Melodics Review

Is the training software the best new way to learn piano or drums, or is it just a toy?

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Last Updated: November 2020

Melodics Review

In this Melodics review, we’re going to dive into the software training app that claims it can teach you how to play piano or drums better than traditional online lessons.

We’ll go over how much it costs, what you get, what the learning experience is like and whether it’s worth your time and money.

Let’s get into it…

Quick Review:

The Melodics method of training is a really interesting approach to learning an instrument.

And I’m a huge fan of it – if it’s done right.

It’s like a video game (think of guitar hero) but with more concrete, guided lessons and goals. The idea isn’t to just play around, but to actually learn to play.

But the key to a good program is to make sure it stays fun, engaging and addictive while not just being an actual video game with no tangible, real-world benefits

Can I really recommend Melodics over other traditional piano lessons? Maybe. Read on to find out…


3.5/5 Stars Overall


Should You Subscribe: YES, whether you’re a beginner that knows nothing or a novice/intermediate piano/drum player, I whole-heartedly believe Melodics can make you better.

If you use the software right – and consistently – you will learn how to play piano or drums and keep getting better. There’s no doubt in my mind.

I’ve used it and found it to be easy and kinda fun too. That’s because it’ll throw you right into playing – no wasting any time. Not a lot of “theory reading/learning,” but because you’re playing actual music you’re still learning the theory behind playing the instrument

The best thing about this app is that it literally takes you by the hand, and shows you how to play with correct finger/hand movements – for piano, drum pads and drums. I see it as an accelerated approach to playing better, rather than a traditional set of lessons.

The only drawback I can really see to this program (other than the high monthly price) is that it requires a MIDI piano (or digital piano with midi/usb capability) or MIDI drum pads/electronic drum kit.

So if you’re using an acoustic piano or drum set – this definitely isn’t for you, be mindful of that.

But beyond that, I’d really recommend ALL piano/drum students try it out – especially since there’s a free trial with 20 lessons that you can play without charge.


  • $29.99 / month
  • $149.88 / year


  • Innovative, fun way to learn to play your instrument better
  • Learn finger drumming, full drum kit or piano all with one subscription
  • Feels like a video game – keeps things engaging
  • Easy to follow, hand-held approach from beginner to mastery
  • The best way to improve your rhythm/timing and coordination
  • Keeps track of progress and gives feedback on your technique/skill across lessons
  • 20 free lessons with trial account – sign up free
  • New lessons added weekly



  • High cost for monthly membership
  • Required MIDI/USB piano or digital piano (or electronic drum kit/midi drum pads)
  • Not a lot of “theory” knowledge is taught in a traditional way

Buy a Melodics Subscription If…

  • You want to be able “play piano” NOW – without going through tons of boring “fundamentals/theory” lessons
  • You want a hands on training program that gives you feedback and tracks your progress
  • You have a MIDI/USB enabled piano/drumpad or electronic drum kit
  • You want to jump into playing songs right away
  • You want to tangibly improve your ability to keep time/rhythm better and play like a seasoned pro

Try Melodics Today RISK FREE for 20+ Lessons!

What’s Included in the Subscription?

Review of Melodics Lessons

When you first sign up for you’ll be able to play the introductory lessons for free.

There’s no “reading” or “studying” you need to do before diving into the playing.

The games will teach you the note names, finger positioning and more, so you can dive right it.

All in all, there is a TON of lesson variety with Melodics. There are over 50 courses and more than 800 individual lessons to play through.

Plus the library of lessons is updated weekly. AND there’s something called “playground” mode where you can just play around with the lessons, practicing whatever you need, as much as you need.

The lessons range from something for absolute beginners who don’t even know piano notes or scales, up to intermediate and advanced players.

If you think this is an app strictly for beginners, I dare you to try playing one of the later lessons and see how well you can do.

After you go through the basics/fundamentals lessons, you’re taken onto different paths with various styles of music you can learn.

Types of Lessons

The best part about Melodics is that it really does resemble a game like Guitar Hero – where you’re able to play popular songs right off the jump.

Here’s a rundown of some of the genre’s of music you’ll be learning to play with Melodics:

  • pop
  • rock
  • hip hop
  • dubstep
  • funk
  • reggae
  • trap
  • ambient
  • chill
  • afrobeat
  • deep house

And there’s many more, since the community is growing and new lessons are added weekly.

For example, here’s a sample lesson of Wiz Khalifa’s biggest hit:

YouTube video

Get 20 FREE LESSONS From Melodics Today!

More About Melodics

Now let’s be honest, if you’re trying to be a classical piano virtuoso, Melodics likely isn’t the best choice to learn what you need to know.

It’s also not a complete replacement for traditional piano lessons. If you want to know the theory behind being able to make music on the piano, then you should also consider taking something like PianoForAll or Piano Marvel.

Melodics is more of a training tool – something to help you become a better player. It’s much more focused on improving your technique, your timing and your ability to understand what goes into making your own music on both piano and drums.

It’s the perfect complement/supplement, in our opinion, to a regular online piano lesson. But it can’t be a 1-to-1 substitute for it.

So keep that in mind, when you’re deciding on what to use to learn piano.

There’s no doubt, you’ll learn piano chords and various really great songs. But it’s not a complete piano education in itself.

You also have a heavy focus on developing GOOD PIANO PLAYING HABITS – which a lot of online training programs lack. So it’s a pretty great thing to have alongside your regular piano practice/study.

I still try to use my Melodics account (I subscribed to the yearly option) everyday just to keep my chops up with finger drumming and piano playing.

So I highly recommend trying it out and really going beyond the basic lessons. Learn some songs. Use Melodics to practice daily, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

I bet you’ll notice a big improvement in your “feel” and “timing” when playing piano.

All in all, I love Melodics. Practicing to a metronome is boring. Practicing songs with a video game experience is fun. Nuff said.

Thanks for checking out our Melodics review – it’s definitely worth trying out. You can get 20 free lessons by clicking here. You’ve got nothing to lose, so if you’re a digital/midi piano user, give it a shot.


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