Free Music Marketing Graphics, Drum Kits and Guitar/Bass VSTs

Free Music Resources

Wussup fam,

Sorry it’s been so long since we brought you some tips or resources to do your music business thang, but we’re back with some great free (and some paid) stuff for you to rock with.

Before we start, we have to give a big shout out to for putting us onto these great free resources for music artists and music producers.

100 Free and Paid Music Marketing Graphics

Getting new graphics that look fresh is a difficult thing if you’re not a designer. But if you’ve got some basic Photoshop skills you can pick up some great free and paid graphics that you can modify to fit your needs.

The designs below are mainly flyer designs, but the graphics can be modified for other purposes.

Use your imagination. The graphics can be used for your website, marketing banners, Instagram images, Facebook, email marketing, and much more.

Check out all the graphics…

8 Free Guitar and Bass VST Plugins

If you’re a music producer you’ll definitely want to get your hands on as many sounds as you can. has rounded up a bunch of free plugins you can download on their site.

CreakBox VSTHere’s a list of the one’s the recommend:

  • Bassline VST Plugin
  • AkoustiK GuitarZ
  • Nick Crow 8505 Lead
  • DSK Guitars Nylon VST Plugin
  • Guitar Amp Sim 3
  • Revitar 2
  • Spicy Guitar
  • DSK BassZ

Don’t be mislead into thinking these sounds will suck because they’re free. Sometimes you can get some really nice sounds by using free plugins and modifying them a bit with effects.

They’re free so you’ve got nothing to lose to throw them in a beat and take em for a test drive

Read the whole article and download the plugins here…

40 Free Drum Kits for Producers

Do I even have to tell you why you should be downloading these drums?

  1. they’re free…
  2. they’re drums

Now, yes most free drum kits are wack, but that doesn’t mean they have stuff that’s not usable. And if you stack your drum sounds (like you should be doing anyways) you’ll come out with some really phat and snappy kicks and snares.

And again, they’re free so you might as well get them anyways.

A lot of the kits included in the list are Producer kits (meaning they’re modeled to sound like specific super producers’ drums – i.e Dr. Dre, DJ Mustard, etc.)

You can learn more and download the drum kits here…

That’s all I got for now, but we’ll be back really soon with some more hot shit!

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