INSTANTLY Create Beautiful Melodies, Chord Progressions, Bass Lines, Drum Patterns & More

Without Needing Boring Music Theory, or Wasting Time with Frustrating Guess Work and Trial & Error

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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With This ULTIMATE “Go-To” Tool Kit for Beat Makers and Music Producers You’ll be Able to:

  • Make pro sounding beats in minutes instead of hours, without spending years learning music theory
  • Never run out of ideas and inspiration with over 2000+ fully customizable, drag-and-drop music patterns (MIDI) suitable for every style/genre – you get tons of melody lines, bass and drum grooves, chord progressions, arps, and much more!
  • Make your beats stand out or have a “live feel” with HUNDREDS of high quality audio loops
  • Save hours of time browsing through wack drum sounds with a GO-TO drum kit with over 150 NECK-SNAPPING drum samples
  • Create your next hit with proven, time-tested chord progressions used in the most popular music of all time

Here’s What’s Included in Beat Building Blocks

You get hundreds of pre-built, fully customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that turn lifeless beats into ear-catching masterpieces instantly. Oh and did we mention the hundreds of samples and loops that are included too?

But the best part is EVERY music pattern comes in EVERY SINGLE KEY ON THE KEYBOARD

Customizable Chord Progressions (MIDI)

120 Drag-and-Drop Chord Progressions in Every Key on the Keyboard

Customizable Drum Patterns (MIDI)

265 Unique Drag-and-Drop Drum Patterns (Kicks, Snare, Hats, Perc and More)

Customizable 808 & Bass Patterns (MIDI)

983 unique 808 and Bass Groove Patterns in Every Key on the Keyboard

A Full “Go-To” Drum Kit (Audio Samples)

161 KNOCKIN “Go-To” Drum Sounds (16x 808s, kicks, claps, hats, percs, snaps and more)

Melody, Arp & Pluck Patterns (MIDI)

551 Arpeggio, Pluck and Lead Melody Starter Patterns Across Every Key on the Keyboard.

Drag-And-Drop Drum Loops (Audio Loops)

155 “Live Drummer” Audio Loops + Break Beat Style Loops Give Your Beats a “Human” Feeling

Order Today and Get These 6 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses 
($169 Value for FREE) – Courtesy of BeatMaking.Academy!

Buy Beat Building Blocks from this page, and get access to these exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else – absolutely FREE with your order! Limited time offer…

Roland TR-808 Drum Kit ($25 Value!)

Get the entire original, iconic  Roland TR-808 sound with this full drum kit

Roland TR-909 Drum Kit ($25 Value!)

Get the entire original, iconic  Roland TR-909 sound with this full drum kit

100 Credits ($9.99 Value!)

Get 100 FREE sounds from the biggest producers in the game!

Advanced Theory Cheat Sheets ($17 Value!)

Take your beats to the next level with advanced scales, chords and more!

Full Beat Arrangement Course ($47 Value!)

Learn how the pros arrange their beats and songs for maximum impact!

Full Beat Mixing Course ($47 Value!)

Learn how to get a clean, polished “industry” sound for your music

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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The Day Passion and Creativity Failed…

“I feel like a fraud… Maybe I’m just not good enough.”


My name’s Omar from BeatMaking.Academy – I’ve been making music for 20 years and I’ve learned a TON about how to do this art effectively – whether you want to be a pro or do it as a hobby.

What if every time you sat down to make a beat, you never got stuck, frustrated or stressed out – you were able to just zone out, and quickly and easily create the music inside you, without hassle?

I had a breakthrough a few years ago that helped me become a beat making machine – going from struggling to finish one dope beat a day to pumpin’ out 5 bangers in a couple hours.

I know that sounds unbelievable, but just rock with me for a minute…

When I first started making beats my passion and creativity was off the charts – I was able to sit for hours and just mess around with sounds and patterns and come up with some pretty dope shit.

It would always take FOREVER, cuz I was basically throwing notes down and experimenting to find what worked… but I just thought that’s how all beat makers did it.

But one fateful night, sitting alone in front of a a laptop, staring into a blank FL Studio project…

…my passion and creativity failed me.

I just couldn’t, for the life of me, make anything that I though actually sounded even half-way decent…

I was stuck.

And it started happening more and more often… I’d want to make a beat but just end up feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed and all-around DOWN about my “failures.”

“I feel like a fraud… Maybe I’m just not good enough to be a music producer for real…”

That’s what I really felt…

For a long time, this is all that would happen to me:

  • My music never sounded as good as the stuff I loved to listen to (when comparing it to the pros)
  • I always got stuck coming up with music ideas because I didn’t know a ton of music theory or play an instrument
  • I’d end up wasting a ton of time trying to start a new beat and just kill my whole vibe
  • I’d get completely stuck and just give up – what people call “beat block”

I thought to myself – “I should learn music theory, that’ll help get me out of this rut..” But I’d learn the basics, then give up because it was so damn BORING!

I just wanted to HURRY UP and get to the music making.

But after a TON of trial-and-error, I stumbled on a GENIUS way to reliably make dope sounding beats, quicker than ever – all because of a casually said line in an interview with the super producer Martin Garrix.

He simply mentioned he’d usually quickly start a beat and a vibe by dragging a pre-made chord progression or melody loop into his software.

That way, he wasn’t messing around with notes, and rhythms, he was quickly starting from a place he KNEW already sounded good.


needed a system like that to quickly start up a beat and not kill the vibe or get frustrated over the music theory details!

But I’d used other sample packs and loop packs online before.

They usually only had a handful of good loops and then the pack was useless after that.

I needed something I could use ALL THE TIME, FOREVER, without becoming useless or played-out

And so I got to work building an entire TOOL KIT of, not just chord progressions, but drum grooves, 808s, melodies, leads, bass lines and a ton more stuff.

Beat Building Blocks

It was the holy grail.. a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

I would NEVER get stuck or frustrated again.

It was kinda like having those kids’ LEGO building blocks, but for making music!

Like cooking a meal when you’ve already got the ingredients chopped up, and seasoning measured out right in front of you, ready to go.

You get straight to the fun part of making music – letting your imagination run wild and actually creating something spectacular, quickly. Every single time.

It made everything quicker, and A LOT more fun to do (since I wasn’t struggling around with notes, but instead just zoning out and creating!).

But the best part was this: I made them in EVERY key on the keyboard and I could fully customize the way it sounded and played back!

So I could literally use these tools an unlimited number of times, mixing and matching different ones, and the beat I made would  ALWAYS be unique – AND sound GOOD, without struggle or hassle.

Instantly set the vibe by dragging and dropping in a pattern, quickly customize it to fit your mood/feeling and build out the rest of the beat from there.

It was so simple, yet SO, SO POWERFUL.

I knew other beat makers around the world could benefit so much from this tool kit I created.

And so Beat Building Blocks was born…

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s great for you Omar, you probably know a ton of music theory from all that research and studying you did… I don’t know music theory. So I won’t be able to use this stuff as quickly or as easily as you…”

But the TRUTH is, this tool kit is SO versatile and efficient that you don’t need to know ANY music theory and you’ll still come up with FIRE every time.


The way I designed it was to have a bunch of patterns all categorized and spread across EVERY SINGLE KEY on the keyboard.

That way you just pick a key you want to work in (choose a random one! Let’s say for example: C minor).

Then you can quickly mix and match the tons of different patterns that come in that key, and BOOM – instant vibe and starting point.

Now you can customize and change them up easily – even if you don’t know anything about music – and have something completely unique to you.

You don’t even have to know the notes of the C minor scale.

It’s literally that easy and powerful.

And let’s face it…

Life is so damn busy, it can be hard to make time for your passion and art.

You’ve got school or work, family and social obligations… There’s already not enough time in the day.

With Beat Building Blocks, it doesn’t even matter if all you have is 20 minutes. You can still make a FIRE beat in that time using this tool kit.

Like I said, it makes everything SUPER fast. It’s drag-and-drop simple, and saves you hours of frustrating trial-and-error and guess work with different notes, chords and drum hits.

That’s the most time-consuming part of making beats.

And it’s exactly that “time-consuming” part of music production that Beat Building Blocks solves so brilliantly.

It’s what allowed me to go from struggling to finish even ONE beat every few days, to banging out 5 heaters in a couple hours!

So time is NOT an issue when you’ve got the RIGHT TOOLS.

That’s why I firmly believe, EVERY music producer and beat maker out there NEEDS Beat Building Blocks in their life.

It’s a beginner beat maker’s best friend.

Here’s Everything You Get by Buying Today:

The Full Beat Building Blocks Tool Kit

  • 161 KNOCKIN “Go-To” Drum Sounds (16x 808s, kicks, claps, hats, percs, snaps and more)
  • 120 Customizable Chord Progressions in Every Key on the Keyboard
  • 265 Unique Drag-and-Drop Drum Groove Patterns
  • 983 Different 808 and Bass Groove Patterns
  • 551 Arp, Pluck and Lead Melody Starter Patterns
  • 155 “Live Drummer” Audio Loops + Break Beats

Exclusive FREE Bonuses ($169 Value)

  • Original Roland TR-808 Drum Machine Sample Pack ($25 Value)
  • Original Roland TR-909 Drum Machine Sample Pack ($25 Value)
  • 100 FREE Download Credits from – the world’s best sound/loop database ($9.99 Value)
  • BeatMaking.Academy’s Advanced Music Theory CHEAT SHEET ($17 Value)
  • BeatMaking.Academy’s ADVANCED BEAT ARRANGEMENT Course ($47 Value)
  • BeatMaking.Academy’s BEAT MIXING Course ($47 Value)

All patterns come in EVERY single key on the keyboard – perfect for quick mixing and matching to start a sketch or idea!

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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EVERYTHING in the Beat Building Blocks tool kit is 100% ROYALTY FREE – FOREVER.​

That’s right, you don’t have to pay anything extra and can use the tools in ALL your beats for the rest of your life!

What You Can Do:

  • Quickly start new beat ideas by dragging and dropping in chords, melodies, drum grooves and MORE in ANY key on the keyboard
  • Make multiple beats every single day, even if you only have a small amount of time
  • Impress your friends, listeners and artists with how many high quality, pro-sounding beats you’re able to make every day
  • Go to your “happy place” more often by having a ton of instant “music ideas on tap” so you can create wherever, whenever you want.
  • Sell more beats to artists, impact the CULTURE with a hit and be recognized for your art by having a steady stream of new beats to release every single day

What You Can Stop:

  • Not waste time browsing thousands of samples with a GO-TO drum kit full of pro sounds that cut through the mix
  • Stop struggling and getting frustrated or feeling down and hopeless about your pursuit of music
  • Destroy creative block by having an easy way to start new ideas without fumbling around with a mouse or keyboard
  • No more overwhelm – you don’t have to worry about the details that take you out of “the zone” when you’re vibing
  • No more folders full of unfinished ideas that go nowhere since you can start AND finish them quicker with this tool kit.

Beat Building Blocks is the essential arsenal for any serious music producer, songwriter or beat maker.

You get thousands of pre-built, fully customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that turn lifeless beats into ear-catching masterpieces instantly.

Start off a new beat quickly, finish off a beat when you get stuck and bang out multiple high quality beats every single day – with ease. No need for hours of hard work.

The drum samples alone can make ANY beat knock harder than before! And the audio drum loops add movement and a “live drummer” feeling to any robotic beat.

Plus you get a ton of cheat sheets that let you directly copy super-producer-inspired drum grooves right into your software. Or use them to build your own chords, chord progressions, melodies and more EFFORTLESSLY, without spending a ton of time finding the right notes that sound good together.

It’s the world’s only tool-kit made to give you a system to consistently pump out high quality beats without struggling and wasting time coming up with melodies, chord progressions, bass lines, drum grooves and more.

With Beat Building Blocks, You’ll Quickly Go From Struggling to Make 1 Beat a Day to Bangin’ Out 5 or More ConsistentlyEvery Single Time…

Even if you know NOTHING about music theory and only have LIMITED time every day

Don’t waste any more time struggling to make beats you love – pick up the Beat Building Blocks tool kit to instantly step your beat-making game up… and claim your 6 FREE BONUSES TODAY!

What Other Beat Makers Say About Beat Building Blocks…

The materials are dope

I got to say the packet is one of the most awesome shit I have put up money [for] and to this day I haven’t regretted splashing some cash online [for Beat Building Blocks], which is unusual and weird as I always feel ashamed after the very moment I push the PAY button [for other things].

Tomas Y.

Found it really helpful

I purchased the beat building blocks and found it really helpful. Making beats and music is definitely fun but can be overwhelming at times because I’ve never studied music, flstudio has so many different functions and just the overall complexity of beat making.

Ben S.

Helps me out tremendously

Yo I just wanna say the best building blocks helps me out tremendously. I just started out making beat and using the building blocks has really helped me learn the program. The scale cheat sheets also are super helpful . Overall you have an amazing product that all producers should have. Thanks man.

Jordan W.

Made me 10x better

I really liked the packs made me 10x better on my beats

Mario M.

Helped me get 3 beats done

It’s helped me get three beats done already, I just started beat making like a month ago.

Daymian B.

Helped me tremendously

I just purchased the full kit, I’m a beginner and so far the entire page has helped me tremendously thank you for breaking down the information into chunks like this! Hope to be producing some amazing sounds eventually!

Anthony S.

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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More About Beat Building Blocks

The Beat Building Blocks Starter Kit is an essential music production tool-kit for beginner producers and beat makers of all skill levels.

You get “go-to” sets of tools that makes music production faster, easier and a lot more fun.

Currently the BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS Music Producer’s Starter Kit is the flagship product from this brand.

Look out for future expansion packs to this line of products, which will include more tools, resources and hacks for beat makers and music producers around the world.

What’s Included in the Full Pack:

  • Pre-Built, Fully Customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that pop into any beat making software with “drag-and-drop” ease.
  • Tons of melody, bassline, lead and other patterns that turn lifeless beats into ear-catching masterpieces.
  • Hundreds of Chord Progression variations that add beauty and movement to a basic beat (including the ONE MAGICAL Chord Progression that’s responsible for HUNDREDS of Chart-Topping, #1 HIT Songs within the last 20-30 years)
  • 150+ high quality, punchy and loud DRUM samples that can make ANY beat knock harder than before!
  • 150+ high quality Audio Drum Loops that add movement and a “live drummer” feeling to any beat
  • Drum and Groove templates in the style of your FAVORITE major producer that you can copy exactly as is to quickly and easily jump-start your music productions
  • Music Production CHEAT SHEETS that let you build your own chords, chord progressions, melodies and more EFFORTLESSLY, without spending a ton of time finding the notes that sound good together.
Beat Building Blocks

It is the essential arsenal for any beginner music producer, songwriter or beat maker.

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Will This Pack Work With My DAW / Beat Making Software?

Yes! The Beat Building Blocks Tool Kit is 100% compatible with all beat making software and digital audio workstations out there. You don’t need any special software. It works with FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Studio One, Pro Tools, Reason, Maschine, Magix Music Maker and ALL others. You get MIDI files and WAV files which are compatible universally.

Are the Loops, Sounds and Patters Included Royalty Free?

Yes! Everything included in the Beat Building Blocks – Music Producer Tool Kit is 100% ROYALTY FREE! Forever. You can use all the tools in every single one of your beats and never have to pay an extra dime.

How is the Product Delivered? Is it Shipped to Me?

Nope! Once you make payment you can download the full pack INSTANTLY. No waiting, no shipment. It’s a fully digital product that’s available to use immediately once you buy.

How Can I Pay for the Pack?

Payment for the pack is easy – you can use any major credit card or a PayPal account. You can even use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more (we actually prefer crypto!)

How SECURE Is The Buying Process?

We take your privacy and safety very seriously. All transactions are processed through Stripe, PayPal or CoinBase and we use secure HTTPS technology on all our properties

What If I Don’t End Up Liking the Pack?

This pack is such a game changer for productivity, we’re SUPER confident you’re going to love it. But if for some reason, you’re not satisfied, email us at contact [at] deviantnoise [dot] com and we’ll do what we can to make it right!

Hurry! Order The Music Producer’s Tool Kit Today

You’ll Get Instant Access to…Thousands of Unique Tools That Help You Make More Music, Finish More Beats and Have More Fun!

Beat Building Blocks
  • Melody, Bass, Lead, Drum & Other “Drag-And-Drop” Patterns to Turn Lifeless Beats into HITS
  • The ONE MAGIC Chord Progression Responsible for HUNDREDS of Hit Records
  • 150+ High Quality Drum Audio Loops and Breakbeats to Add a “Live Drummer” feeling to any Beat
  • Fully Customizable, “Drag-And-Drop” Patterns to Kick Start or Finish off Your Beats
  • Hundreds of “Drag-And-Drop” Chord Progressions to Start a New Beat/Idea With
  • 150+ Hard-Hitting Drum Sounds to Make Your Beats KNOCK

Make Better Sounding Beats, Faster Than Ever

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