Learn How Music Works

Basic Music Theory for Producers, Singers, Rappers and Songwriters

On this page, you’ll find articles on everything you need to know to understand basic music theory and how music works FAST, without unnecessary fluff and technical aspects.

You’ll learn just the essentials to help you make better music.

Learning to make music can be a pretty intimidating project.

If you’re a complete beginner you need to understand how time works in music and how notes relate to each other.

And what about playing a full song? Where do you even start with that?

Whether you’re a music producer, rapper/singer, songwriter or want to play an instrument, it’s important to learn how music works.

Use the guides below to learn everything you need to understand music theory quickly.

GUIDE: Time & Rhythm

Learn all about time and rhythm is music and how beats work.

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GUIDE: Nashville Number System

Learn how the Nashville Number System in music can help you take your melodies and chord playing to the next level.

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GUIDES: Music Notes, Scales and Chords

Learn all about music notes, scales and chords and how they work.

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GUIDE: Chord Progressions

Learn all about how to structure your chords into full progressions which will give your music better movement, emotion and energy.

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