Guitar Tricks Review 2019

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Last Updated: June 2019

Guitar Tricks ReviewPrice:

  • $14.95 per month, or
  • $129 per year ($50 Savings)

Overall Rating: 4/5

“Guitar Tricks is a solid online guitar training program. They’re thorough and include tons of video lessons that help you learn guitar properly and easily. But JamPlay is still our first choice. Go with JamPlay instead if you’re looking for the BEST guitar program out there. But if choose Guitar Tricks, you won’t go wrong or be disappointed either.”

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Course Duration:

  • The Fundamentals (2 Modules with a Total of 13 Chapters) – 4-8 Weeks
  • Breakout “Genre” Lesson (3 Modules – Country, Blues, and Rock Music) – 12 Weeks (One Chapter each Week)
  • Nine Supplementary “Genre” Lesson Modules
  • Includes 3 “Popular Artist/Song” Lesson Modules (Artist Studies, Popular Songs, Top 20)
  • Three “Style” Modules (Practice, Tone, Scales/Chords/Arpeggio,)


  1. Instant Access with Effective support team
  2. A vast selection of individual (8000+) lessons + a step-by-step guided program
  3. Try it for free before you commit
  4. Start making music on day 1
  5. Learn how to play guitar the easy way through their Core Learning system.
  6. Learn the actual songs that you want almost instantly, with over 500 song options
  7. It is not only a simple lesson kit. It is a whole system with jam tracks, forums, games, and so much more.



  1. Modules may seem overwhelming due to the vast options.
  2. You may have a hard time in finding lessons about guitar playing together with singing.
  3. Not as many different lesson types as JamPlay (ex/ Singing While Playing, etc)

Subscribe to Guitar Tricks if…

  • You are a novice and you have no background whatsoever in music but you’re eager to learn.
  • An average or an experienced player and you want to improve your skills further.
  • You know quite a bit and you want a specific genre or style to focus on.
  • You aim to entertain by playing real songs like a pro.
  • You want lessons from seasoned pros and not some random guitar “teacher.”

Become a Real Life Guitar Hero Risk Free


My Review of Guitar Tricks

In this guitar tricks review I’ll go over my personal experience with the program and what’s included with your membership.

I have personally used and studied the main lessons, and that in itself is so worthwhile. I have to admit that it will still take me months and months to go through the modules.

There’s just so many lessons and they keep on adding new lessons regularly. And that in itself is worth the price of membership.

Guitar Tricks is a program fitting for both novice and seasoned musicians.

As I go through the program, I will keep you up to date with my progress and provide additional information about the program through my reviews.

My Experience

I have always been passionate about music; you might know that from my past reviews. I had been a music lover even before I got my hands on my guitar when I was a kid. Just like every kid with a guitar I wanted to become a famous rock star… That is what started the fire in me.

My First Mistake

Yes, I took private guitar classes. You could say it wasn’t what I expected (and maybe exactly what YOU expected). The lessons were dull and stagnating – boring as hell. It took away the excitement I had for music. Sure, everyone has to learn the basics but what more could you expect from a 10-year-old kid with dreams of being a rock star?

I could tell right away this “teacher” wasn’t really passionate about music. He knew how to play guitar and all this was, was a paycheck.

I loved music, but those lifeless, uninspired afternoon lessons almost killed the music in me. Almost…

My First Online Lessons

When I was a kid the internet was also just a kid. No YouTube lessons or online guitar lessons I could use.

Private lessons were the only way.

More recently, I had taken singing lessons online, and they were great. So I figured, this applies to guitar lessons too, right?

So I looked around for something online and came across Guitar Tricks. I looked through their programs and thought it looked good, so I signed up for their free trial for 14 days.

I can honestly say that was a great move on my part. That was the spark that fired me up again.

First Impressions

Signing up was MAD easy and I was able to get started right away which was nice.

It was great that they had so many options to choose from, but I couldn’t help but wonder “ok, now what?”  I was totally overwhelmed by the number of lessons available. Luckily Guitar Tricks had a structured, step-by-step “guided” lesson plan that helped me find out what to do first, and where to go next.


Since I’ve seen lots of old guitar instructional videos, I was expecting the videos to be quite boring, I was expecting a buttoned up dull guy strumming guitar chords of a nursery song.

And yea, even a great program like Guitar Tricks couldn’t make the boring stuff fun. But they didn’t drag it out. They got it over with and we moved on.

Pretty quickly after the “fundamentals” the program promised “you will learn the kind of music you prefer.”

Of course, I was immediately eager to go learn some classic Hendrix or BB King joint. I had to keep my excitement in check, though, because I knew I still had a lot to cover in terms of the basics.

Every lesson was a new technique learned, a new skill acquired, and a new outlook on the possibilities with playing guitar. Even though the basics were still boring, I was motivated and excited for every lesson because of what lay in store.

That fired me up. I was happy with what I found in Guitar Tricks. (But – full disclosure – my breath wasn’t taken away like it was when I tried JamPlay.)

My Progress

My progress moved forwards pretty quickly. Like I said, the fundamentals weren’t unbearably drawn out and long.

I could easily see for myself how much I have learned from just a few lessons within this program. I was surprised that I was able to go through the main lessons smoothly and quickly.

Even my practice time got longer with each day. I was making some big improvements in skill quickly.

Guitar Training

The Next Steps

I’ve finished going through the first two core fundamentals of the course (find out more about the fundamentals below).

There are still lots of videos, forum posts, software, games, articles, etc. to go through.

But quickly after I started Guitar Tricks, I found JamPlay (and absolutely fell in love). I signed up for them and thought they were a better choice than Guitar Tricks for me personally, so I’ve been using them since.

You can read our full review of JamPlay here.

Final Recommendations

Don’t think that I’m saying Guitar Tricks isn’t worth – it totally IS. I just prefer JamPlay’s options (I really want to learn tips on singing and playing guitar together. Plus they have a “songwriting” section as well.

But Guitar Tricks is a GREAT program that’s well worth the money. So if it looks like a better option for you, dive right in. You won’t be disappointed and you won’t be wasting your money.

Guitar Tricks is a great way to learn guitar and practice your skills. I would suggest this program to anyone who is into guitar playing.

I progressed a lot with Guitar Tricks from being a know-nothing wanna-be guitar player to someone who has a bit of competence. If I stuck with the lessons and practiced properly (spoiler alert: I dont) I’d be amazing right now.

I mean, what this program can teach you is seriously amazing. Why Not Take A Shot At It? It is risk-free after all. The cash-back guarantee and the free trial are great ways to test the waters.

Honestly, I learned a whole lot of guitar tricks. If you’re considering this program, you will too.

If you’re on the fence and aren’t particularly drawn to this program specifically, I’d definitely say go with JamPlay instead. They are my #1 choice when it comes to guitar lessons online.

Guitar Tricks – What Membership Gets You

A Run Through of the GT Core Learning System

review-of-guitartricksAll the lessons center on the Guitar Tricks Core Learning System, which is a structure of more than 1,500 sets that start from the most basic lessons up to more advanced topics.

You can check their free guitar lessons and 14-day trial program to have an overview of the whole course.

If you sign into the member’s area for the first time, the numerous options shown might overwhelm you. Do not click any random video just yet. Look for the graphic of Core Learning System on the left side of the screen.

The core system should introduce you to the basics. The lessons for beginners are in three separate sections. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start from here before exploring the different musical styles and songs.

After you have gone through the basics, then you can explore other songs and styles.

Guitar Tricks’ Core Learning System

Level One – Guitar Fundamentals

  1. Proper Posture
  2. Basic Knowledge
  3. Chord Introduction
  4. Playing Melodies
  5. Full Chords

Level Two – Guitar Fundamentals

  1. Music Theory Introduction
  2. Minor Chords Introduction
  3. Triads, Chords, and Scales
  4. Reading Music Introduction
  5. Scale Notes and Chords for Simple Songs
  6. More Guitar Song Chords
  7. Minor and Major Scales
  8. Barre Chords Introduction

Choose Your Style

The best thing about the core learning system is exploring all the exciting styles after studying the basics. I was like a child let loose in a candy store! I was off trying out songs of my preferred genre.

There are many various styles in the program. However, you have to concentrate first on three basic styles so you can become more versatile. This holy trinity of styles are the blues, rock, and country genres.

You can skip some of the styles, but it will be better if you try them all out.


Level One – The Blues

1.    12 Bar Form Introduction
2.    Guitar Barre Chords and Power Chords
3.    Major and Minor Blues
4.    Blues Guitar Rhythm
5.    Blues Lead Guitar
6.    Blues Guitar Tone and Equipment

Level Two – The Blues

1.    Additional Blues Lead Guitar
2.    The Three Kings (Freddie King, BB King, and Albert King)
3.    Creative Guitar Techniques (Vibrato, Bending, and Phrasing)
4.    Blues Guitar Soloing
5.    Alternative Forms, Turnarounds, and Rhythms
6.    Regional Styles (Jazz, Delta, Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, British)

Level One – Country Music Styles

1.    Country Rhythm
2.    Country Strumming
3.    Barre Chords
4.    Chord Embellishment Lessons and Picking
5.    Guitar Riffs
6.    Borrowing The Sound of The Blues
7.    Country Music Tone and Equipment

Level Two – Country Music Styles

1.    Caged System
2.    Chord Inversions and Country Guitar Theory
3.    Rhythm Guitar Techniques
4.    Guitar  Strumming and Picking Patterns
5.    Playing like the Masters of the Modern Country Style

Level One – Rock Music Styles

1.    Power Chords and Barre Chords
2.    Rock Rhythm
3.    Rock Guitar Solo
4.    Themes, Licks, and Riffs
5.    Guitar Amp Tone & Effects
6.    Born From Blues

Level Two – Rock Music Styles

1.    Rock Chords Two
2.    Rock Lead Guitar Secrets
3.    Additional Rock Rhythm
4.    Advanced Rock Guitar Techniques
5.    Playing Like The Masters of Rock Music
6.    Putting Everything Together

Outside the Core

songsGuitar Tricks has more than 8,000 lessons, so we could not tackle and review all those right here. Heck, I don’t think I could even review 8000 plus lessons in my lifetime!

That is just an idea of the vast spectrum this course holds for you. Getting through core learning will only take you about two months. There is just enough time for you to decide if you will continue with the program or not before your cash-guarantee runs out.

Styles & Songs

After going over the basics, you can concentrate on different styles such as:

  • Country
  • Acoustic
  • Classical
  • Bluegrass
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • World
  • Funk & Soul (a favorite of mine)
  • Metal (Another fave, yes my rock star dreams)
  • Rock
  • Surf
  • Rockability

Are you looking for a certain song? You won’t have a hard time looking for it on this site. Here are just some of the songs you can learn and practice.

  • The Thrill Is Gone by BB King
  • Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
  • Let it Be by The Beatles
  • Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica
  • SuperFreak by Rick James

The diversity of the songs is what’s exciting about the whole course.


Extra Lessons

Top 20 Guitar Techniques

Featured here are 20 various techniques that will expand your learning after you have gone through the basic lessons.

Artist Studies

You will get to study and learn the techniques used by the guitar greats. Learn BB King’s blues classics or Angus Young’s wild riffs – whatever your taste is.

Art of Practice

Know the right practices that will teach you to gain mastery of the instrument in the shortest time.

Scales, Chords, and Arpeggios

This extra module is on the three most important factors in guitar playing.

Pursuit of Tone

Great guitar players have their favorite tone. This module will help you explore and create your signature tones.

Guitar Lessons and More

Believe it or not, there are sections in Guitar Tricks that I haven’t even explored yet. I told you the program was vast. The website even has jam sections and forums that sound fun. I will write a review on it as soon as I check those out.

Final Word

Aside from the jam session, forum, or the games, Guitar Tricks will be well worth every penny and blistered finger.

I got mad guitar skills for $14.95. Getting this program is really easy decision when you think about it. Through Guitar Tricks, you will be one with your guitar. And the best part is learning them through the songs you love most.

When you go through this tutorial, you will be surprised by how much you can do. You won’t even realize the progress you have made. This user-friendly course has so much material.

The free trial offer gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with the program. If you’re not happy, you lose nothing.

Whatever skill level you’re in and you want to gain mastery of the guitar, this is the program for you. As for me, I’m one step closer to my rock star dreams (minus the spandex and leopard pattern clothes).

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