Rocket Piano Review for 2019

Last Updated: July 2019

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Overall Rating: 4/5

Rocket Piano Review


  • Instant Download – $39.95
  • Physical Product – $199.95


  • The numerous tutorial videos will open you up to a wide range of musical styles giving you more freedom to explore.
  • The Metronome will help you simulate real time playing.
  • The games will familiarize you with the notes and hone your skills.
  • Programs like the Keycellator will help you improve your performance.
  • The 30 day Song Pond access will help you explore a wider range of music.
  • The chordinator is designed to teach you the ins and outs of pianos chords.
  • Has a reliable Email support. Email inquiries about the program are answered efficiently.

Try out Rocket Piano for 60 days. It’s risk-free!


  • There is no system to track your progress.
  • Unlike in personal tutorials, online lessons are simulations that lack interaction. It will take a while for your questions to be answered.
  • Misinterpretation of instructions and details by players may lead to ineffective outputs.

This rocket piano review will give you in-depth information about the program, and real testaments about the benefits this tutorial brings. This program will help you hone your skills and ability to learn the piano and set you off on your musical path.

This eBooks series includes audio files and games that cover a wide range of lessons. The Rocket Piano eBook is both for novice and adept musicians. These also cover lessons on finger techniques and music notations.

The makers combine games with piano lessons. See the following details to get a glimpse of this program.

Primary Features

  • These eBooks will be helpful for all skill levels – for novices, intermediate and experienced players.
  • 57 tutorial videos.
  • Integrates games with lessons. It also comes with tests that will help monitor your progress.
  • It includes spiritual books.
  • The program includes a Metronome.
  • It also comes with state-of-the-art software such as the Chordinator and Keycellator.
  • It offers free access to Song Pond for 30 days.
  • It has an efficient E-mail support team. Quick response to inquiries.

Reviews By Customers

  • Purchasing the whole course will give you an edge. Players are thrilled.
  • It’s a great refresher course for musicians who have not played for a long time.
  • The videos are clear and technically easy to understand.
  • The games are not only entertaining and fun; it’s also a great way to test your piano skills.

Overall, Rocket Piano will help you position your finger on the perfect note. Regardless of your skill level, it will enhance your piano skills with these awesome lessons.

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