Our Beat Generals Review

2018 Update: This was our review of Beat Generals – a membership site that showed you step-by-step how to make beats like your favorite producers.

This year (2018) Beat Generals no longer operates. They instead post all their beat making videos on YouTube under the brand “Studio Sounds”

So be sure to follow them, and don’t try to subscribe to their membership site as it no longer exists.

Will the Beat Generals Step Your Beat Making Game Up?

Review of Beat GeneralsPrice:

  • Free Trial (access to a couple tutorials only)
  • Monthly Payment of $25 (full access) or
  • Yearly Payment of $250 (full access)

Overall Rating:


Course Duration:

  • 12 Beginner Tutorials (FL Studio Basics)
  • 16 Intermediate Tutorials (Production Tricks)
  • 157 Beat Style Tutorials
  • New Tutorials Added Regularly


  • Easy to access tutorials anywhere (laptop/desktop, phone, ipad)
  • Includes some free downloadable sounds
  • Breaks down how to make popular styles of hip-hop and r&b beats step-by-step
  • Shows you secret production techniques used by top producers
  • All beat style tutorials based on most popular super-producers out today


  • A Lot of Materials to Go Through (This can be quite overwhelming)
  • Some of the tutorials require sounds you have to buy or reproduce yourself (but they’re cheap)
  • All tutorials done in FL Studio only (but the concepts can be used in any beat making software).

Subscribe to BeatGenerals.com if…

  • You want to learn to make beats like Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, Kanye West, Future, Drake and more
  • You want a step-by-step guide on how to make the hottest styles of beats
  • You use FL Studio or any other computer-based music software/gear
  • You want to see someone re-create popular beats over-the-shoulder.
  • You want to stay up on the newest and hottest rap/hip-hop/r&b/pop production styles and techniques

Our Full Review of Beat Generals

Quick Thoughts

A new breed of sites are offering tutorials about everything you need to become a top music producer or beat maker in 2016. Most don’t really break it down for you.

Beat Generals do. It is the best choice among the current websites out there. Its easy to use design and fully loaded range of features and tutorials are helping users meet their unique musical goals.

Full Thoughts

Wussup fam,

Beat GeneralsThanks for checking out our Beat Generals review. A lot of music producers love FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops) and the ease of use of the software. A lot of people who are learning to sing or rap, also try dabbling in beat making.

And BeatGenerals.com have come up with a really great series of tutorials showing you how to use FL Studio to produce the hottest, modern-sounding hip-hop and r&b beats out right now.

But there’s a lot you probably don’t know because there are so many different bomb-ass features in the software even I didn’t know about until I dug into some of the Beat Generals tutorials. All in all, we give this product 5 stars for the way it’s all structured.

My Personal Experience with Beat Generals

So I’m really big into online beat making videos and tutorials. I try to soak up all I can because I want to learn everything.

But a lot of beat making videos and tutorials aren’t that great. Sure they show you how to make beats, but there’s usually some problems…

The Problem With Online Beat Making Videos

fl-studio-tutorialsThey either don’t make super-popular beat styles, don’t recreate popular beats and don’t break it down step-by-step.

I’m a YouTube junkie, but all the beat making videos on there are just watching someone make a beat. And they’re edited to make it difficult to really figure out everything that goes into the beat.

I wanted something where it broke down how each instrument (especially the hi-hats, etc) was played and how it all fit together – step by step. They also have tips on playing the piano for your beats (unfortunately no tips on playing guitar, though).

And I didn’t want some generic hip-hop beats – I wanted specific styles. Stuff like Metro Boomin or Future and Drake, etc.

But there isn’t anything like that online…

So when I found Beat Generals, I was a bit skeptical – especially with the monthly subscription price being $25.

I Was Damn Surprised…

I wanted to try it out because it seemed interesting and promised a lot. So I subscribed for the free trial and watched a couple of the intro videos.

It seemed legit. The guy in the videos had some good knowledge and broke down different techniques. So I decided to purchase a subscription and check out the rest of the videos.

They were dope as f**k!

Finally there was a place with over 100 over-the-shoulder videos showing how to create each instrumental piece, each drum hit, and most importantly, how to put them together.

And it was all based on the styles of the biggest and best super-producers out there. I was in heaven.

The Outcome

No lie – my beat game is next level now. After working through some of the tutorials I can already see my production style changing for the better. If you couple this with some piano lessons or guitar lessons you will become a music production beast.

maschine-beat-makingIf you decide to try out BeatGenerals I definitely suggest you go through each tutorial while in FL Studio and re-create each beat with the instructor. Don’t just watch the videos passively.

That will help your muscle memory so when you’re making your own beats, you already know the right techniques to use – they’ll come out automatically.

Quick Note:

So I don’t actually use FL Studio (I might start soon) – I use Native Instruments Maschine. And I still thought the tutorials were boss.

So even if you don’t use FL Studio, Beat Generals is still great to learn how to make the hottest beats.

Super-Producers Agree

doughboy-beatsMajor producers have endorsed Beat Generals as one of the best tutorial sites on the Internet. Nipsey Hustle, Doughboy and Mev the Producer are just some of the producers who have praised the program for its approach to all skill levels.

Here’s what Doughboy (who’s produced for Cyhi The Prince, Young Jeezy, Bun B. and more) says about Beat Generals:

Beat Generals provides the first online tutorial system for making beats that’s actually worth your time. If you want to sharpen your skills quickly, look no further.

— Doughboy

Other artists and professionals have expressed their interest in seeing where the site goes in the future as current users venture into the music industry. The current sentiment means a lot of added attention from influential producers.

Top Features of Beat Generals FL Studio Tutorials Subscription

No Commitment

Many sites charge customers a full year or more for access to their services. Beat Generals does not rely on this pricing structure. Instead, users can try before they buy a full subscription. There is no commitment and customers can cancel at any time.

FL Studio and Beat GeneralsVideo Tutorials

Video and multimedia are the best tutorial methods for this medium. While some sites have been mixing their video with text articles, Beat Generals went further by introducing video tutorials for every subject.

Drum Kits

No good beat can be made without a fully functioning drum kit. Beat Generals provides drum kits at no additional charge.

They are crafted to be used for any skill level and recreate the common

Complex techniques can be easily explained with examples from top artists like Drake and Travis Scott. Every aspect is presented in clear and colorful layouts/selections found in most studios. Users will little to no experience with drum kits can easily begin using this feature after just one day of accessing the site.

There are many free kits provided to help you recreate the beats in the tutorials, but some of the premium sounds have to be purchased.

Customer Support

Beats Generals does not offer phone or live chat support. Instead, customers can access an account representative at any time. A straightforward form can be found on the site and it features everything a customer will need to get assistance.

Reps are always available and most users receive an answer withing 24 to 48 hours of their query. Wait times may vary based on volume, but the support staff is great about quickly reaching out if there is a problem.

Money Back Guarantee

clickbank-money-backBeat Generals is one of the only sites in this category to offer a 60-day money back guarantee to any user. That means a full refund with no questions asked.

The site will also work with any unsatisfied customers to ensure their feedback is taken into consideration for future tutorials.

Get Your Beats Reviewed

Newcomers may be unsure of their abilities, but feedback in the right direction always helps. Some sites offer this service for an additional charge while others avoid the option. Beat Generals appears to think differently on this approach.

Users can submit their work for honest and straightforward feedback. Each video reviewed offers critiques as well as analysis from top industry professionals. Customers with a paid subscription plan can take advantage of this service for no additional fee.

Special Offers

Special deals and offers are always available to prospective users. These choices rotate from time to time. Popular offers include over 120 drum kits and samples free to download after a paid subscription is processed.


It’s easy to see why everyone wants to become a super producer. Every year, this elite category of musicians, artists and DJs make millions of dollars thanks to just one great hook or a sick beat.

Whether new to the industry or growing a career, using Beat Generals can mean the difference between success or failure.

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