Professional Mixing and Mastering Services Online

online mixing and mastering serviceTo really get that modern, industry-sound your music needs to be properly mixed and mastered.

That’s why at Deviant Noise we offer affordable, professional mixing and mastering services that specialize in the urban music marketplace. Full Mix/Masters start at $150 per song.

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Our Mixing/Mastering Portfolio:

Whether you’re a singer, an emcee or rap artist or even a beat maker using music creation software programs –’s audio, music and song mixing and mastering gives you the commercial sound and industry edge you need to make your mark in today’s music world.

In the last 15 years audio technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. This means that more people are making music, and the music that they make is sounding better and better.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical your music not only sounds like the big-boys, but goes above and beyond with a signature and unique edge to it. That is exactly what we strive for in every music production and mix/master that passes through the Deviant Noise studios.

Email Us or Call (844) 587-9697 Today to Get Your Music Sounding Better Than Ever Before

Our Mixing and Mastering Process

We use state-of-the-art tools to help shape your music’s sonic quality to it’s absolute maximum. Our fully-digital setup ensures we have the cutting-edge effects processors, equalizers and other tools that help us add clarity, volume and shine to your finished audio product.

Send us your raw studio tracks (individual “tracked-out” vocal and instrumental files) and we’ll make sure to manually correct timing errors in your vocal takes, peaks in audio signals and work with the stereo field to make sure everything is even. And that’s before the fun even starts.

Once we know we’re working with a near-perfect source, we gently apply equalization, compression and other effects to add that polish to each track individually.

Bass drum not hitting hard enough? We’ll try to beef it up.

Does the snare need more snap? We’ll get it sounding proper.

Need a crazy vocal effect to accent certain lyrics? We got you.

And once we have the perfect mix, we make the entire track larger than life. We use emulations of the best vintage and new mixing and mastering gear in the business to make each track gel together as a whole. You’ll get that broadcast-quality. industry sound that is crystal-clear, loud and totally balanced – with a crisp high end, and deep “feel-it-in-your-chest” bass.

With Deviant Noise’s mixing and mastering services, we work to bring your musical ideas to life the way you hear them in your head. We’ll work with you to make sure the final product is exactly as you envisioned it.

We make sure your tracks are sounding their absolute best.

Email Us or Call (844) 587-9697 Today to Get Your Music Sounding Better Than Ever Before