26 January 2016

#MusicJobs – Spotify is Hiring!

music-jobs-at-spotifyThis is a new series at DeviantNoise.com that you’ll start seeing now and then. #MusicJobs are posts about new job and career opportunities in the music business. Whether you’re a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer or just a fan, it can be a pretty fulfilling move to jump head-first into the music industry. It may not be your end-goal, but at least you’re in the business and focusing on something relevant everyday.

It sure as hell beats doing marketing for some kitchen cabinet company or working a call-center (or some shit like that…).

Spotify is a music streaming company (as if you didn’t know…) that’s moving into Japan soon and are hiring. But it’s not just in Japan – they’re hiring all over the world. And they’re hiring in all different areas – product, tech, marketing, you name it.

Here’s a quick look at just some of the career and job opportunities at Spotify:

You can view all of the job opportunities at Spotify.com

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