full of drums you can actually use RIGHT OUT THE BOX!

We won’t give you hundreds that you have to manually sift through to find gems. We’ll give you only the solid gold.

drum samples and loopsTry out any of our free drum samples, drum loops and sample packs and you’ll be hooked. If you really want those bangin drums – there’s only one place to get them. DeviantNoise.com

All About The Drums

What can I really say about drums? They are the heartbeat of any musical production. Without the beat, there’s no rhythm – nothing to make you want to move. And the drums accentuate this. That’s why drum samples, drum sounds and drum sample packs are such an important thing in the music production world.

To really get that modern sound from your music making software – especially in Hip-Hop, R&B and Dance music – you need drum sounds that are bangin. You don’t want to use weak drum samples because they will just hold the driving force of your musical production back.

Make sure you’re only ever using the hottest drums in all your productions and you’ll instantly notice that they sound so much more professional, modern and they have that knock you hear from industry tracks.

Don’t worry fam – we got you covered. We’ll keep updating this page with our latest drum samples, drum loops and sample packs as we create them. You’ll be able to download our sounds instantly and use them to take your beats to the next level.

How To Make Your Drum Samples KNOCK

There are a lot of ways you can make regular old drum samples sounds larger than life. You can

  • use sound design with a synth to make the specific type of kick or snare you want.
  • record live drums or drum-like sounds and then filter them using different effects and EQ settings.
  • stack your drum sounds and drum samples – this one is the key!

What Is Drum Stacking

Drum stacking is the delicate art form of taking two separate and distinct drum samples and combining them to trigger or play at the same time. In this way both drum sounds play at the same time and form a new hybrid sound. The more drums you stack on top of one another the more it shapes and changes the sound of the final drum.

You can stack any types of drums – kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussion, etc. The most common are, of course, the kick and the snare since those are the elements you want to bang the hardest. The kick and snare drive the rest of the rhythm section so they need to pound.

A lot of the professional, commercial music productions you hear on the radio (especially in the urban music genres) use drums that have been heavily modified by their producers – either through stacking or one of the other methods mentioned above. You can achieve similar sounds by messing with your drums too – just get wild and crazy with it.

How To Stack Drum Sounds

Go ahead – try it yourself. Just go through a folder of kick drums sounds you’ve downloaded from the internet. Find two that you like and then open them up in a multi-track program like Reaper.

Now put each drum sample on a separate track in the software. And make sure they play one on top of the other.

Play it back and you’ve got your newly stacked kick drum sound.

Now, that’s a simple and basic way of doing it. Obviously it takes more effort than that to get a really knocking sound. So go through your folders, try different sounds, adjust when and how they hit. The sky really is the limit when you’re stacking your drums.