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An in-depth look at the popular learning platform

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In this Guitar Tricks review we’ll go over everything you need to know to make a decision on whether it’s the right choice of platform for you.

You’ll learn how it works, the good, the bad, whether or not it’s effective and who it’s best for!

You can take a look at our complete buyers guide on the best online guitar classes to see our full rankings.

Is Guitar Tricks good?

Let’s get right into it.


7.8/10 Stars Overall

Key Decision Making Factors

  • Ease of Use – 7.5/10 – simple, well-designed website with no confusion on where to go for what. Guided and hand-held for beginners – no confusion
  • Comprehensiveness – 8.5/10 – extremely comprehensive set of lessons (11,000+ and growing) covering style, genre, skills, fundamentals and more.
  • Lesson Quality – 7.5/10 – well-shot and produced video based lessons, new lessons and masterclasses added regularly. Lessons aren’t the “funnest” or most concise – can get boring
  • Affordability – 7/10 – not the cheapest option, but worth the price for the content, updates and extras. Pricing is in line with many of the competitors for monthly subscription. Higher priced annual membership compared to others.
  • Standout Features – 8.5/10 – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, interactive lessons + exercises, ability to get 1-on-1 coaching or video feedback, forum/community, live lessons, progress tracker, great selection of songs to learn

Is Guitar Tricks Worth It? Our Recommendation

Should You Subscribe: If you want a well organized and comprehensive way to learn guitar online then YES ABSOLUTELY, get a membership – this platform is the best option for online lessons for most people.

It has everything you’d possibly want to learn for acoustic and electric guitar, and is continually updated. Despite the load of content available, you won’t be overwhelmed or confused on what to do. And with their new “feedback system” you can submit video to real human instructors and get their personalized (and private) feedback on your playing technique.

Beyond that, for an extra fee you can also get 1-on-1 personalized coaching from the instructors on the platform.

How much is it? About $20 per month or cheaper if you go yearly.

All in all, Guitar Tricks is our #1 recommended guitar learning program for most people. And they offer a 60 day money back guarantee – the longest of all major competitors, so the risk is very low.

Try it Out Yourself Today – Risk-Free for 60 Days!

All About is an online training program for aspiring guitarists. It’s one of the more comprehensive programs out there and is consistently growing – currently with over 11,000+ video lessons.

That’s a lot of content. But thankfully for beginners, it’s not as confusing or overwhelming as some of the other options we’ve reviewed. The program’s “Core Learning System” is a guided, step-by-step approach for complete beginners to get up to speed as efficiently as possible.

You know exactly where to start and what to do next. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, you’re able to learn whatever styles and skills interest you most.

GuitarTricks is an amazing program (currently our #1 choice for most students) and it has well-shot, well-produced HD video lessons on almost everything you could think of. It doesn’t have additional instrument lessons (like bass guitar or ukulele) but it’s extremely comprehensive in terms of acoustic and electric guitar training.

The only lesson platform that comes close is True Fire (learn more) but it’s not a good option for beginners – it’s way too overwhelming.

If you want an A to Z program with lots of nice-to-have extras (like personalized video feedback or optional private coaching) that isn’t as overwhelming or confusing as other large lesson libraries, you should definitely subscribe today!

More About the Program

GuitarTricks is one of the original online guitar training platforms and the main competitor to JamPlay. JamPlay actually used to be the better option (in our opinion), but that’s no longer the case. Over the years these guys has proven to be the better option for online learning.

It’s an extremely comprehensive program with over 11,000+ video lessons on everything you’d possibly want to know – styles, skills/techniques, songs and more. Some of the lessons are dry and boring – especially the complete beginner stuff – but there’s no doubt that a subscription will keep you busy for a long time.

Guitar Tricks has a hand-held, guided approach to the fundamentals called the “Core Learning System.” And though they’ve evolved over the years, they’ve kept it in place. The overall platform isn’t the easiest to use, but is much better than some of the other competitors out there. The Core Learning System is part of the reason why.

So is it any good? If you’re looking for an A to Z lesson platform – where you can learn so much in terms of style/genre, skills and more – but you still want an easy-to-use, guided approach to the fundamentals, this is the best bet. You get lessons on everything, the ability to get feedback from instructors and much more.

That’s why they are our #1 pick for guitar training – they’re extremely comprehensive but easy to follow and use for complete beginners.

Unfortunately, you won’t get away from some of the long, drawn-out and boring lessons, but that’s not a deal-breaker. They’re not THAT boring or difficult to stay focused on. But they’re also not the most concise or “fun” lessons out there.

Still, Guitar Tricks is the best option for most people want in to learn the guitar in a full and proper way.

Guitar Tricks Price:

So how much does guitar tricks cost? It’s pricing is in line with most other online subscription platforms out there:

  • $19.95 per month, or
  • $180 per year (25% Savings)
  • 1-on-1 consultations are extra

Program Overview:

Core Learning System (for beginners):

  • The Fundamentals (2 modules with a Total of 13 Chapters) – 4-8 Weeks
  • Breakout “Genre” Lesson (2 modules each – Country, Blues, Rock or Acoustic) – 12 Weeks

Experienced Lessons:

  • 12 Supplementary “Genre” Courses (with multiple lessons)
  • 20 Supplementary “Skills” Courses (with multiple lessons)
  • 34 Artist Studies Modules
  • 3 Additional Modules (Practice, Tone/Gear, Scales/Chords/Arpeggios)

Other Material:

  • Huge song library with song lessons in various genres
  • GT “Channel” – with TONS of additional courses/lessons (various topics/styles)
  • Very active community forum
  • Regularly updated blog (in “news” section)

Learning Toolbox includes apps and tools to help make your learning easier. Nice-to-haves, but nothing extraordinary.

Live 1-on-1 lessons vary by instructor but cost an additional fee (not included in subscription)

The Good:

  1. Easy to navigate, well-designed site. Tries to minimize overwhelm or confusion about what to do.
  2. One of the more comprehensive programs with TONS of lessons (11,000+ videos so far)
  3. Guided, step-by-step program for complete beginners (core learning system)
  4. FREE TRIAL! + 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (No risk to you if you don’t like it)
  5. 500+ songs in song library
  6. Continually updated with new content (articles + videos)
  7. 1-on-1 training option (extra fee)
  8. “Feedback system” lets you get personalized video feedback from human instructors (included in subscription)
  9. Lesson/progress tracker works well. Makes easy to jump back in where you left off
  10. Covers a lot of ground in all topics


The Bad:

  1. Can still be a bit overwhelming
  2. Some of the material is boring and drawn-out (especially beginner lessons)
  3. Not enough content for R&B/Soul guitarists (especially songs)
  4. Not as many “big names” as instructors as Jamplay
  5. No bass/ukulele lessons

Who This Program is Best For

  • Best overall option for MOST people who want to learn how to play guitar
  • Beginners who want a comprehensive program but also a well-guided, hand-held approach to the fundamentals
  • Experienced guitarists who really want to hone in on specific styles/skills
  • People who may want the occasional live 1-on-1 consult/lesson with an instructor, but want to learn at their own pace

How It Stacks Up to Competitors

Guitar Tricks wasn’t always our number 1 pick. But over the years that’s changed. Let’s take a look at how they compare to some of the other options out there to learn guitar.

Guitar Tricks vs Fender Play

Fender Play is another favorite option here at Deviant Noise, but there’s no doubt its nowhere near as comprehensive. They’re a great resource for beginners to learn how to play, but if you’re looking for MASTERY, then Guitar Tricks is still the better choice. It just has so much more content, and has been around longer than Fender Play. (Of course, FENDER themselves have been around a lot longer, but their lessons platform is relatively newer)

Fender Play’s user experience is much better than GuitarTricks – it’s easier to use and get started, the beginner lessons are more fun, it’s more hand-held and guided, etc. The website is also much nicer. And you get to playing popular riffs and songs almost immediately.

Having said that, if you’re comparing the two overall, GT is still the better option overall – they have much more content and a lot more extras like the tool-kit, the forum and more. Plus you have the option of 1-on-1 training.

Guitar Tricks vs JamPlay

Jamplay used to be our favorite lesson platform, but they just don’t exceed the other options anymore. Although Jamplay is a very comprehensive course with a lot of great content, it hasn’t been updated with new lessons in a while. I had a pretty hard time recently finding new content/lessons on the site with a quick browse through.

Beyond that, Jamplay is a much more confusing and overwhelming site to operate.

For example, their beginner courses are numerous, taught by various instructors. Each course contains 8+ hours of video. A complete beginner is left wondering which to choose or whether or not to do more than one. It’s not a very guided/hand-held system. Guitar Tricks on the other hand is much more guided and easy to use.

Jamplay, however, does have some higher-profile instructors. Some of the lessons are taught by really famous guitarists and that’s a pretty big plus. And their annual subscription is cheaper. But GT is STILL the better program overall.

Guitar Tricks vs TrueFire

Similar to JamPlay the biggest difference between Guitar Tricks and TrueFire is the guided approach. There is no hand-held learning path with True Fire. What complicates things even more is that TF is an OG platform that is probably THE MOST comprehensive set of lessons – currently totaling over 54,000+ videos. That’s insane.

TrueFire also has lessons on other instruments – bass, ukulele and even harmonica. But it’s a VERY overwhelming experience and is not well suited towards beginners. It’s better for intermediate guitarists who really want to master the ins and outs of guitar. If you’re a beginner, you’re better off sticking with the Core Learning System.

TF is one of the cheaper options annually – even cheaper than JamPlay. The monthly price, however, is the same price. There aren’t a lot of extras included with TrueFire either.

So in an overall look, GT is still the better overall platform for people to learn how to play.

Become a Real Life Guitar Hero Risk Free

What’s Included and How it All Works

Guitar Tricks Members Area Screenshot

All the lessons center on the Core Learning System, which is a structure of more than 1,500 sets that start from the most basic lessons up to more advanced topics.

You can check their free lessons and 14-day trial program to have an overview of the whole course.

If you sign into the member’s area for the first time, the numerous options shown might overwhelm you. Do not click any random video just yet. Look for the graphic of Core Learning System on the left side of the screen.

The core system should introduce you to the basics. The lessons for beginners are in three separate sections. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start from here before exploring the different musical styles and songs.

After you have gone through the basics, then you can explore other songs and styles.

The Core Learning System

Level One – Fundamentals

  1. Proper Posture
  2. Basic Knowledge
  3. Chord Introduction
  4. Playing Melodies
  5. Full Chords

Level Two – Fundamentals

  1. Music Theory Introduction
  2. Minor Chords Introduction
  3. Triads, Chords, and Scales
  4. Reading Music Introduction
  5. Scale Notes and Chords for Simple Songs
  6. More Song Chords
  7. Minor and Major Guitar Scales
  8. Barre Chords Introduction

Choose Your Style

Guitar Styles Section of

The best thing about the Guitar Tricks core learning system is exploring all the exciting styles after studying the basics. I was like a child let loose in a candy store! I was off trying out songs of my preferred genre.

There are many various styles in the program. However, you have to concentrate first on three basic styles so you can become more versatile. This holy trinity of styles are the blues, rock, and country genres.

You can skip some of the styles, but it will be better if you try them all out.

Level One – The Blues

  1. 12 Bar Form Introduction
  2. Barre Chords and Power Chords
  3. Major and Minor Blues
  4. Blues Rhythm
  5. Blues Lead
  6. Blues Tone and Equipment

Level Two – The Blues

  1. Additional Blues Lead Guitar
  2. The Three Kings (Freddie King, BB King, and Albert King)
  3. Creative Guitar Techniques (Vibrato, Bending, and Phrasing)
  4. Blues Soloing
  5. Alternative Forms, Turnarounds, and Rhythms
  6. Regional Styles (Jazz, Delta, Texas, Chicago, New Orleans, British)

Level One – Country Music Styles

  1. Country Rhythm
  2. Country Strumming
  3. Barre Chords
  4. Chord Embellishment Lessons and Picking
  5. Riffs
  6. Borrowing The Sound of The Blues
  7. Country Music Tone and Equipment

Level Two – Country Music Styles

  1. Caged System
  2. Chord Inversions and Country Guitar Theory
  3. Rhythm Guitar Techniques
  4. Guitar Strumming Patterns and Picking Patterns
  5. Playing like the Masters of the Modern Country Style

Level One – Rock Music Styles

  1. Power Chords and Barre Chords
  2. Rock Rhythm
  3. Rock Guitar Solo
  4. Themes, Licks, and Riffs
  5. Guitar Amp Tone & Effects
  6. Born From Blues

Level Two – Rock Music Styles

  1. Rock Chords Two
  2. Rock Lead Guitar Secrets
  3. Additional Rock Rhythm
  4. Advanced Rock Guitar Techniques
  5. Playing Like The Masters of Rock Music
  6. Putting Everything Together

Outside the Core

At the time of writing this review, the site has more than 11,000 lessons, so we could not tackle and review all those right here. Heck, I don’t think I could even review 11,000 plus lessons in my lifetime!

That is just an idea of the vast spectrum this course holds for you. Getting through core learning will only take you about two months. There is just enough time for you to decide if you will continue with the program or not before your cash-guarantee runs out.

Styles & Songs

After going over the basics, you can concentrate on different styles such as:

  • Country
  • Acoustic
  • Classical
  • Bluegrass
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • World
  • Funk & Soul (a favorite of mine)
  • Metal (Another fave, yes my rock star dreams)
  • Rock
  • Surf
  • Rockability

Are you looking for a certain song? You won’t have a hard time looking for it on this site. Here are just some of the songs you can learn and practice in the song library.

  • The Thrill Is Gone by BB King
  • Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
  • Let it Be by The Beatles
  • Whiskey In The Jar by Metallica
  • SuperFreak by Rick James

The diversity of the songs is what’s exciting about the whole course.

Guitar Tricks Ad

Extra Lessons

New “Feedback System”

This isn’t something you’ll find in almost every other guitar learning platform out there. While you’re learning to play guitar at your own pace with their video lessons, you can submit a video of you playing or asking questions and get ACTUAL HUMAN FEEDBACK from one of the instructors.

They’ll send you back a private video with their thoughts, feedback and instructions on how to improve or move forward.

And it’s all included in the “full access” subscription price. No extra fees.

Top 20 Guitar Techniques

Featured here are 20 various techniques that will expand your learning after you have gone through the basic lessons.

Artist Studies

You will get to study and learn the techniques used by the greats. Learn BB King’s blues classics or Angus Young’s wild riffs – whatever your taste is.

Art of Practice

Know the right practices that will teach you to gain mastery of the instrument in the shortest time.

Scales, Chords, and Arpeggios

This extra module is on the three most important factors in playing.

Pursuit of Tone

Great guitar players have their favorite tone. This module will help you explore and create your signature tones.

Guitar Lessons and More

The website even has jam sections and forums that sound fun. I will update this GuitarTricks review when/if I check those out.

The Evolution of Guitar Tricks Over Time

One of the real turning points in us putting Guitar Tricks over Jamplay in our buyers guide was the fact that the company (and product) evolve and stay updated. Beyond the superficial website redesign, you can find new content pretty quickly. So you know they’re keeping things updated and fresh over time and not just leaving the base content there.

That’s a big plus. Especially over a program like Jamplay.

But in terms of the website re-design, it’s a much better way of using the site. The company also made the 30 Day Singer lesson program and the new website is similar to that one. It’s clean and efficient – you won’t get lost and will know exactly where to go. The previous website was a bit more like JamPlay’s website in that there were lots of bells & whistles to look at. The new site is much more straight forward.

Finally, they recently (August 2023) added a new “feedback system” where you can get personalized feedback on your playing/learning from the instructors at no additional fee. You submit a video of yourself and get a private video back from the instructors.

So all-in-all the company is very focused on improving the service offering over time.

Product Design and How it Affects Use

Jumping off from the talk about the website, that is really what this section is partially about too. is clean, organized and doesn’t have a bunch of distracting things around vying for your attention. The website is designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate and know where to start – that’s especially helpful for beginners. Other options are really overwhelming and make it difficult to even get started – both in terms of site design and lessons/content.

That brings us to the second design point – they makes it easy for beginners to know exactly what they should be focused on. Other beginner courses are just a bunch of videos slapped together. But the company decided to organize things into what they call the “core learning system” – a guided, hand-held approach to learning the fundamentals. You’d be surprised, but not everyone does this.

Overall, in terms of the large, comprehensive guitar lessons out there Guitar Tricks is by far the easiest to use. It’s not the easiest to use in general, though. That accolade would go to Fender Play.

Actually Using the Platform

Now let’s talk about my personal experience with the program, and find out what’s included with a membership and whether it’s worth the money.

A lot of other reviews aren’t really written from the perspective of an actual user of the site, but I did use it myself.

So, I started the program as a complete beginner (basically…).

And I have to admit that it would take months and months to go through all of the modules they offer. But I can give you a solid overview of the program’s core learning system.

There’s just so many lessons and they keep on adding new lessons regularly.

All in all, Guitar Tricks is a program fitting for both novice and seasoned musicians.

Man Playing Electric Guitar

My Personal Experience

I have always been passionate about music; I want to learn everything. I had been a music lover even before I got my hands on my first guitar when I was a kid.

Just like every kid with a guitar I wanted to become a famous rock star… That is what started the fire in me.

My First Mistake

So my parents got me private guitar classes. You could say it wasn’t what I expected (and maybe exactly what YOU expected).

The lessons were dull and stagnating – boring as hell.

It took away the excitement I had for music. Sure, everyone has to learn the basics, but what do you expect from a 10-year-old that also had this new thing called “the internet” to learn about?

You better keep my attention…

I could tell right away this “teacher” wasn’t really passionate about music. He knew how to play guitar and this was just a paycheck.

I loved music, but those lifeless, uninspired afternoon lessons almost killed the music in me.


My First Online Lessons

When I was a kid the internet was also just a kid. No YouTube lessons. No free tutorials I could use.

None that were good, anyway (most still aren’t great to be honest).

Private lessons were the only way.

Fast forward to a few years ago and BOOM – the internet is in full maturity.

There was guitar training everywhere.

I had taken singing lessons online, and they were great. So I figured, this applies to guitar lessons too, right?

At first I found the JamPlay program, and I loved it. Online lessons were the spark that fired me up again when it came to learning and playing guitar.

After a while I started to hear about a program called Guitar Tricks. I looked through their programs and thought it looked good, so I signed up for their free trial for 14 days.

I can honestly say that was a great move on my part.

First Impressions

Signing up was easy and the website looked and worked great.

It was amazing that they had so many options to choose from, but I couldn’t help but wonder “ok, now what?”  I was totally overwhelmed by the number of lessons available.

Luckily I found the “guided” lesson plan called their core learning system that helped me find out what to do first, and where to go next.

Closeup of Electric Guitar Body


Even a great program like this couldn’t make the boring stuff fun. But they didn’t drag it out. It took me a few practice sessions to really get used to the fundamentals

I got it over with and moved on pretty quickly. 

After the “fundamentals” the program promised “you will learn the kind of music you prefer.”

Of course, I wanted to go learn some classic Hendrix or BB King joint. I had to keep my excitement in check, though, because I knew I still had to practice and master the basics.

Even though that was still boring, I was motivated and excited because every now and then I’d bounce back and forth between the basics and the real song lessons.

That kept me fired up. I was happy with what I found in my review of Guitar Tricks.

(But – full disclosure – my personal reaction wasn’t as hype as it was when I tried Fender Play for the first time, more recently.)

My Progress

My progress moved forwards pretty quickly.

I could easily see for myself how much I had learned from just a couple of weeks with this program. I was surprised that I was able to go through the main lessons smoothly and quickly.

Of course, I did practice everyday and I think that’s important no matter what guitar lesson you choose.

The Next Steps

I’d finished going through the Core Learning System. I also spent some time going through other lessons. They were great!

But there are still lots of videos, forum posts, software, games, articles, etc. to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guitar Tricks Worth It and Does it Work?

Yes, the Guitar Tricks program is very worth it. It’s our #1 pick for the best guitar program online. It’s a very comprehensive set of lessons with a guided approach for complete beginners. They also have a lot of additional features that make it better than some other options out there. If you want to learn guitar in a guided and comprehensive way, this is your best bet.

Does Guitar Tricks Teach Bass?

No, currently Guitar Tricks does not feature any bass guitar lessons. If you’re interested in learning both guitar and bass, your best bet is to use a program like TrueFire or Fender Play.

Does Guitar Tricks Teach Theory or How to Read Music?

Yes, Guitar Tricks does contain lots of extensive lessons on music and guitar theory. It’s a comprehensive program that tries to provide a wide breadth of education while still being guided with some additional helpful features. It’s the best way to learn practical guitar and theory together.

How Does Guitar Tricks Work?

The program is based on it’s “core learning system” which is a guided approach to learning to play the guitar. You start with the fundamentals of playing and master the basics. Then you can start to bridge off into various styles and learn specific songs and techniques. It’s not overwhelming like some online lessons, so you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do next.

Does Guitar Tricks Work and is it Worth the Money?

Yes, the program is quite extensive and at the same time guides you through the things you need to learn to really master the guitar. So it’s the best option for most beginners. It’s guided enough that you’re not confused about what to do/learn, while at the same time giving you enough options to learn the type of music and skills you are most interested in.

Is Guitar Tricks Good for Beginners?

Yes. Guitar Tricks is our #1 pick for guitar lessons, especially for complete beginners. That’s because you’ll learn everything you need to learn to play guitar while being guided so you’re not confused as to what to do next.

Does Guitar Tricks Have an App?

Yes, the company does offer an app that you can use on tablets and mobile phones. There is an android and iOS version of the app making learning how to play guitar easier on-the-go. Download the official app from the app store of your phone – just make sure it’s the app from the company “Guitar Tricks.”

The Final Verdict

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this guitar course overall – especially for beginners and people who want a guided way to learn. Guitar Tricks is the best option for most people to learn guitar

All in all, it is a great way to learn guitar and practice your skills regardless of your current skill level. I would suggest this program to anyone who is a student – TOTALLY worth the Guitar Tricks price.

Definitely try it out. It is risk-free since you can try it out at no cost.

They are my #1 choice when it comes to guitar learning.

The free trial offer gives you ample time to familiarize yourself with the program. If you’re not happy, you lose nothing.

Thanks for reading our full Guitar Tricks review.

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