Beat Thang Review

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Beat Thang Review

If you’re looking for a compact and versatile music maker, there’s Beat Thang review for you. The beat thang is designed by Dallas Austin, a renowned name in the music industry.

It is a cutting edge software and hardware that is designed for music production. With the name behind the realtor and its powerful features, this review will give you the confidence in creating your own way to the music industry.

You can have the following information for your reference.

Beat thang features

  • It has touchpads powered with 113 velocity deigned to trigger samples.
  • The software has 16-track sequencer.
  • It has 20 on-board effects. Included here are the filters, reverb, phrases and more.
  • This beat make has 256 instruments and 168 drum kits.
  • It has adjustable quantize and length bar modes.
  • It permits editing for samples with reverse.
  • It has USB output and input.
  • The software has dual SD card ports.
  • It has also MIDIN input and output.
  • It has modulation wheel and side-mounted pitch.


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Advantages of Beat Thang

  • The software is very portable which means can create music everywhere.
  • Thesoftware is designed with metal chassis that will surely make the item durable.
  • It is very ideal for live performances.
  • There are multiple samples which will give you many options for your music production.
  • Its numerous features give you more settings in producing your music thus you can make a unique sound in your creative way
  • The beat Thangsamples focus on the present century. The software is packed with original music.
  • It has amazing music libraries.


Since the Beat thang has many features, its user has to find time dealing with all the features. It will take time to learn all the details of the beat maker.

  • This software is designed with a real time sequencer thus it does not provide step-sequencing. The beat thang is a machine created with sample based drum. This is the reason why it does not permit the synthesis of sounds
  • Since the samples are focused on the @1st century, it may be not be ideal for producerswhy prefer the song of the oldies.
  • The numerous options for the music can be overwhelming especially to beginners.
  • The options in the Input and output settings arelimited.

Customer Reviews on the Beat Thang

  • Five stars for the software. Customers love the music.
  • People find this beat maker as a great investment in the music industry.
  • The samples are related to the present generation.
  • There are many genres available for the producer.
  • Two stars for the price of the beat Thang, customers claim it very expensive.

With the numerous features of the Beat Thang, you will definitely create the music the way you want it to be. The Beat Thang review does not only site customer’s satisfaction but it also reveals a superb beat maker in the marketplace. Read more of our music production software reviews.

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