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Learning to play the piano can do some amazing things to your music – especially as a singer or music producer.

It’ll take your performing, songwriting and production to a whole other level.

Deviant Noise has one mission – we want to help you make the best music possible.

So this is the page you’ll find links to all our guides, articles and resources about piano playing.

We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest stuff we put out related to piano.

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Our Piano Guides

GUIDE: How to Play Piano

If you’re interested in learning the basics of how to play the piano and make your way around a keyboard, read our full guide to learn about notes, scales and more.

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GUIDE: How to Play Piano Chords

In this full guide, you’ll learn all about the beauty of piano chords and how to put them together in a variety of different ways.

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GUIDE: Online Piano Lessons

If you want to master the piano, there’s no better way that professional piano training. Learn about which online piano lessons will work best for you.

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