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Last Updated: July 2019

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Want to know what the best online singing lessons are today?

In this full buyers guide we’ll go over the different options available right now and help you decide which one is best for your voice and vocal style!

The 5 Best Tutorials for Singers in 2019:

  1. Hear And Play's Vocal Mastery System (Top Pick!)
  2. Singorama
  3. 30 Day Singer
  4. Superior Singing Method
  5. Singing Success

When it comes to training for singers and vocalists, there are just so many options.

Learning how to sing is something that you’ll work on for your whole life – always trying to get better.

Vocal training will be a huge part of that.

Before we give you our overall recommendations, we’ll give you an overview of the best courses for singers on the internet to help you decide which one will work best for you.

Quick Comparison Chart


HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery


30 Day Singer

Superior Singing Method

Singing Success

Price$125 USD$97.99 - $299.95$29.95/month$97$30 - $197
Biggest Advantage365 Day Money Back GuaranteeGreat General ProgramGet Trained in Proper Technique FASTCheapest Full PriceThe Vocal Coach Behind the Program
Biggest DisadvantageAudio OnlyOnly 60 Day Refund PolicyMonthly SubscriptionDry, Boring Teaching StyleMonthly Subscription
Try it Today!Try it Today!Try It Today!Read MoreRead More

Our Top Recommendation

The Best Singing Course

#1 – HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System


  • Total Cost: $135
    • Paid in 3 Monthly Payments of $45


  • A comprehensive training program that covers everything
    • Vocal + breathing exercises for better tone, pitch, control and more
    • Vocal modes, scales, dynamics, riffs, runs, arpeggios, and more
  • Taught in an energetic, exciting way
  • Perfect for singers in ANY genre of music
    • But it’s the only vocal program that is ideal for R&B/Soul singers
  • Offers 3 months of FREE subscription to “Monthly Music Mentor” program + other bonuses
  • Choose from either digital download (instant access) or physical CDs (shipped to you)
  • 365 DAY Cash-Back Guarantee (A Full Year to Try It!)


  • Higher priced than some options
  • Main vocal program is audio only – no video (though, you don’t need video for this program)
  • Program is intended for Gospel/Worship musicians (but the exercises/lessons are applicable for ALL genres of music)
  • Customers outside of North America will be obligated to make an overseas call for a purchase
  • Comprehensive 10-part program is a lot of stuff to go through (but it’s a COMPLETE mastery system)

Check out our Full HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery Review

More About This Vocal Training Program

Hear and Play Vocal MasteryIn my opinion, HearAndPlay’s products are all amazing, and I love their Vocal Master System. I was a piano novice when I first heard of them.

I tried their program, and I was glad I did.

Their method of teaching is incomparable to others. They had broken down the basic concepts into clear and very comprehensive teaching styles, avoiding confusing technical terms that may be difficult to understand.

I mess with HearAndPlay HEAVY.

And this 10 Part Vocal Mastery program is an outstanding product.

The course comprehensively explains different aspects of harnessing and mastering singing in a soulful style. Vocal Mastery covers the fundamentals, but you will also learn advanced stuff such as riffs, runs, and more.

Even experienced singers are likely to pick up new tricks from the program.

Just bear in mind that HearAndPlay is very much a Gospel oriented company – this fact sometimes throws some people off.

It was weird to me at first, too. But I wanted to learn R&B/Soul singing so it was perfect for me

However, this does not mean that they only teach Gospel songs, so don’t run away scared now.

You will learn how to develop a full, powerful, and soulful voice through the HearAndPlay system regardless of what music genre/style you sing.

I also highly recommend this product because of my previous experiences with the company. I REALLY like all of their products and have purchase multiple ones myself.

Here’s a quick video from one of the vocal coaches featured in Vocal Mastery:

Singing Lesson Video Tutorials

Runner Ups

Two More Great Choices



  • $97 for Digital Download, or
  • $299.95 for the Physical Product


  • Great program full of exercises and tips
  • Includes a corrective Special Software to aid you in improving your singing voice.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • A great tool for mastering the fundamentals of singing
  • Created by acclaimed singing instructor Emily Mander (no longer with company)

Click Here To Try Singorama RISK-FREE For 60 Days


  • Only a 60 day money back guarantee (HearAndPlay is a full year)
  • Other singing lessons are more comprehensive
  • Does not offer any easy payment plan

Check out our Full Review of Singorama

Here’s a quick video from Singorama:

Vocal Training Videos

More About This Singing Lesson

This singing program is very fitting for various types of singers, beginners and professionals alike.

It has also gained some widespread popularity on the internet. Learning the whole course may take some time, but as you finish the course, the fruits of your labor will be very rewarding.

The course covers every basic aspect of singing. It also includes different vocal warm-ups and exercises.

Singorama could have been a great course all-in-all except for it being totally software based, meaning all your training will only be available through your computer.

30 Day Singer


  • $29.95 / month OR
  • $129 / year (best value)


  • The perfect program for absolute beginners and people who think they can’t sing at all
  • Good for singers with “natural talent” who haven’t been properly trained yet
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Amazing for mastering the fundamentals of singing
  • “Singing in the Style of” section to help you learn the style of your favorite pop singers

Click Here To Try 30 Day Singer FREE For 14 Days


  • Monthly/yearly subscription payment instead of “one-time”
  • Needs more genre/style specific lessons
  • Higher priced overall than other options

Read Our Full Review of 30 Day Singer

Here’s a Video Walkthrough of the Members Area


More About This Vocal Program

When I first heard about the program, I was skeptical because of it’s name. “30 Day Singer” sounds gimmicky, and it makes me turn away from things.

But when we were contacted to check out the program, we got access and were pleasently surprised. It’s not really a gimmick. They’re not claiming to turn you into Ariana Grande in 30 days.

BUT you will learn all the fundamentals of proper singing technique in those 30 days (if you practice). The idea behind the program is that it will bring you up to speed (to the “starting point” of really being a pro singer) QUICKLY.

By the end of the 30 days you’ll know how to sing PROPERLY and have a better voice, guaranteed or your money back. That’s why it’s absolutely perfect for beginners.

Other Notable Vocal Lessons Online

Superior Singing Method


  • One-Time Payment of $97, or
  • Three Payments of $39.95


  • Reasonable price with a 60 Day Cash- Back Guarantee
  • Unique vocal exercises that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Special bonuses worth $119


  • The vocal exercises may seem weird at first, but they will work for you!
  • Very dry teaching style – easy to get bored or frustrated
  • You may be obligated to review previous videos more than once to “get it.”

Read Our Full Superior Singing Method Review

Additional Info

Superior Singing MethodIf you want lessons that will help you to learn how to sing better this is a great online vocal program to choose.

It’s an all around program that focuses on your vocal pitch, intensity, frequency and much more. The Superior Singing Method is a good program but it’s a bit boring.

The videos are lacking in production quality and a bit dry. The presentation/teaching style is also very dry.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced singer, it will help you become an even better vocalist. The online course videos in SSM offer tons of theory and practical exercises that are suitable for any age and gender. It also offers supplemental worksheets to help you stay on top of your game.

Aside from the exercises and worksheets, the great thing about the training program is that you some nice bonuses.

We do recommend this product if you’re looking for something that’s very affordable. To see if this program will work best for you, consult our in-depth review of SSM before buying.

Singing Success 360 by Brett Manning


  • VIP All-Access Pass – $197/month or
  • Gold Membership – $97/month, or
  • Singing Success 360 Standalone – $30/month


  • Developed by Keith Urban and Taylor Swift’s Coach
  • Different high-level perks based on membership level


  • Monthly payments last forever, otherwise you’ll lose access

Check Out Our Full Singing Success Review

Additional Info

Singing Success 360First off – this is an expensive program, especially with the monthly payments. But this is a great program developed by Brett Manning, nonetheless. Singers such as Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams of the band Paramore are among those who were trained by renowned coach Brett Manning.

Singing Success used to be a one-time payment available as a digital download or CD version, but recently they switched to monthly subscriptions.

For an online singing tutorial, the quality is very high. Brett Manning’s lessons are crisp and clear. Moreover, he covers every area thoroughly.

You can view the singing lessons online from anywhere, but the biggest problem with SS360 is that you have to spend a pretty penny to get EVERYTHING (like the mix voice and harmony lessons).

The program is great – though some people also say that some of Brett’s older exercises gave them nodes (a bad thing).

However, despite the past and the high price, if you can afford it, try it out. They’ll definitely help you sing better – Brett’s track record is pretty great.

Based on price and quality, however, we prefer Hear And Play Vocal Mastery.

Our Overall Recommendation

What's Best for You

Here at Deviant Noise, we prefer 2 of the 4 singing lessons mentioned above. But that’s not to say the other two suck. The programs listed above ALL work well to help you sing better.

But our favorites are HearAndPlay's Vocal Mastery and Singorama.

We like Singorama because of their exclusive exercises and lessons and Vocal Mastery because of the way HearAndPlay approaches teaching.

As for Singing Success, I can’t really justify a monthly payment. And if I stop paying, I still want access to the lessons I’ve paid for. I’m not a huge fan of the subscription.

As for Superior Singing Method, it’s good but the presentation style is dry. The other two we like are GREAT.

But the great thing about most of the lessons above is that they offer money-back guarantees, so you can try them all if you really want.

Either way, if you pick one of the four singing programs we mention above, you won’t go wrong. You WILL improve your voice.

Why Try Online Vocal Training?

If you’re still reading this, I guess you are serious about starting a singing career.

That’s great!

Most people dream of being a singer, but they don’t have the willingness nor the know-how. Most people don’t know the price of their dreams. But you are unlike them, aren’t you?

Whether you’re playing guitar, taking piano lessons or learning how to make beats – you need TRAINING. You need to constantly improve your skills and talent.

That’s why online lessons are so critical to your success.

Not many people know that even the greatest singers in the music industry work with professional vocal coaches.

They constantly strive to put their skills to the test, it not only improves their skills, but it also opens them up to newer experiences.


A voice coach is not for everyone. Most often they…

  • Are costly
  • Will not meet you often enough (usually 3-4 times a month)
  • Will not meet you long enough (usually half hour per session)
  • May does not give you the proper attention that your voice needs

Yeah… I know, it sucks

Personal Experience With Singing Tutorials

Once I decided that I wanted to become a better singer, I didn’t know where to start. To rise above other singers in the field who are amazingly talented, I knew I had to improve my voice. How can I achieve this?

Could It Be Done For Free?

Just like everyone else, I started searching online for techniques on exercising my voice without having to pay anything. The web is full of information. All the answers to my questions are there, right? That’s not exactly true.

These are some of the things I came out with instead:

1. Articles that were not helpful. Most are just senseless and go nowhere.
2. Web sites that were of no help and didn’t have any significance when it came to singing advice.
3. People who say that they’re expert singing coaches but have no credentials and validity in the music industry.
4. Viruses!!! Downloading free online vocal course copies got me burned… Really hard

Daily Practice?

Practicing how to sing daily is just logical, right? Simply sing daily. Practice going higher and try out new songs. What’s so complicated about singing? It’s just something you can practice in the shower, right?

NO. It is not that simple, honey I felt like there was no improvement at all, and I was just so lost.

I had no idea what I was doing. I was totally clueless about the needed practices. I had no idea that vocal exercises should do to help me improve my singing.

Private / Personal Coach?

Private vocal coaching was not the road I wanted to go. I needed someone who can help me become a professional singer. You see, I live in a small and uneventful town (very unlike LA or New York). The local vocal coaches could not help me become a real singer.

Nope. I didn’t need a choir, teacher. I needed someone from the big leagues.

Then, Finally Came Game Changer

After going through numerous frustrating paths and going nowhere, I finally said to myself “what the heck, I’ll try these out” and got some singing tutorials available online.

I thought about going for Berklee’s full vocal course or some other expensive programs, but I just could not afford it.
I opted for the less expensive lessons instead. Surprisingly, a few options turned up very adequate. They were well-suited for my situation.

I’ve written down some of these in the reviews above. But if you want to learn how to sing better fast and affordably, online singing lessons are your best bet.

It’s Your Turn

That’s all I could say about that. Those mentioned above are some of my absolute favorite online singing lessons. They have something to offer both for novice and experienced singers alike. Check out all the options first, and then make your choice. All of the options are very good, all you have to choose is the program with the learning method that works for you.

These courses are great and will take you to new levels you never thought you could reach. You will be surprised with the progress you’ll make. I highly recommend that you try out at least one course. If you are just like me, get all the three online singing lessons recommended here and soak up every singing lesson you can solely for the passion of singing.

So now, it’s your turn. I’d like to hear anything you have in mind about these courses. Have you had any experiences with online singing lessons? Which of them helped you improve your singing voice? Share your thoughts, I am open for discussions and comments. I would love to hear about them!

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