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Guitar Guides and Resources

Get the education and tools you need to learn guitar.

Last Updated: October 2023

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Learning a musical instrument like the guitar can do some amazing things to your music.

It’ll take your beats, songs, live performance and even songwriting to another level.

Deviant Noise has one mission – we want to help you make the best music possible.

So on this page you’ll find links to all our guides, articles and resources about guitar playing.

We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest stuff we put out related to guitar.

Make sure you bookmark this page so you’ve got easy access whenever you need. 

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Our Latest Guitar Guides

Step your guitar playing skills up with our free guides below

How to Play Guitar

Learn everything you need to know to start playing the guitar today

Online Guitar Lessons

Find out which guitar training course is the best for you

How to Read Tabs

A quick and easy guide on how to read guitar tablature for beginners.

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The best way to learn guitar from A to Z

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Basic Guitar Chords

Learn how to quickly play 10 easy chords every beginner NEEDS to know!

Guitar Scales

Quickly learn the most essential guitar scales that every beginner NEEDS to know

Essential Guitar Skills

The 16 absolutely most essential guitar playing skills every beginner needs to learn today!

Guitar Picking Techniques

In this guide you’ll learn all of the different styles and skills related to guitar picking.

Guitar Strumming Patterns

Learn how to strum properly and master 56 different guitar strumming patterns

How to Practice Guitar

A complete guide on developing an optimized guitar practice routine and schedule

Guitar Product Reviews

Check out some of our latest guitar product reviews

Jamplay | Guitar Tricks | Guitar Mastery Method | Fender Play | TrueFire

Other Resources for Guitar Players

Here are some of our favorite resources for anyone who plays or is learning the guitar (affiliate links)

Lessons and Learning Aides

GT Logo
GuitarTricks is the best platform for most people to learn how to play the guitar from scratch! Learn More
FP Logo
If you prefer shorter lessons and a more fun learning experience, Fender Play is a great alternative to GuitarTricks. Learn More
TF Logo
Once you’re ready to really master the guitar, then TrueFire is the most comprehensive set of lessons out! Learn More

Our Favorite Pieces of Sheet Music to Learn on Guitar

Easy Guitar Sheet Music 2010-2019 Book
Learn how to easily play some of the biggest songs from the last decade on the guitar with this collection. Learn More
Book of Guitar Exercises for Beginners
This set of 100 guitar exercises for beginners is the perfect companion practice book for any student learning guitar. Learn More
Guitar World - 50 Greatest Songs Book
Check out Guitar World’s Top 50 greatest guitar songs of all time and learn how to play them! Learn More
Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time Book
Learn how to play Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 greatest guitar songs of all time with this massive collection. Learn More

Our Favorite Guitar Accessories

SoundBrenner Metronome Watch
The SoundBrenner Pulse is a new way to keep time when playing/practicing – a vibrating metronome you can wear on your wrist/body. No more annoying “clicks.” Learn More
Guitar Players
This is a good stand you can use to secure your iPad or other tablet when you use it to display practice material or sheet music or even video lessons/training! A great companion to any musician. Learn More
Single Guitar Stand
Don’t just leave your guitar laying on the ground or somewhere else. Get a proper stand and it will protect your gear and look really nice while doing it! Learn More

Microphone Month at Sweetwater

Latest Guitar Articles

Read the latest posts on our blog related to guitar playing technique and tips

Why Learn Guitar?

Whether you want to become a pro guitarist or you produce music or write songs, learning to play guitar can help you in so many different ways..

Knowing how to play an instrument allows you to approach music in a different way than others.

There are a lot of thing you can learn about how to maximize the potential of your music by learning to play a musical instrument – and you’ll increase your chances of success in a music career.


An easy and fun way to learn guitar

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Frequently Asked Questions About Playing Guitar

Can Guitar Cause Carpal Tunnel?

Any sort of repetitive movement or bad “usage technique” can cause wrist, finger or arm pain so it’s important to make sure you’re doing things correctly. Use proper technique, work out the limbs you’re using frequently (ex/ fingers/wrist), take breaks and make sure you stretch frequently.

When Was The Guitar Invented and Where Does it Come From?

No one really knows when the modern guitar was invented or where it came from. But humans have been using stringed instruments like this for thousands of years. There is a 3300 year old stone carving of someone playing a stringed instrument, so we know the concept of stringed instruments has been around from very early ancient times. All modern words for “‘guitar” likely came from either the Greek “κιθάρα” or Persian “Sihtar.” We think the concept of the modern “guitar” came sometime in 12th century Europe.

Where Are Guitars Made?

Guitars are manufactured all around the world, today. Really high quality guitars are made in Japan and the United States, while Mexico is known for mid-range models. Entry-level guitars often come from Chinese manufacturer, but lots of popular brands of guitars are also made in places like South Korea and Indonesia.

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The best way to learn guitar from A to Z

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