Dollar Drum Squad Monthly Membership


Dollar Drum Squad Monthly Membership

$29.95 $1.00

A steady supply of brand new drum/instrument sounds, loops, presets, patterns and more – delivered to your email inbox EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Get a 10 Day Trial for Only $1


With the DOLLAR DRUM SQUAD from Deviant Noise, you’ll have a personal sound designer sending you new sounds, presets, patterns and more EVERY SINGLE WEEK, like clock-work.

If you join the Dollar Drum Squad today you’ll only pay $1 for your first week – that gets you INSTANT ACCESS to a new kit PLUS an additional kit Next Thursday. Test us out with minimal risk and see how we’ll set you up every week so that when inspiration strikes… you aren’t messing around trying to find or create new sounds for your beats.

Here’s what you get:

  • FAT Drum Sounds and Drum Loops that will Make Your Grooves KNOCK HARD
  • Catchy Melodic, Bass and Rhythmic Loops You Can Use to Spice Up Your Own Beats Royalty-Free, Forever!
  • Unique MIDI Patterns for Leads, Basses, Pianos, and More That Will Inspire Your Beat Making in New Ways
  • Insane Sounding Presets for Your Favorite VST Synths That Will Make The Catchiest Melodies Come to You With Ease (for Massive to Sylenth, Nexus to Serum and MORE)
  • Lush and Beautiful SAMPLED Kontakt Instruments You Won’t Find Anywhere Else – Improve your sonic palette with instrument sounds no one else has!
  • Exclusive Bonus Items Every Month JUST for Dollar Drum Squad Members – It’s Like It’s Christmas EVERY Thursday!

When you join now, you’ll pay JUST $1 for the first 10 days. That gets you instant access to a BRAND NEW kit today – AND on Thursday you’ll get another new kit to use ROYALTY-FREE, before you’re rebilled at the regular price of $29.95/month.

You read that right… Pay only $1 right now and get INSTANT ACCESS to a new sound kit, and then on Thursday we’ll send you another brand new set of drum and instrument sounds, presets, loops, patters and more to use in your music productions.

If you love it, do nothing and we’ll keep sending you new stuff you can use in your music, royalty-free, every single week. If you don’t love it, simply cancel before the 10th day and you won’t be re-billed at the regular monthly price.


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