Guitar Mastery Method Review for 2022

Is This Guitar Training Site the Best Choice to Learn Guitar Fast?

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Last Updated: May 2022

Guitar Mastery Method Review

In this Guitar Mastery Method review, we’re going to go over their flagship course – Guitar Mastery 101. We’ll dive into what’s taught, how effective it is and whether it’s worth the cost.

Quick Review:

This particular guitar lesson program was created by life-long guitarist Charlie Wallace as a beginner’s video course.

It’s quite “normal” in that the teaching methods and how the content is delivered is very similar to other programs out there.

BUT – it’s a higher priced option than some of our favorite guitar courses.

Was that a deal breaker? Read on to get our full take.


3.5/5 Stars Overall


Should You Buy: MAYBE. We can definitely recommend getting this program because it does what it needs to do – it helps you master the fundamentals of playing guitar. It’s great for beginners.

But the course is more expensive than other options out there.

And at Deviant Noise, our recommended courses are Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. Even though they are “monthly memberships” and Guitar Mastery 101 is a one-off payment, you get a TON more content, course types and resources.

Like most guitar courses, GM101 is very much Rock music focused. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But if you’re trying to learn things like Jazz guitar or Funk/Soul, this probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Having said that, Guitar Mastery Method as a whole has additional courses you can purchase that will help you with styles like the Blues.

But again, our preference is really one of the other courses we mentioned since the membership fee includes SEVERAL different styles of music.


  • $139 One Time Payment for Instant Download Access


  • Instant access to course content
  • Video lessons with a familiar-style membership area with supplemental resources
  • Really can bring you from “zero to sixty” quickly – great for beginners
  • Good pacing of content
  • One time payment + 60 day money back guarantee



  • High price
  • Each “style/type” of lesson is a separate course that requires purchasing
  • Course content quality is lacking sometimes (audio issues, etc).

Buy Guitar Mastery Method If…

  • You want to be able to consider yourself a fluent “guitar player” in a couple of months time
  • You want to learn all the fundamental skills every guitarist should have mastered
  • You’re a complete beginner that wants a structured approach to playing guitar EASILY
  • You only need a “fundamentals” type course, and don’t want to delve deeper just yet.
  • You don’t like the idea of a “monthly membership” fee.

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What’s Included in the Program?

Guitar Mastery Method 101 Modules

When you get GM-101 from Guitar Mastery Method you’ll get instant access to:

  • 6 modules of main course content (Video + Slideshow presentations)
  • 10 backing tracks to jam with
  • 2 Bonus Lessons (mindset and accelerating your progress)
  • Access to private Facebook community

Each module of the main course content covers a particular fundamental skill you’ll need as a guitarist.

Module 1: The Basics

This module is the foundational concepts where every beginner should start. If you know about some basic guitar chords and how to read tabs or if you are familiar with how to bend or slide, this might be too basic for you

But if you’re a complete beginner to guitar, these 20 lessons will make sure you get up to speed quickly and easily.

Module 2: Hand Strength and Technique

This next module consists of a few lessons to help you better control your hand movements. It basically lays the foundation for being able to pick up advanced guitar skills later on in the course.

It goes over proper barre chord technique, eliminating wasted hand movement and increasing the ability of your fingers to stretch across the fret board.

Module 3: Building Speed

When you’re first starting to learn an instrument it’s totally natural to go slow. And that’s the best way to learn good technique.

But once you’ve got the technique down, it’s time to build your speed in playing. This module’s 15 videos will help you develop speed and dexterity so you’re able to play whatever your heart desires.

Module 4: Guitar Theory

This module is one of the “thicker” modules in this guitar course. It consists of 30 different lessons on the underlying music theory behind playing the guitar.

You’ll learn about scales on the guitar, diatonic harmony, arpeggios, and more.

Module 5: Learning Songs

Now we get to the fun stuff – learning how to play actual songs on your guitar. Or so we think…

It’s a pretty short module, but you’ll learn how to quickly memorize songs and solos.

To be honest, this module seems to be pretty underwhelming.

Module 6: Advanced Tricks and Techniques

Rounding out the course is the final module with 30 lessons on pro guitar techniques. This is the “show off” stuff that most beginner’s have a ton of fun with.

You’ll learn things like tapping, vibrato, harmonics, slides and more.


The bonuses included in the course are pretty underwhelming as well. They are helpful, for sure. But nothing to write home about. You get a few backing tracks, a facebook group and a couple extra lessons.

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More About Guitar Mastery Method

Guitar Mastery Method seems like a pretty legit company and guitar training center. They have a thriving community and tons of courses that seem really interesting.

Although we only reviewed the main “Guitar Mastery 101” course, we think they do offer a lot of value.

But when you compare it to alternatives like Jamplay or Guitar Tricks – who literally have THOUSANDS of video lessons on everything you could imagine – it doesn’t seem like great value to go with GMM.

Here’s some of the other courses they offer (as separate one-time purchases):

  • Texas Blues Mastery
  • Country Guitar Mastery
  • Classic Rock Mastery
  • 8 Week Ultimate Guitar Skill Workshop
  • 10 Week Master the Fretboard Workshop
  • 26 Hot Rock Licks
  • Capo Masterclass
  • Barre Chord Mastery
  • 7 Day Guitar Kickstart
  • The Ultimate Guitar Speed Building System
  • Slide Guitar for the Lazy Guitarist

In addition to these online-based courses, they also sell DVDs… (anyone here from the early 2000s? didn’t think so…)

They’ve also got a VIP program that is only available for purchase to students who already have a previous Guitar Mastery Method course.

I don’t mean to seem dismissive of the program. I definitely can recommend it as something that will likely help you learn guitar.

But at Deviant Noise, we much prefer Jamplay and Guitar Tricks. Even though they are monthly membership sites, the amount of content you get for the price is amazing.

Further, you can get a full year of membership for less than the cost of the Guitar Mastery Method flagship 101 course.

In our eyes, that’s much more worth it than the one-time payment option.

But, overall, as you read in our guitar mastery method review, it will help you become a fluent guitar player regardless of your skill level. If the one-time payment and lifetime access is appealing to you, get this program!

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