Rocket Piano Review for 2019

Last Updated: August 2019

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Rocket Piano Review In this Rocket Piano review we’ll go over what the online piano lesson is all about and how effective it is in helping people learn how to play the piano better.

After that we’ll delve into what’s all included in the program

Quick Review:

Rocket Piano is an online piano tutorial program that teaches beginners how to play the piano correctly.


4/5 Stars Overall


Should You Buy: YES. It is a solid program for learning how to play the piano. It delves into everything beginners need to know and gives you a solid plan to practice things that will make you a better pianist.

It is a traditional system of piano teaching. The focus and methodology is similar to what you’d get with private tutorials with most pianp teachers – ex/ you’ll learn scales, theory and sight reading.

At Deviant Noise, though, we prefer the teaching style of HearAndPlay’s Piano Tutorial because it’s a non-traditional approach based on the musical “number system,” so you can play piano by ear, rather than sight reading.

BUT if you want to learn the piano in a traditional way, we definitely recommend buying this course. Rocket Piano is a great program for that.


  • Instant Download – $39.95
  • Physical Product – $199.95


  • Multiple forms of media – written book, audio files and video tutorials
  • Opens you up to a wide range of musical styles giving you more freedom to explore.
  • Training games + exercises will familiarize you with the notes and hone your skills.
  • Programs like the Keycellator and Chordinator will help you improve your performance and playing ability
  • Has a reliable Email support. Email inquiries about the program are answered efficiently.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Try out Rocket Piano for 60 days. It’s risk-free!


  • Not any focus on learning how to “play by ear.”
  • Lack of interaction ability with instructors
  • No community forum or additional content added to members area

Buy Rocket Piano If…

  • You want to learn everything about playing piano from a “traditional” theory perspective
  • You want an all-encompassing course with tons of information in a variety of media formats
  • You’re a complete beginner that wants to get playing fast
  • You’re a novice player that can get around the keys, but need more traditional training
  • You don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars on a “hit-or-miss” private piano tutor

Try rocket piano Today RISK FREE for 60 Days!

What’s Included in the Program?

The Beginner’s Book

  • All about the piano – how it’s made up, it’s history
  • Proper finger technique
  • Basics of melody, harmony and rhythm
  • Song exercises

The Intermediate Book

  • Key Signatures + Time Signatures
  • Reading music
  • Dynamics and performance
  • Complex chords and rhythms

The Advanced Book

  • Songwriting + improvising
  • Advanced sight reading, techniques and skills
  • Transposing music
  • Advanced chord/key relationships

The Jazz Book

  • History and qualities of Jazz music
  • Rhythmic movements in Jazz
  • Common Jazz chords
  • How to play Jazz songs and deconstruct them

The Gospel, Spiritual and Hymns Book

  • History and fundamental theory of Spiritual music
  • Pentatonic and Blues scales
  • Performance in Church

Jam Tracks and Quizzes

Rocket Piano includes several “jam tracks” that can be used as backing to play piano on top of. There are also quizzes that will help solidify your understanding of the concepts presented in the course.

Additional Content

  • 133 Sound Files
  • 57 Video Lessons
  • 3 Learning Games

Rocket Piano Bonuses

  • Metronome App
  • Jayde Musica Pro (help with learning how to sight read music easily)
  • Chordinator App (help with learning how to read chords on sheet music)
  • Advanced Learning Techniques eBook
  • “Perfect Your Pitch” ear training program

More About Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano is a mostly eBook-based piano tutorial that has helped hundreds of beginner and intermediate piano players perfect their craft. It does include video and audio lessons and exercises, but primarily you’ll be reading.

That’s not the best way for some people to learn, but it is definitely effective.

At Deviant Noise, we really prefer self-study courses to private tutors, especially when you’re first starting out on an instrument. We’ve reviewed many piano lessons, and can say Rocket Piano is a great program.

But it hasn’t been updated in a while.

That’s not the biggest deal in the world, because the information is no doubt timeless. But the materials and presentation does seem kind of dated.

Our favorite piano tutorial is Hear And Play’s beginner series but this program is great too. The only reason we prefer the other over Rocket Piano is that Hear And Play focuses on a “non-traditional” approach to learning how to play piano. They focus on the “number system” so you can play piano by ear, without having to know how to read sheet music.

But, overall, Rocket Piano will help you become a seasoned pianist regardless of your skill level. If you want to learn how to play the piano the traditional way we definitely recommend it.

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