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Last Updated: May 2022

On this page, you’ll find articles to help you understand basic music theory and how music works FAST – without unnecessary fluff and technical aspects.

You’ll learn just the essentials to help you make better music.

Use the guides below to learn everything you need to understand music theory quickly.

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basic music theory guides

Time & Rhythm in Music

In our music theory 101 course, learn how to count music and recognize how rhythm and time work.

Notes, Scales and Modes

In the music theory 102 guide, you’ll learn all the different notes, scales and modes in western music

All About Chords in Music

Learn everything you need to know about chords in music theory in this third guide.

Nashville Number System

In the music theory 201 course, you’ll learn the number system and how it makes everything easier.

Chord Progressions

In the last installment – music theory 202 – we get into chord progressions and the circle of fifths.

How to Read Sheet Music

In the latest installment of our music theory lessons, you’ll learn to read notation


Why Learn Music Theory?

Learning to make music can be a pretty intimidating project. If you’re a complete beginner you need to understand how time works in music and how notes relate to each other.

And what about playing a full song? Where do you even start with that?

When you know how music works to produce emotion through sound, your opportunities for music creation become limitless. You no longer struggle with knowing what to do or where to go next. It’s an essential skill-set for any musician or music performer.

Whether you’re a music producer, rapper/singer, songwriter or want to play an instrument, it’s important to learn how music works – not so you have to follow rules, but so you know the way different musical ingredients work together to sound good.

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