The Best Online Piano Lessons in 2017

Updated August 2017
Online Piano LessonsThanks for checking out our online piano lessons reviews. If you want to learn to play the piano then this is the best way to go about it.

At Deviant Noise we believe all musicians can be amazing with whatever instrument they play. But the piano, with its 88 keys, is truly magnificent when combined with a beautiful voice.

The following are what we see as the best piano tutorials on the internet.


“Piano By Ear” by Hear And Play


  • hear-and-play-piano

    One-Time Payment – $82

  • Two-Time Payment – $41 monthly


  1. A Lifetime Cash-Back Guarantee. I bet that got your attention. That’s right – lifetime guarantee.
  2. No unnecessary dull lessons – if you can’t use it in playing the piano, use it to wipe the piano.
  3. Teaches you the technique of playing by ear (feeling the music), and not just reading the notes like a robot.
  4. Includes lots of bonuses upon purchase


  1. It’s a bit more expensive than other programs
  2. It comes with an extensive book of 300 pages – watching video tutorials is easier than reading

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Additional Info About Hear And Play’s Course

ST_piano-playerAs you might see from our previous reviews here at Deviant Noise, we are admirers of the creative personnel at Hear and Play. The man behind it all, Jermaine Griggs, is a genius in teaching piano by ear. Hear and Play was the first course I ever bought. Since then I have been a huge fan of theirs. The comprehensiveness, quality, and the great outcome of their instruction programs make them the best in their field.

The program’s 300-page book delves into all the details you should know when you want to play the piano – including piano chords.  And after reading this book, you will be more creative and more understanding of your craft. You will be able to write your music, all because you have learned through your ears.

Correct… No stiff and traditional songs. No practice sheets to rip up in frustration.

Making the music, you love beautifully. That is the core of this book. That is the miracle of this book. Whether you are a beginner or of intermediate level, I highly recommend that you try the course out. And come on, this book got me from the start – at the lifetime guarantee part.

But seriously – this course is the shit.

Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano ReviewPrice:

  • Instant Download (Online Versions) – $39.95
  • Actual Product (Delivered to You) – $199.99


  1. Price is very affordable (of digital download)
  2. Comes with lots of bonus features such as videos, learning games, and audio exercises
  3. Offers cash-back guarantee for eight weeks


1.    Learning method leans towards the traditional
2.    Instructions may be confusing for beginners

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An Overview of Rocket Piano

playingpianoThis course has been available for some time, and it remains as a popular online piano lesson. Compared to Hear And Play’s piano tutorial, this course is leaning towards the more traditional concepts. I am not saying it is not effective. In fact, this course is very effective,, especially for beginner and standard level players.

You will learn how to sight-read music and other traditional music theory. This course does not only teach playing by ear. If you prefer to learn the old-fashioned way, this course will still be the right one for you. It also comes with a bunch of extra add-ons like games, tutorial videos, or audio lessons. And just like Hear and Play’s Piano tutorial, it comes with some bonuses.

Another great thing about this course is you will have free use of SongPond for as long as 30 days. SongPond is an online site to listen and learn to play your favorite songs. Playing by ear may sound more fun (pun intended), but with Rocket Piano you will have an opportunity to learn many great songs and acquire new skills on the piano.

You have nothing to lose so just try it out.

Which Piano Course is Right For You?

They’re both great courses, and it really depends on how (and what) you want to learn. If you want to be able to play the piano by ear and just sit down and come up with a beautiful song, Hear And Play is the perfect choice. If you want a more traditional piano course, choose Rocket Piano.

Personally, I love the Hear and Play course – it’s a great way to learn piano. To me it’s like a shortcut. They don’t mess around in the Hear And Play tutorials with unnecessary theory and information. They get right down to it and show you how to quickly and easily play the piano – and play it well.

Got any other thoughts on good piano courses? Leave us some comments below.

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