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Sonic Producer Review

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Sonic Producer ReviewThanks for checking out our full Sonic Producer review. This little piece of software is a pretty good beat maker for any aspiring producer.

But we’ll be real, even for beginners we prefer the Magix Music Maker software. It’s not as cheap as Sonic Producer, but MUCH better if you can afford it.

If not, Sonic Producer is alright.


  • $34.95

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Sonic Producer has a pretty good name in the music industry. The business of creating music is not as easy as most think.

With most production software you need to have the skill, experience and knowledge necessary to produce full tracks.

But that’s not true with Sonic Producer. It’s got a lot of good features and support and an extra bonus that other software programs don’t feature.

Check out this quick video of Sonic Producer in action.

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Main Features:

  • One click Facebook page uploads of your beats.
  • 16 Channel Mixer + Sequencer
  • 4 octave piano keyboard
  • 12 programmable drum pads
  • Save unfinished work online
  • Use on Mac or PC.
  • Instructional videos


  • Software is very easy to use.
  • Monthly “Best Beat” Contests With $100 Prizes
  • Ideal for beginners and new producers
  • Comprehensive instructional videos for the user.
  • Reasonably priced* – we say why we think so below
  • Interface is user friendly and intuitive
  • Includes lots of different sounds


  • Amount of sounds included can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Bit of a steeper learning curve than other options, but full video tutorials provided
  • Higher priced than other options.

My Thoughts On Sonic Producer

This is a pretty solid music production platform for beginner and intermediate producers. It’s learning curve isn’t as steep as some of the professional-grade software, but it does take some time to get a handle on things.

Having said that, it is still intuitive (user-interface) and once you get the hang of it the item is very easy to use. And plus they’ve got good support and comprehensive training material to help you through.

But What About The Price:

True, Sonic Producer is more expensive than Dr. Drum. But let me tell you why I don’t think it’s so bad in this case.

In our DubTurbo review, I told you that you should not buy it because Dr. Drum was cheaper and did the same thing. But Sonic Producer has something that – to me – is worth the extra money.

The monthly $100 “Best Beat” Contests. You have a chance to win $100 every month just by using the software and submitting your beats.

No other beat making software offers something like this, so I gave them a pass on the higher up-front cost of the software. (It’s still only $34.95 so it won’t break the bank!)

Final Words

Thanks for checking out this Sonic Producer review. The online music production software is pretty legit for beginner beatmakers. I’d recommend buying it and trying it out – It’s got a 60 day refund policy so you have nothing to lose. You can also learn more about these other music making programs.

Thanks for checking out this Dr Drum review – we hope it was informative. We’ve also reviewed Beat Thang, BTV Solo and Sonic Producer if you’re interested.

If you need some great sounds for your beat making software check out Beat Building Blocks and the Trap Life Mega Bundle.

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