Piano Marvel Review for 2020

Is this piano learning software really a good choice for you?

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Last Updated: November 2020

Piano Marvel Review

In this Piano Marvel review, we’ll dive into what you get with a subscription and whether or not it’s a good choice for you to learn how to play piano.

Quick Review:

When we first came across the Piano Marvel program, we were pretty excited.

The idea of a learning aid software that could assess your progress and give you real-time feedback was awesome. The only other software we’ve seen like that was Melodics.

To check out our other top picks, be sure to stop by our piano lessons buyer guide.

We think Piano Marvel is a great way to learn piano – and can definitely recommend it, but with a few important caveats.

Read out to get our full take on the Piano Marvel program and whether or not it’ll work for you, specifically.


3/5 Stars Overall


Should You Buy: MAYBE. We do recommend getting a subscription because it’s a great way to learn how to play piano – it’s interactive and you get feedback on your technique.

BUT, there are a couple points to keep in mind:

  1. It’s REALLY geared toward classical music
  2. It’s HEAVILY focused on traditional learning/playing methods
  3. It works best with an actual piano teacher (but can be used on your own to learn, too.)

At Deviant Noise, our top recommended piano courses are PianoForAll and HearAndPlay’s full piano course. That’s because we love the concept of being able to “play by ear.”

It’s not the traditional way of playing piano – sitting down with sheet music and playing a song. Playing by ear is all about being able to improvise on the piano, by understanding the mechanics of music. It’s perfect for songwriters and music producers – and often for hobby music lovers too!

We like the idea of being able to sit down in front of a keyboard and bust out something dope whenever you feel like.

Having said that, if your main goal is to really become a technically skilled, rooted in classical theory pianist, Piano Marvel is likely your best choice.

There are other courses that aren’t monthly memberships that can teach you that style of playing, but Piano Marvel takes things to the next level because it’s an interactive learning experience.

It’s not a “piano course,” it’s more like a “piano learning software system.” And that’s pretty awesome.

One of the biggest problems with self-taught learning is that you don’t get feedback on how you’re doing. Piano Marvel bridges that gap!


  • Free Trial Account
  • $15.99/month subscription
  • $110.99 yearly payment option (saves you $80)


  • Instant access to course content and software
  • Interactive style of learning
  • Get real time feedback on your technique and skills
  • Encourages you to practice
  • Contains ear training elements



  • Very traditional style of teaching/learning
  • Heavy focus on “classical” style of music
  • Collection of “songs” to play is limited (but does contain some original pieces as well)
  • Monthly subscription vs. one-time fee.

Buy Piano Marvel If…

  • You want a traditional structured approach to learning how to play piano
  • You have an interest in classical music
  • You prefer to focus on “sight reading” rather than playing by ear
  • You want the best of both worlds – an online self-taught piano lesson with actual feedback on your progress
  • You don’t mind a monthly/yearly subscription

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What’s Included in the Program?

When you subscribe to Piano Marvel you’ll get instant access to:

  • 6 levels of main course content (30 sections each, with 20 video lessons per section)
  • Printable workbooks for each lesson
  • Practice mode with 1200 exercises and 2000 song options
  • Assessment and Feedback modules (requires MIDI connection to computer)
  • Progress tracking

Each module of the main course content covers a specific set of skills, theory and technique.

Piano Marvel Dashboard

Method Module 1: The Basics

This module is the foundational concepts where every beginner should start. Here you’ll learn essential technique and theory like finger positions, basic rhythms, notes/symbols, etc.

Method Module 2: Building on the Fundamentals

The next set of lessons builds on the things you learned in the first. Here you’ll learn about intermediate hand positions and rhythms, syncopation and other skills.

Method Module 3: Intro to Scales and Chords

Now you’ll move on to learning piano scales, including things like intervals, chords, key signatures and more. You’ll also be introduced to the sustain pedal on the piano.

You’ll start with the C, G and F major scales.

Method Module 4: More Scales and Chords

With these lessons you’re introduced to triads and chord inversions. You also learn phrasing, pedal techniques and more. You build on the last set of lessons and get introduced to more scales and piano chords here.

Method Module 5: Advanced Concepts

In this module you continue to build on the skills, theory and techniques introduced in the previous modules. You get into reading advanced sheet music and are introduced to new scales and chords as well.

You even get to learn some arpeggios.

Method Module 6: Intro to the Classics

In this final module of lessons you’re introduced to the different eras of classical music – Baroque, Classical, and Romantic.


In this section you basically get additional exercises and materials that help you hone the skills/knowledge you get from the 6 Method modules described above.

In addition, this is where you get flash cards and ear training exercises.

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More About Piano Marvel

In this Piano Marvel review, we want to be sure you’re able to make the right choice when it comes to piano lessons. This program seems pretty great, if you’re ok with learning traditional things in a traditional way. It gives you a solid foundation in theory and sight reading – allowing you to play any sheet music you come across.

But, personally, I prefer the “play by ear” method of playing piano, and this course is NOT for that.

And if you want something that progresses you fast, then you’re better off with something like PianoForAll or HearAndPlay’s options.

But when you throw in the self-assessments and feedback on technique, it’s a pretty enticing piano learning system. That alone is likely worth trying it out, even if you decide you want to learn piano by ear.

Good technique is very difficult to teach – especially with online lessons. So Piano Marvel really excels in this area.

On the other hand, the software does seem like it works best if there’s a traditional piano teacher involved in the mix.

But, overall, this is a really comprehensive course that we can definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to play classical piano and deepen their knowledge of traditional theory.

And regardless of whether you want the traditional approach or the play by ear approach, get this program if only for the assessments/feedback functions! So worth it.

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