Splice Sounds Review for 2021

Is the world’s most popular “music producer sounds” marketplace worth the monthly price tag?

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Last Updated: June 2021

Splice Sounds Review

In this Splice Sounds review, we’re going to dive into the vast library of sounds and plugins and see if it’s actually worth a monthly subscription.

We’ll go over how much it costs, the quality of the sounds and packs, what the marketplace is like and whether or not it’s worth the money.

Let’s get into it…

Quick Review:

Splice Sounds is the world’s largest marketplace for music producers and songwriters.

And in a nutshell – it’s worth every penny.

The amount of content is overwhelming, but that’s always a good problem to have. And it’s not that expensive to maintain a membership.

Of course, with all the types of sound packs available (and the constant new drops) it’s really easy to run out of credits each month.

But real talk, Splice is a FANTASTIC resource for music producers and songwriters.

The real benefit to having something like a subscription to Splice Sounds is that you don’t have to download a full pack – just the individual sounds/loops you like. And you can preview them all before you do.


5/5 Stars Overall


Should You Subscribe: If you make beats or write songs, then YES, you should 100% subscribe to Splice. With the very low cost of entry and the near unlimited selection of sounds and loops in every genre imaginable, it’s like being in a candy shop as a little kid.

The only real criticism I have of Splice (other than the limited integration of their app with beat making software and DAWs) is that it can be pretty overwhelming. And you easily run out of credits if you get a little too click-happy.

But the best part is really that you can select only the individual sounds you want. You don’t have to download a full pack, you can pick and choose or mix-and-match. The layout is pretty intuitive and easy to browse.

If you’ve got a little extra cash and want some plugins, they also have a great “rent-to-own” program where you can get expensive synths and VSTs for a low monthly cost until it’s paid off.

All in all, Splice is a great resource for music producers and I’ve had a subscription for a couple of years now. I have no plans on cancelling any time soon.


Splice recently changed up their subscription packages.

  • $9.99/month for 100 monthly downloads
  • $19.99/month for 200 monthly downloads
  • $29.99/month for 500 monthly downloads
  • Rent-to-Own plugins start at $9.99/month until paid off


  • Literally unlimited selection of individual sounds, loops, and MIDI patterns
  • Sound packs from some of the biggest producers and beat makers in the music business
  • Download individual sounds/loops/patterns instead of entire packs
  • Never lose credits – unused credits roll over every month
  • Contains sounds for every genre imaginable
  • Integration with FL Studio and Ableton
  • Preview each individual sound before you buy
  • Community section with contests



  • Overwhelming selection of sounds/loops – not easy to make a decision sometimes
  • Unused credits are lost if you unsubscribe
  • Easy to run out of credits on lower plans (many packs have hundreds of sounds each)
  • Limited DAW/beat making software integration with Desktop app.

Subscribe to Splice Sounds If…

  • You are a music producer, songwriter or make beats
  • You want an unlimited and continually growing library of professional sounds/loops
  • You don’t like buying full sound packs but want to pick and choose the individual sounds you buy
  • You use FL Studio or Ableton to make music
  • You want the same sounds that producers like Southside, Boi 1da, and other major producers use

Try Splice Today RISK FREE and Download 100 FREE Sounds!

What’s Included in the Monthly Subscription?

Is Splice Worth It

There aren’t a lot of extras to really mention that come with a Splice Sounds subscription. It’s basically a marketplace website that lists different sounds and loops artists can use in their own compositions.

When you first sign up for an account (get 100 FREE download credits here) you’re dropped right into the marketplace.

Browse around by what’s new or the top sellers on the site. Or you can dig deep into genres or perform keyword searches.

Once you land on a specific pack you’re able to do a few things:

  • preview demos of the pack
  • preview individual sounds
  • add the pack to your favorites list
  • drill-down to to only see the sounds you are interested in
  • download the full pack or individual sounds

The shopping experience in Splice is pretty fantastic. Beyond the great search function you’re actually able to drill down into specific types of sounds you’re looking for.

Say you need a thick snare drum with a metallic quality – you’re able to set filters to specific sound types or qualities/textures. And then you can preview all the available options before you decide to download the perfect one.

And once you download a sound, you’ll always have access to it. So if you ever accidentally delete it or lose the file, you can easily download it again from the Splice cloud servers.

The Rent-to-Own Program

Splice also offers some of the best plugins out there in a convenient rent-to-own program. So if you’ve been eyeing Serum for a while but can’t drop the $200+ all at once, you can download it today and pay a monthly fee until you’ve paid it all off.

This is a super useful service by Splice, but unfortunately not all the plugins available are on “rent-to-own” (like Omnisphere, dammit). But the program does feature some great plugins.

Here’s a list of all our favorite plugins available on rent-to-own:

  • Serum
  • RC-20 Retro Color
  • Izotope Ozone + Neutron
  • Arturia’s V Collection
  • Korg Synth Collection 2
  • Output’s Movement and Portal FX

It should be obvious, but in case it’s not, Splice rent-to-own plugins are NOT included in the monthly credits’ subscription. It’s separate and EXTRA money. You do not need a monthly Splice subscription to do Rent-to-Own.

The Extras Included in Splice

There are a few extras that are included on the Splice website, but none of them are anything to really get too excited about.

Splice Studio is a feature where you can start and store your projects in the cloud. You can also setup collaborations with other Splice users and easily share the stuff you need to share (projects, sounds, etc.).

The community section isn’t really a “community” in the forum/message board sense of the word. But it is where all the contests on the platform take place.

Splice also has a fantastic blog that they update regularly with tips and guides on making music.

Finally, they have a downloadable desktop app you can use to sync your projects/collaborations with the cloud and your DAW (if you use a compatible one). You can also download sounds from the app, but you can’t really browse new stuff and find sounds. For that you still have to use the website. Kind of a let down.

Get 100 FREE CREDITS From Splice Today!

More About Splice Sounds

It may sound like I’m trying to shill the service for commissions (full disclosure: we do get commissions through our links), but I promise you I use Splice and have for a couple of years now. And I love it. I recommend it to anyone that asks about it.

It’s a fantastic marketplace with such a huge selection of sounds, loops and plugins that you’ll never run out of inspiration or get bored. The real problem is there’s just too much stuff. It can be hard to decide what you actually want to use.

But like I said earlier, that’s a great problem to have. No matter what type of music you’re trying to create, you’ll find something that fits your vision perfectly.

If you’re still on the fence, why not take a test drive and get 100 free downloads you can use risk-free.

Here’s some of my personal favorite sound packs on Splice:

  • Boi-1da Soundkit: Bare Sounds for Your Headtop
  • WondaGurl Sample Pack
  • Tayla Parx Sample Pack
  • Scott Storch’s Still Storch Vol. 1
  • Southside’s “I Invented Trap” Sample Pack Vol 1.
  • PVLACE & RVSSIAN drum kits
  • The Fantastic Sounds of Jay Dee AKA J Dilla

Do yourself a favor and get these packs at the very least. The sounds in them are GREAT.

Not Just Drums

But Splice isn’t just a place for great drum sounds (though there is a HUGE amount of slappin drums), they’ve also got some GREAT melody loops that you can drag and drop right into your beat maker.

These are legit melodies. They sound fantastic and are searchable by key and tempo. So the inspiration is limitless. If you’re ever stuck, you can quickly find a way to finish off that beat using Splice.

Bottom line, if you’re a producer or songwriter Splice should be a must-have subscription in your tool-kit.

As a matter of fact, if I was starting out making beats right now all I’d need is a subscription to Splice Sounds and a subscription to Output’s Arcade. With those two things alone you’ll be able to make the most fire beats EVER.

Don’t sleep, Splice is the truth!


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