The Beat Building Blocks Starter Kit


The Beat Building Blocks Starter Kit

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The Music Producer's Best Friend! These are Essential Musical Building Blocks That Make Producing Music Faster, Easier and More Fun.

See this product in action in the video below!


An essential collection of music patterns, loops, sounds, instruments and cheat-sheet’s that instantly make music production easier, faster and a lot more fun. You’ll go from struggling to finish 1 beat daily to bangin’ out 5 or more hits every single day!

The “Beat Building Blocks” Music Producer’s Starter Kit should be every beat-maker’s best friend.

See it in action in the video below!

NOTE: Beat Building Blocks is NOT a DAW or Beat Making Software – it is a set of tools compatible with any DAW or Beat Making Software option.

A “go-to” toolkit of musical building blocks, Producers can use the MPSK like a set of Lego’s to start a track, finish off a beat or build an entire instrumental using their favorite DAW and the Beat Building Blocks Starter Kit.

How it Can Help You:

Intended for music producers and beat makers of all skill levels – from beginners to pros – Beat Building Blocks will take you from making only 1 beat a day to churning out 5 or more daily like a hit-making factory!

And the more beats you have in your musical catalogue, the better chance you have at making more BEAT SALES and getting more BEAT PLACEMENTS.

What You Get in the Starter Kit

Here’s what you get in the Beat Building Blocks Music Producer’s Starter Kit:

  • Pre-Built, Fully Customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that pop into any beat making software with “drag-and-drop” ease.
  • Tons of melody, bassline, lead and other patterns that turn lifeless beats into ear-catching masterpieces.
  • Hundreds of Chord Progression variations that add beauty and movement to a basic beat (including the ONE MAGICAL Chord Progression that’s responsible for HUNDREDS of Chart-Topping, #1 HIT Songs within the last 20-30 years)
  • 150+ high quality, punchy and loud DRUM samples that can make ANY beat knock harder than before!
  • 150+ high quality Audio Drum Loops that add movement and a “live drummer” feeling to any beat
  • Drum and Groove templates in the style of your FAVORITE major producer that you can copy exactly as is to quickly and easily jump-start your music productions
  • 20 SUPER HIGH QUALITY Essential Sampled Instruments Every Producer Should Have! Pianos, Bells, Basses, Strings and Guitars
  • Music Production CHEAT SHEETS that let you build your own chords, chord progressions, melodies and more EFFORTLESSLY, without spending a ton of time finding the notes that sound good together.

It is the essential arsenal for any serious music producer, songwriter or beat maker.

Get your copy of the Deviant Noise “Beat Building Blocks” Music Producer’s Starter Kit today, and step your game up to another level!


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