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Tips, tricks and tools for aspiring music artists to promote and grow.

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If you’re an aspiring music artist, you’re in the right place.

Deviant Noise has one mission – we want to help you make the best music possible.

But on this page we want to help you with certain aspects of the music business – promotion, licensing and more.

The stuff on this page will help you move forward to reach your goals as a professional rapper or Hip-Hop artist.

We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest stuff we put out related to making professional quality music.

Music Business

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Guide to PROs

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How to Become a Singer or Rapper Professionally

Learn how to break into the industry as an artist

Artist’s Guide to Music Streaming Services

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Other Music Business Resources

Check out some of our favorite resources related to the music industry (affiliate links)

TuneCore is our preferred partner for getting your music out there into the world. If your music isn’t available everywhere, you’re not even in the game. TuneCore is the best option to make that happen.

The Best Books About the Music Business

Donald Passman Book
Donald Passman’s book is the most cited “bible” of understanding the modern music business.
Ari Herstand Book
Ari Herstand wrote another popularly referenced book on how to make it in music.
Music 4.0 Book
This is a great book that goes into how the music business has evolved and how you can navigate it successfully.
Get More Fans Book
A great book about the all important task of getting new fans for your music. A must read for DIY artists.
Music Business Advice Book
A collection of the most important tips the author has heard from top artists/producers on his “Inner Circle” podcast.

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Why Learn Music Business and Promotion?

Whether you’re a rapper, singer or songwriter learning the business side of music is essential if you’re trying to become a professional…

It doesn’t matter how “naturally talented” you are, there are a lot of thing you can learn about how to maximize the potential of your art – and you’ll increase your chances of success.

Frequently Asked Music Business Questions

Is Music Business a Good Major?

Music business can be a great major if that is the industry you want to be in. A regular business major would also be helpful in that industry, but a specific music business degree will relate the business concepts in a more “entertainment business” context.

Do Musicians Own Their Music?

Some artists own their own music, but in many cases – especially with mainstream, major artists – the record labels often have a major stake in all of the music. The labels will also retain ownership of the master recording rights of any music created while signed to the label. However, with the rise of independent artistry and the internet more and more people are able to retain ownership of their music.

How Has the Music Industry Changed?

The major transitions that took place in the music industry have completely changed the way things are done. Whereas before the year 2000 the majority of revenue made by labels and artists was based on radio play, live performances and album/single sales. With the rise of the internet and digital file sharing, sales of product plummeted. Then came the rise of streaming sites like Spotify and much of the revenues recovered, however physical sales are still miniscule in comparison to earlier eras. Streaming and the “home studio” also leveled the playing field for artists and there are more artists making a living in the industry than at any other point.

How Do Music Companies Make Money in the Music Business?

There are many streams of revenue that music companies can earn from in the modern entertainment industry. The biggest sources of revenue (not in order) are live performances + ticket sales, music merchandise, streaming royalties, radio royalties, sync placements in film/tv/ads, brand endorsements and other products like vinyl, cds and more.

How Do You Get Into the Business Side of the Music Industry?

There are many music companies (like distributors, publishing companies, record labels, venues, artist management, etc.) where you can get a job with business/marketing/finance/etc skills or education. But the music business is naturally a “go-getter” industry where people who start their own thing (management, artistry, business, etc.) can often find great success as well.

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