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Why We Give Away Free Beats

free instrumentalsWe get it… It’s the internet, everything is free.

And yup.. you can get free beats and instrumentals to download pretty much everywhere nowadays.

And so this page is here to give all you hungry (but financially hurtin) artists out there access to completely free beats and instrumentals to use for your songs.

BUT There’s a couple of catches:

  1. the vocal tags have to stay in the beat
  2. you agree to sign up to our newsletter/email list
  3. You cannot financially profit/gain from the use of any song created on a “free” beat

That last one is important – you cannot release this song on streaming platforms or to radio, monetized youtube videos or submit it for sync licensing/music placements

To do that you MUST purchase a license for the instrumental.

You can purchase a license to any of the instrumentals using the same player above.

As for the email list, don’t worry we promise not to spam you endlessly. We just want to keep in touch when we put up new beats for you guys or have other dope resources to share.

Everything we share with you is to try and help you progress in your career as an independent music artist or producer and to make the best music possible.


You can use our beats whether you’re a singer, rapper or any other creative.

Once you download this beat, you’re free to use these beats in any NON-COMMERCIAL song or video production (so long as you keep all the vocal tags in it) with NO distribution rights (digital or physical).

Anything beyond this requires a full license (either exclusive or non-exclusive).

So if you want to really make a song with the free beat you downloaded, or include it in your new YouTube video – you have to purchase a license.

We’ll continually update our selection of free beats that are available to all who sign up. If you have any questions or comments leave them below this post or feel free to contact us.

Want to Make Your Own Beats?

We have a full video tutorial and companion guide on this site showing you everything you need to know to make your own beats, step-by-step.

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