27 January 2017
publishing deal

Here’s How To Get A Publishing Deal

publishing dealGetting a publishing deal is every songwriter’s dream. Being able to write a song that an artist goes on to sing is pretty much living the dream.

But what exactly is a publishing deal and how can you get one?

Well, to begin with, a traditional publishing deal means that you receive a salary to write songs. And then you and the publishing company shop around for artists and labels to take up the songs.

For a lot of songwriters, the money is usually not enough to sustain them so they end up getting other jobs. And this brings out the fact that there are cons of having a publishing deal.

But there are pros too.

Let’s think about them for a second. Among other things, having a publishing deal means you get time to write and you get connections.

So in general, pushing to get one is indeed worthwhile. And here’s how to do it.

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