The Best Online Singing Lessons (2023 Buyers Guide)

Find out what the top vocal training program will be for you to learn to sing online

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Last Updated: January 2023

Want to know what the best options for improving your singing are today? Here’s our take!

The Top 5 Vocal Lessons for Beginners:

  1. 30 Day Singer (Best Overall Program for Anyone)
  2. HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery (Best for “Soulful” Singing + Best Vocal Exercises)
  3. Singdaptive (Best for Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching)
  4. Singing Carrots (Best for Pitch Improvement)
  5. Singorama (Best if You Don’t Want a Monthly Subscription)

In this full singing course comparison and buyers guide we’ll help you decide which one is right for your voice and vocal style!

Online Singing Lessons

When it comes to training for singers and vocalists, there are just so many options. But in our opinion, these 4 digital singing lessons for beginners and intermediate vocalists are the best options for anyone looking to learn how to sing better.

Before we give you our overall course recommendations, here’s a quick overview of the best singing lessons online to help you decide which one will work for you.

Online Singing Lessons Quick Comparison Chart

30 Day SingerHearAndPlay Vocal MasterySingdaptiveSingingCarrotsSingorama
Overall Rating8/107.4/107.2/106.2/106/10
Ease of Use10/107/108/108/107/10
How Comprehensive9/108/106/105/108/10
Vocal Exercise Quality7/109/107/103/107/10
Standout Features7/103/108/107/103/10
Price$29.95 USD/month or $129 USD/year$39 USD One Time$25 USD or $99 USD (monthly)$9.75 CAD/month or $59.40 CAD/year$67 USD one-time (optional $27/month membership)
Who it’s Best For?Beginners who Sing in any Style/GenreAspiring Gospel/Soul/R&B SingersAnyone that needs personalized feedback/coachingSingers that need to improve their pitch or extend their rangeBeginners who don’t want a monthly subscription
Biggest AdvantageBest structure and easiest to use/navigate contentAffordability + Best Exercises IncludedBridges Gap Between Online Lessons and Private CoachingInteractive Game-Like ProgramMain program is a one-time payment
Biggest DisadvantageMonthly/yearly subscriptionAudio Files Only, No Community/FeedbackCan Get Expensive for Lots of CoachingPoor User Interface/GraphicsAudio Files Only, No Community/Feedback
#1 Best FeatureFully guided, no confusionThe vocal exercisesThe “exchanges” with your instructorPitch Training Tool60 Day Refund Policy
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    Overview of the Top Vocal Courses

    Read more about why we chose our favorites the way we did

    In this section we’ll dig deeper into why we made the choices we did for our overall singing course rankings.

    We look at a few different things, but mostly ease-of-use and the vocal exercises included. As far as features and “bells-and-whistles” go, there aren’t many in any of the lessons we reviewed.

    Key Decision Making Factors:

    Each in-depth look at our top online singing lessons below goes over the following information:

    1. Program Highlights
    2. Key Factors Summary
    3. The Good and The Bad
    4. Program vs. Competitors
    5. Who Should Use it and Who Shouldn’t
    • Ease of Use: Is getting started easy? Is the content structure and/or easy to navigate or are you left confused about what to do
    • Comprehensiveness: How comprehensive is the overall course? Are there gaps in the training? Are they short on content/exercises?
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: How good/unique are the vocal exercises included? Do they push your voice in a good way or are they basic and available everywhere else?
    • Affordability: How much does this cost over time? Is it over-priced for the content included or a big money commitment?
    • Standout Features: Is there anything that a particular option does BEST or better than everything else out there?

    Let’s look at the different options.

    Buyers Guide Quick Tips

    What to Look Out For + Consider When Making a Decision on Which Vocal Training is Best for You

    • Think about how you prefer to learn – are you independently dedicated and discplined or do you need a more hand-held approach?
    • Are you looking for the best vocal exercises a program has to offer or do you want a community or mentor feedback while you’re learning?
    • Only consider price if absolutely necessary – it’s much better to make your choice based on your intended goal/outcome for learning or preferred learning STYLE.
    • Are you interested in mostly singing a specific style/genre of music? Or are you looking for general advice on improving your singing voice?
    • All of the programs are effective at what they do, but remember – it requires YOUR work/effort over a long-ish period of time.
    • Every option has a free-ish trial or risk-free guarantee, so don’t be afraid to dive right in. Be sure you know the details of the trial/guarantee before committing! (Our #1 Course Choice!)

    Our Favorite Singing Program


    30 Day Singer is the best online singing lesson for beginners that we’ve come across.

    The name makes it seem like a gimmick, but the content is actually really great. The explanations of concepts are really clear and well put together. There are 2 “intro” courses – each containing 30 lessons (1 per day).

    After you’ve completed the basics, there are several more intermediate and advanced courses for you to really master your voice. All in all, it’s an easy to use/navigate program that is completely online, but also has downloadable vocal exercises for convenience.

    If you’re looking for the best singing lessons for beginners, this is an ideal course for you. It doesn’t matter what style you plan on singing in, the lessons here will help get the best out of your voice in general.

    Program Highlights:

    • Pricing: $29.95 / month OR $129 / year (best value)
    • Consists of fully online video lessons
    • Includes downloadable media (vocal exercises)
    • Separate learning tracks for male and female voices (same content, different instructors)
    • Free Trial Account Available (limited access to lessons)
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Key Factors:

    • Ease of Use: Very easy to navigate course website and fully-structured beginner’s lessons – no confusion/overwhelm
    • Comprehensiveness: Has a wide breadth of lessons – beginner fundamentals, in-the-style-of, advanced topics, tricks, etc. Also has additional help when needed.
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: Beginner exercises are very basic and found basically everywhere.
    • Affordability: It is the more expensive option – subscription based but regularly updated with content.
    • Standout Features: Well-structured program, downloadable vocal exercises, “lesson history” keeps track of where you are in your learning, live-streams and private vocal lessons

    The Good:

    • Perfect program for absolute beginners or people who think they “can’t sing” or have a “bad voice.”
    • Great structured approach – no confusion about where to start or what to do next
    • Well-explained, well-thought-out lessons on fundamentals of singing
    • Downloadable vocal exercises makes practicing easier
    • Initial training content is not overwhelming – one short singing lesson w/ exercise per day
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • “In the Style of” lessons that focus on famous artists and how they sing (example: Ariana Grande, Rihanna, etc)
    • Regular live-streamed masterclasses
    • Ability to book “live lesson” with the instructors (extra cost)
    • Community forum and regularly updated blog

    Click Here To Try 30 Day Singer FREE For 14 Days

    The Bad:

    • Monthly/yearly subscription payment instead of “one-time”
    • Needs more genre/style specific lessons
    • Higher priced overall than other options
    • Vocal exercises in initial training are very basic, widely used/available
    • Lacks a formal “practice plan” to help structure regular practice

    Read Our Full Review of 30 Day Singer

    More About This Vocal Program

    When I first heard about these online singing classes, I was skeptical because of it’s name. “30 Day Singer” sounds gimmicky, and gimmicky stuff usually makes me cringe. But when we were contacted to check out the program, we got access and were pleasantly surprised. It’s not really a gimmick.

    They’re not claiming to turn you into Ariana Grande in 30 days. The idea behind the program is that it will bring you up to speed (to the “starting point” of really being a pro singer) QUICKLY. There are 2 levels to the beginner programs. Each contains 30 separate lessons, meant to be done one per day – hence the name “30 Day Singer.”

    By the end of the 60 days (finishing both beginner levels of the program) you’ll know how to sing PROPERLY and you will have a better voice. That’s why it’s absolutely perfect for beginners and it’s why it’s our NUMBER 1 CHOICE!

    What Sets 30 Day Singer Apart from Competitors?

    The best thing about 30 Day Singer is the easy-to-follow structure contained in the program, combined with a really easy to navigate members area.

    A lot of times, online lessons are so huge and comprehensive (think JamPlay or GuitarTricks) that it can leave you overwhelmed and unsure where to start or what to do. That’s not the case here – you know exactly what to do and where to go. And the course website keeps track of your progress in “Lesson History,” so you can jump right back into where you left off.

    It’s also the newest vocal program we’ve reviewed here, meaning it’s still healthily updated and you can get in touch with support easily. That isn’t always the case with older programs like “Singing Success,” “Superior Singing Method” or “Singorama.” Beyond that, they also offer an online vocal coach (extra fee) when you need some personalized attention.

    Who Should Use It?

    It’d be easy to say absolutely everyone interested in singing should try 30 Day Singer, as it’s one of the best vocal programs online. But in reality it’s the best option for beginners, regardless of gender or singing style. If you just want an easy, structured way to improve your singing voice, you won’t go wrong with this program.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to sing Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, R&B or anything else, the lessons will help you improve your voice and vocal technique over-all.

    And whether you are male or female, there are singing instructors that will match your voice type.

    Click Here To Try RISK-FREE For 30 Days

    Who Shouldn’t Use It?

    There isn’t really anyone that won’t benefit from 30 Day Singer, unless you’re already a pro. There are a wide variety of lessons that will help you improve your vocal chops.

    Having said that, if you more intermediate or advanced with your vocal technique, there may be nothing new here for you. It may make sense to just take up the 14-day trial account to preview lessons and see if there’s anything in the “Advanced Lessons” section that piques your interest.

    However, if you are a Gospel/R&B/Soul singer, then we do not recommend this course unless you’re an ABSOLUTE beginner. If you already have a foundation (the basics) in singing correctly, the program below (Vocal Mastery) is a better choice for you. We’ll explain why below.

    All in all, 30DaySinger is the best choice for most people wanting to improve their vocals fast, without guessing much about what to do or focus on.

    HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery (Our Favorite Pick!)

    Vocal Mastery


    Vocal Mastery by HearAndPlay is hands-down my personal favorite singing course. I’m biased as a fan of the company’s other products, but I absolutely love this program too. It’s not as well-known or well-publicized as other options, but it’s a powerful lesson set.

    The company focuses on Jazz and Gospel more generally, so they’re the PERFECT choice for singers who want to sing soulfully in the tradition of Black music.

    The included content is really high level, the singing exercises are challenging (plus unique and surprising in some cases) and it focuses on several important areas of a really emotionally compelling performance – stuff like runs, riffs and stylization.

    But complete beginners might stumble a bit with the structure of the lessons and the level of the exercises – plus it’s not as hand-held as other course options. Vocal Mastery is more suited towards intermediate singers who REALLY want to level up their voice, instead of beginners who are looking to get a solid handle on their voice and technique.

    Program Highlights:

    • Pricing: $39 USD one-time payment
    • Consists of AUDIO-only lessons (no video)
    • Ripped from original program of 10 CDs, into downloadable MP3 files
    • Geared towards intermediate singers who want a soulful voice
    • Taught by female vocal coach, but highly applicable to males as well
    • Includes some bonus content but no “bells-and-whistles” extras

    Key Factors:

    • Ease of Use: Easy to follow generally, but a couple of exercises aren’t explained fully. Program has structure, but no hand-holding and minimal focus on basics.
    • Comprehensiveness: Not a wide focus on every aspect of beginner-to-pro singing, but a deep focus on intermediate and advanced technique to really help a novice singer’s voice shine.
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: Some of the best vocal exercises I’ve come across – challenging, fun and unique ones you don’t see everywhere.
    • Affordability: It is the absolute MOST AFFORDABLE option – low price, but it is literally a bunch of downloadable audio files. That’s it.
    • Standout Features: The vocal exercises themselves are the standout feature of this program. No, extras or bells-and-whistles, but GREAT content.

    The Good:

    • Covers a fair amount of the spectrum of topics related to singing better (fundamentals + advanced concepts)
    • Taught in an energetic, exciting way by a vocal coach with a fantastic voice
    • Fully downloadable program, accessible anywhere on any device.
    • Lessons come as both single files of entire lesson, and files broken down by concept/exercise as well.
    • Offers a unique approach/method to improving the voice, as opposed to other singing lesson options that all do the same things
    • Bonus content included: Professional Vocal Runs + Piano By Ear Intro
    • VERY affordable
    • You hit the ground running (no wasting time) and YOU WILL feel challenged by the course exercises from the get-go.

    Click Here to Try VOCAL MASTERY Today!

    The Bad:

    • Literally just a bunch of audio files – nothing else.
    • No video to showcase techniques presented in the lessons
    • There’s lots of content to dig into, but you’ll spend a lot of time mastering each piece – this is a medium- to long-term pursuit.
    • At a couple of points, they just jump into a vocal exercise without fully explaining what to do. Left trying to figure it out (doesn’t happen a lot)
    • No community/instructor feedback available – no way to ask questions.

    Check out our Full HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery Review

    More About This Vocal Training Course

    Hear And Play

    Because this program is better-suited to novice/intermediate singers, we still recommend 30DaySinger to complete beginners.

    But regardless of your skill level, if you’re specifically trying to sing R&B, Soul, Gospel, Blues or Jazz definitely pick up Vocal Mastery – it’s the best for that.

    This 10-part program is an outstanding singing product. The course comprehensively explains different aspects of harnessing and mastering singing in a soulful style.

    The Vocal Mastery course also covers the fundamentals, but it’s more focused on honing your voice and really mastering pro technique.

    What Sets Vocal Mastery Apart from Competitors?

    Vocal Mastery is really a unique set of singing lessons in the marketplace, and not just because it’s audio-only (i.e. old school). Firstly it’s the only program I’ve come across that has a real intrinsic focus on soulful singing. And that’s huge to me – all singing can be great, but when you have soul you have something truly special.

    Beyond that, it’s got vocal exercises that are truly unique to this program and helps develop your voice in a way other programs don’t. A simple example is the Halleluja exercise that trains your fast breathing ability.

    Beyond that, it’s not overly concerned with basics of singing better, but more focused on really leveling up your voice. Even experienced singers are likely to pick up new tricks from the program.

    Who Should Use It?

    It’s great for anyone, including beginners, but people with a solid grasp of the basics of singing will benefit from this program more immediately. Even more, aspiring R&B, Soul/Neo-Soul, Blues, Jazz, and Gospel singers will get the most out of this singing training program.

    But, honestly, you don’t need to sing in those genres to benefit from the program. Regardless of what genre you sing, your voice will get trained in a unique way that just adds a lot to it. It will help you with strength, stylization and ear-candy in your singing.

    Who Shouldn’t Use It?

    If you’re a complete beginner who hasn’t done any singing work at all, then it’s probably better to steer clear from Vocal Master for now. Something like 30 Day Singer is a better choice since it’s very guided and hand-held. It’s also got additional resources if you need to ask questions or get feedback.

    Beyond that, if you’re not great at creating your own structure or having to figure some things out on your own, then it’s also not the best choice for you. Some exercises aren’t explained in-depth and there isn’t any video to help guide you.

    All-in-all, you will learn how to improve your vocal range and breath control while developing a full, powerful, and soulful voice through the HearAndPlay system – regardless of what music genre/style you sing. It’s my favorite program for improving your singing voice

    Click Here to Try VOCAL MASTERY Risk-Free for 30 Days!




    Singdaptive is a great option that has more of a focus on private singing coaching – like seeing a real-life vocal coach, just digitally.

    They’re really trying to bridge the gap between taking singing lessons online and working with a personal vocal coach. And they do a pretty great job in how they implement this way of learning.

    They have a pre-recorded course lesson library with hundreds of lessons that your personal coach will refer you to as they help you improve your voice.

    The personalized coaching sessions are one thing, but you also get personalized “exchanges” where you send your instructor a video of yourself singing, and they offer direct feedback.

    It’s not structured like other online vocal courses, but is unique in how it helps people with their voice. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced vet, since it’s all 1-on-1 coaching the training meets you exactly where you’re currently at.

    Program Highlights:

    • Pricing: $25 USD/month (1 “exchange” + 1 coaching session) or $99 USD/month (3 “exchanges” + customized coaching)
    • Starts with determining your “learning path” via an online quiz
    • Exchanges allow you to submit video to your coach to get personalized singing feedback
    • Coaching is a live learning/practice session with your instructor/vocal coach
    • Course includes pre-recorded lessons and exercises, used in conjunction with your coaching/exchanges
    • No bonuses/extras included

    Key Factors:

    • Ease of Use: Well structured, and easy to know what to do next. You get hand-held feedback, and a personalized “learning path” to help guide you.
    • Comprehensiveness: Although the program has hundreds of video lessons, it’s not the main focus. And so it’s not a completely comprehensive set of lessons that cover everything you could possibly want to know.
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: Good, but basic/standard to any singing program. Personalized coaching may offer you something unique to your situation, though.
    • Affordability: Potentially the most expensive option if you’re looking for multiple feedback/coaching sessions per month.
    • Standout Features: The “exchanges.” Aside from your coaching session(s), you get to send your instructor video of your progress and they send you personalized recommendations on how/what to improve and what to really focus in on.

    The Good:

    • Bridges gap between online vocal lessons and private training very effectively
    • Not traditionally structured for “self-learning” but is still very guided/hand-held (personalized “learning path”)
    • Better option that others for that personalized feedback and help
    • Can be a more affordable option than a traditional local vocal coach/teacher
    • Much more flexible than a local vocal coach – scheduling sessions, getting feedback, etc.
    • Free trial available

    Click Here To Try Singdaptive Today!

    The Bad:

    • Can quickly become as expensive as seeing a local vocal coach or traditional singing teacher
    • Bridges the gap well, but still not as personal as an in-person vocal coach who can physically help your singing technique when needed
    • Pre-recorded lessons within the course section are not highly unique to other online singing training options
    • No forum/community for help and feedback, no bonuses/extras

    Check out our Full Review of Singdaptive

    What Sets Singdaptive Apart from Competitors?

    Although courses like 30 Day Singer have the ability to schedule paid feedback sessions with the instructors on the site, it’s main focus isn’t that personalized feedback. That’s not the case with Singdaptive.

    The entire purpose of the Singdaptive program is to provide vocalists with real, personal feedback and coaching on their singing. The way they’ve implemented this is pretty much as good as you can get when working digitally.

    And though the pricing to 30 Day Singer is similar, the main focus of Singdaptive is not on course content, but the 1 on 1 sessions to improve your singing.

    Who Should Use It?

    Anyone who wants the convenience and flexibility of online lessons, without sacrificing the personalized help and feedback that comes with a traditional singing teacher is going to LOVE singdaptive.

    It’s also a program that can be useful for entire range of aspiring singers – from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Everyone will find it helpful, because the coaches meet you where you’re at with your voice and provide direction for YOUR situation.

    Who Shouldn’t Use It?

    There aren’t many people whose singing wouldn’t benefit from the way Singdaptive works. But if you’re someone who is a very independent learner and doesn’t necessarily want the commitment involved with personalized coaching for your singing, you may want to steer clear.

    If you just want some video lessons that you can use to practice at your own pace with no looming course obligations, then this probably isn’t a good choice. Or if you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to send video back-and-forth because you hate hearing/seeing yourself sing, this program may get a bit uncomfortable for you (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

    All-in-all, if you want an option that gives you structured lessons with live coaching and personalized feedback all along your journey, Singdaptive is your best bet. They bridge the gap between online lessons and private tutoring very well.

    Singing Carrots


    Online Vocal Pitch Training Program

    SingingCarrots is a relatively unknown player in the field of singing training programs. But it’s a cool little tool that can actually help you improve your singing voice tangibly. Simply put, it’s a game-based approach to pitch training.

    The website features games/tools that help you improve your pitch and extend your vocal range, but also has some traditional video lessons as well.

    But the main area this singing program shines in is in the structure and gamification it brings to improving your pitch. I’m not going to say it’s the funnest thing in the world to do, but it does beat out singing into your phone while watching a vocal pitch monitor for 20 straight minutes.

    Based on the company’s own data, 15 minutes a day practicing with their games/tools leads to noticeable improvements in pitch and range when singing in as little as 3 weeks. That’s pretty dope.

    But if you’re looking for a structured set of video lessons to take you from start-to-end of singing technique, this “course” is NOT your best bet. It’s really only best as a game to improve your pitch and range. It has video lessons but is not a comprehensive training program like 30 Day Singer or Vocal Mastery.

    Program Highlights:

    • Pricing: $9.75 CAD/month or $59.40 CAD/year or $124.95 CAD for lifetime access
    • Starts with an analysis of your voice using computer microphone along with headphones
    • Vocal range and pitch accuracy tests help you determine where you are
    • You use the pitch training game for 15 minutes daily to help improve how well you hit notes
    • Helps you pick songs tailored to your voice
    • Includes pre-recorded video lessons and theory training courses

    Key Factors:

    • Ease of Use: Super simple to use and easy to figure out – well guided when you first start.
    • Comprehensiveness: Not comprehensive at all. Mostly a training game for improving pitch/range of your voice
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: Not applicable – I only found 3 actual vocal exercises in the training library
    • Affordability: Very affordable – lifetime access is cheaper than yearly access to other programs
    • Standout Features: Game-based pitch training tool + stats to monitor progress

    The Good

    • They’ve turned practicing your pitch and extending your range into a game
    • Makes consistent pitch training easy to do
    • Completely web-based and accessible anywhere (mobile-friendly site)
    • No extra equipment required – uses computer/phone mic to operate
    • Very affordable way to get tangibly better
    • Only takes 15 minutes a day over 3-4 weeks to improve (data-backed claim)
    • Statistics help keep track of your training and show you how much you’ve improved

    Click Here To Try Singing Carrots Today to Improve Your Pitch FAST!

    The Bad

    • Site design and interface is meh
    • Video lessons are scattered, no cohesion
    • Singing “theory” training is quite generic
    • Not a comprehensive online singing lessons platform

    What Sets Singing Carrots Apart From Competitors

    Simply put, this is not an average online vocal course like all the rest – it’s a TOOL (and a game) you can use to actually improve the sound of your voice in a structured way. Although the traditional theory and video lessons are a bit lacking, they’re not the main purpose of Singing Carrots. They’re there if you need them, but this goes beyond that.

    It’s an actual practice tool that, if used correctly, WILL improve your singing voice. It helps you train your pitch and extend your range. It’s one of the only solutions I’ve come across that does that. And it does it in a pretty cool way. I’ve used other ear training “games” before and they’re very useful. And this one is similar to those, but for your vocal pitch accuracy.

    Who Should Use It

    Anyone who sings and wants to legitimately improve their singing voice. Pitch is extremely important when singing and having an accurate pitch when you sing is one of the sticking points in most singers’ lives.

    So if you’re a singer, this is a really great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you’re just starting out. But even if you’re experienced and have been singing for a while, there’s a high chance you could benefit from pitch training. And Singing Carrots makes it pretty easy to do.

    Who Shouldn’t Use It

    But it’s not a traditional course. If you’re looking for a traditional set of singing lessons that take you from A to Z, this isn’t that. Although it has lessons on theory and videos that’s not the advantage of it.

    But having said that, I still don’t think there’s anyone out there who SHOULDN’T use it. Even if you decide to go the route of 30 Day Singer or Vocal Mastery, this tool can STILL help you improve your voice faster.

    Bottom line, if you sing you could benefit from this software/website.

    Singorama Singing Training



    Singorama is one of the older programs for learning to sing better out there. It’s been around for a while and was one of the first programs we reviewed. A few years ago, the original creator of the program left the company and singer/vocal coach Melanie Alexander took over.

    The program is essentially the same with a few tweaks and updates. It’s also more affordable now. It’s a fairly generic set of singing lessons on first glance. It goes over all the areas you need to for any singing program. It’s structured in a guided way and contains several unique vocal exercises.

    And although the course comes with several bonuses (lessons and software) there’s isn’t anything so unique about it that we’d recommend it over something like 30 Day Singer. Singorama may be a one-time fee for the initial course, but they also have a subscription based option for more singing content for a short while. But the initial course itself is completely audio based, whereas 30 Day Singer is video based.

    But it IS still a good program to learn how to sing if that’s what you’re interested in. You have an entire, comprehensive singing lesson set that you only have to pay for once and you’ve got all the lessons and exercises for life. You also get the bonuses (which aren’t really anything crazy).

    Finally, with your purchase you get a free month of the monthly membership program to test it out. Be careful though, if you don’t cancel it you WILL be re-billed for it at the start of the second month.

    Program Highlights:

    • $67 USD one-time fee (Digital Download)
    • $27 USD/month inner-circle membership (optional)
    • 28 audio-based lessons in a fairly comprehensive course
    • Includes bonus singing warm-ups and vocal exercises as well as interval training
    • Comes with bonus software (recording w/ piano app + warm-up/improvement app)
    • Free month of “inner-circle” membership (WILL AUTOMATICALLY RE-BILL FOR $27 PER MONTH)

    Key Factors:

    • Ease of Use: Purely audio-based lessons, easy to follow and well structured
    • Comprehensiveness: Fully comprehensive course – fundamentals, exercises, advancement techniques, etc.
    • Vocal Exercise Quality: Pretty good – includes basic singing exercises and has some unique ones as well.
    • Affordability: Middle-tiered pricing – better than monthly subscription, but more expensive than other one-time option
    • Standout Features: Lots of bonuses included outside of the main course content

    The Good:

    • Comprehensive course with lots of bonus content
    • Includes apps to help you manage your singing training/practice
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Fairly affordable one-time payment as opposed to monthly subscription (has a subscription option)
    • Easy to follow course structure
    • Downloadable course content (mostly audio files)

    Click Here To Try Singorama RISK-FREE For 60 Days

    The Bad:

    • Purely audio based course, no video.
    • Bonuses are nice, but ultimately nothing to get really excited about
    • Automatically enrolled into monthly membership for 1-month free trial, but automatically re-bills you if you forget to cancel
    • Ends up being more expensive than one year of 30 Day Singer if you get the course AND do the 5-month inner circle membership

    What Sets Singorama Apart From Competitors?

    Honestly, not much. The biggest thing that sets this program apart is it’s 60 DAY money back guarantee. That can be pretty useful if you need some more time than a single month or a couple weeks to try out a program. But beyond that there isn’t much that differentiates this program from other singing lesson options. One other difference is the included bonus software which is nothing all that special. You could get by without those apps.

    And although it doesn’t really have a serious edge versus other singing lessons, it is still a good, comprehensive online training option for aspiring singers.

    Who Should Use It?

    Anyone that wants an entire GENERAL singing course but doesn’t want to keep paying a monthly subscription to access the lessons and exercises would find this a useful option.

    If you want a step-by-step, guided course that is comprehensive and aren’t bothered about it being audio only, you might want to buy Singorama. If you need a couple months to try it out, this is definitely your best bet.

    Who Shouldn’t Use It?

    If you want something that’s got more professionalism to it – design, support, video, etc. – then this isn’t a great option for your singing journey. Further, if all you’re looking for is a one-time payment option, we’d still recommend HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery instead of this. Although it’s a very soul-based course, it’s lessons and singing exercises will help ANYONE sing better, and it’s cheaper than Singorama.

    Check out our Full Review of Singorama

    Our Overall Recommendation

    Based on price and quality, we prefer 30 Day Singer or Hear And Play Vocal Mastery for anyone looking for comprehensive singing lessons online.

    But either way, a tool like Singing Carrots will help you tremendously, as well.

    If you feel like you’d need 1-on-1 help then Singdaptive is your best bet. Finally, if you want something comprehensive, that’s not tailored to “soulful” singing, and isn’t a monthly subscription Singorama may be a good choice for you.

    We like 30 Day Singer because of their exclusive exercises and lessons and well structured approach. We like the Vocal Mastery course because of the way HearAndPlay approaches teaching and it’s a better “R&B/Gospel/Soul” singing lesson set.

    The great thing about our top online voice lessons for beginners is that they offer money-back guarantees, so you can try them all if you really want. Either way, if you pick one of the four singing programs we mention above, you won’t go wrong.

    You WILL improve your voice. If you put in the work.

    Why Try Online Singing Classes?

    30 Day Singer Ad

    If you’re still reading this, I guess you are serious about starting a singing career.

    That’s great!

    Most people dream of being a singer, but they don’t have the willingness nor the know-how. Most people don’t know the price of their dreams.

    But you are unlike them, aren’t you?

    Whether you’re playing guitar, taking piano lessons or learning how to make beats – you need TRAINING.

    You need to constantly improve your singing skills and talent. That’s why online lessons and courses are so critical to your success.

    Not many people know that even the greatest singers in the music industry work with professional vocal coaches. They constantly strive to put their singing skills to the test.

    However… A voice coach is not for everyone.


    • Are costly
    • May not meet you often enough (usually 3-4 times a month)
    • May not meet you long enough (usually half hour per session)
    • May not give you the proper attention that your voice needs

    Personal Experience With Singing Tutorials

    Once I decided that I wanted to become a better singer, I didn’t know where to start. To rise above other singers in the field who are amazingly talented, I knew I had to improve my singing voice drastically.

    How could I achieve this?

    Could It Be Done For Free?

    Just like everyone else, I started searching online for singing techniques and courses on exercising my voice without having to pay anything.

    The web is full of information. All the answers to my questions are there, right?

    That’s not exactly true.

    These are some of the things I came out with instead:

    1. Articles that were not helpful. Most are just senseless and go nowhere.
    2. Web sites that were of no help and didn’t have any significance when it came to singing advice.
    3. People who say that they’re expert singing coaches but have no credentials and validity in the music industry.
    4. Viruses!!! Downloading free online vocal course copies got me burned… Really hard

    Daily Practice?

    Practicing how to sing daily is just logical, right? Simply sing daily. Practice singing higher and try out new songs. What’s so complicated about singing?

    It’s just something you can practice in the shower, right?

    NO. It is not that simple.

    I felt like there was no improvement at all, and I was just so lost. I had no idea what I was doing. I was totally clueless about the needed practices. I had no idea what vocal exercises should do to help me improve my singing.

    Private / Personal Coach?

    Private vocal coaching was not the road I wanted to go. I needed someone who can help me become a professional singer.

    You see, I live in a small and uneventful town (very unlike LA or New York). The local vocal coaches could not help me become a real singer.

    Nope. I didn’t need a choir teacher for my singing. I needed someone from the big leagues.

    Then, Finally Came Game Changer

    After going through numerous frustrating paths and going nowhere with my singing, I finally said to myself “what the heck, I’ll try these out” and got some singing tutorials available online.

    I thought about going for Berklee’s full vocal course or some other expensive programs, but I just could not afford it. I opted for the less expensive lessons instead.

    Surprisingly, a few options turned up as more than adequate course options. They were well-suited for my situation. I’ve written down some of these in the reviews above.

    But if you want to learn things like how to sing harmonies or how to strengthen your voice affordably, online voice lessons are your best bet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Online Singing Lessons Worth It?

    Absolutely, yes. Singing lessons are some of the most invaluable things you can invest in to improve your voice. There are lots of resources online for free, but nothing really compares to having a structured set of lessons and exercises to methodically take you through everything you need to know and do to be a better singer, with the option for personalized feedback. If you’re a singer of any skill level, you could benefit from some professional training.

    Are Singing Lessons Expensive?

    Getting training as a singer doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re going the private tutor/vocal coach route, then it can add up in cost very quickly. But there are several great online singing lessons that come at a fraction of the cost and offer much of the same benefits. Whether you choose expensive private lessons or inexpensive online lessons, training as a singer is absolutely worth it.

    Can Singing Lessons Help a Bad Singer and Make You Good?

    Yes singing lessons can absolutely help singers who have a “bad” voice. Usually a bad voice is related to bad technique, and there’s no better way to address issues with your technique than with structured training. Even people that think they have a “bad voice” can improve their singing drastically with the proper training.

    Can Singing Lessons Increase Your Range?

    Yes. Because you learn a lot about proper technique you are often able to effectively increase your vocal range after you take lessons. The training gives you a foundation in how to sing well, and gives you exercises and tips on improving every aspect of your singing, including your pitch and pitch range.

    How Many Singing Lessons Do I Need?

    There isn’t a set number of lessons you need to take to see improvement. The better way to think about things is that pursuing a great voice is a lifelong things – you always want to be practicing and working on better technique. Even the most accomplished singers continue to train with lessons and coaches.

    How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

    The price of singing lessons depends on the type of lesson they are. A private vocal coach can cost anywhere from $100 per month for weekly lessons all the way up to several hundred dollars per month, depending on the teacher. On the other hand online singing lesson tend to cost anywhere from $20 per month (often cheaper if you pay yearly) up to $100 per month with the option of personalized feedback.

    What Age Should You Start Singing Lessons?

    It’s often beneficial to start training in early age – children pick things up much easier than adults. However, because lessons require focus and understanding, you should wait until your child reaches an age where they are able to listen, comprehend and follow instruction from someone. This age can vary by child.

    Can You Take Singing Lessons at Any Age?

    Yes, absolutely. You can take any type of training at any age. There are no limits. And regardless of what age you start your training, you CAN see significant improvements. The only thing that age really affects is how hard you have to work to pick things up. Adults and older adults often have a bit more trouble learning and internalizing new concepts, techniques and skills. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You just have to put in a bit more effort than a child would, who could pick new things up much more readily and naturally.

    How Long do Singing Lessons Take to Work?

    It doesn’t have to take a long time for you to notice improvement in your voice. When you take singing lessons, the most important thing to do is consistently practice the tools and techniques you learn. The most you practice the faster you will start to notice improvements in your voice. If you’re diligent with practicing your singing daily, you’ll likely notice a better singing voice within a few weeks to a month of work.

    What Do Singing Lessons Teach You?

    A good training program for singers will help you understand several important things. They will teach you about proper technique, which is of utmost importance. Most people have bad technique and bad technique leads to bad singing. Good lessons will also show you vocal exercises that can help to train and improve your voice. Often you’ll also learn specific songs and tips on how to improve your performance.

    Final Thoughts

    Did you know, taking singing lessons makes you a better person!?

    If you’re serious about making your singing voice better, you should get a set of structured lessons. Check out all the course options first, and then make your choice.

    All of the options are very good courses, all you have to choose is the program with the learning method that works for you and your singing. These courses are great and will take you to new levels you never thought you could reach.

    And that’s it y’all – our full comparison buyers guide on the best online singing lessons around. We hope you enjoyed it!

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