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In this 30 Day Singer review we’ll get into everything you need to know to make a decision on whether or not it’s right for you. We’ll go over features, lessons, exercises, costs, and the platform itself.

I’ll also share my personal experience using the course to improve my voice.

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Let’s get right into it.


8/10 Stars Overall

Key Decision Making Factors

  • Ease of Use – 10/10 – clean interface, well designed. Hand-held guided intro courses. Low daily time commitment
  • Comprehensiveness – 9/10 – from beginner to intermediate and advanced/specialization lessons + regular updates + masterclasses. It’s all you need.
  • Vocal Exercise Quality – 7/10 – introductory lessons feature basic exercises you’d find everywhere, even free lessons
  • Affordability – 7/10 – 30 Day Singer price is not the cheapest option, SUBSCRIPTION only + coaching can get expensive over time
  • Standout Features – 7/10 – “lesson history” keeps track of where you are, downloadable vocal exercises, regularly live-streamed masterclasses

Quick Review of 30 Day Singer:

At first glance – based on the name alone – I thought it was a cheap gimmick.

But after going through the course material I think this is the best singing lesson choice for most singers.

It is a very well structured set of singing lessons – the best laid out program I’ve seen – and guides you in a hand-held way.

There are 2 sets of introductory courses, each with 30 separate daily lessons (hence the name 30 Day Singer).

Then there are a bunch of additional specialization courses, a community/forum section, blog and the option for one-on-one coaching for an additional fee.


Should You Subscribe: If you’re a beginner or just starting out, YES absolutely subscribe. But if you know you want to sing R&B/Soul/Gospel/etc. then HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery is your best bet – but it’s not as hand-held or guided so absolute beginners would be better off starting with 30 Day Singer first.

More About the Program

30 Day Singer Logo

This singing course was created by the team behind the GuitarTricks online lessons platform. And we’re big fans of them.

This newer program on the market goes over all the essential things an aspiring singer needs to know within the first 30 days (quicker, actually – you can easily do multiple lessons in one sitting without getting overwhelmed) – so it’s a quick-learn system that’s easy to navigate and go through.

If you do decide to only do one lesson a day, you have a VERY small time commitment – 10-15 minutes daily, which makes it ideal for anyone that’s felt too busy to learn a new skill.

But here’s something other reviews may not answer.

Will you sing like Beyonce or Adele (i.e. like a PRO) in 30 days?

No. But you will be a better singer than sings correctly in 30 days. And that’s the bare-minimum starting point on your vocal journey.

Once you’re up to speed there’s a lot more content to help you master you voice and sing like a pro. Between blog posts, the community, and regular live-streams, it’s being consistently updated.

That makes the subscription model make more sense, which is definitely a disadvantage. Other courses have a finite end point. This one doesn’t. But, you gotta pay for it.

The best part of the program is that they also have a “signature style” section where they cover the specific vocal styles of famous singers out there – think Rihanna, Ariana, Adele, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

All-in-all it’s our go-to recommendation for a solid set of singing lessons + instruction for anyone who really wants to improve their voice quickly.

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30 Day Singer Cost:

So how much does 30 day singer cost, exactly?

  • FREE ACCOUNT – Preview the program/lessons
  • USD $29.95/month OR
  • USD $129/year (best value)

Program Overview:

  • Beginners Lessons (30 days of lessons that get you singing right, fast)
  • Advanced Lessons (Performance, Runs, Famous Styles, etc)
  • Specialized Technique Lessons (Phrasing, Vibrato, Pitch, Tone, etc)
  • Warm Ups + Exercises (sets of exercises and warm-ups for performance and daily practice)
  • “Live” personal lessons (one-on-on w/ instructors – *additional fee)
  • Community Forum w/ Instructor feedback


  1. Very clean interface/membership area is easy to navigate (no guess work of what to do first/next) – perfect for beginners
  2. Comprehensive set of lessons – everything you need to master great vocal technique
  3. Downloadable vocal exercises for easy use wherever, whenever
  4. 30 day money back guarantee
  5. “One-on-One” lessons bridges gap between online training and a personal vocal coach
  6. Community forum for questions, collaboration, etc is a great addition
  7. Regularly live-streamed masterclasses
  8. Lessons to get you singing like your favorite male/female pop stars


  1. Monthly subscription membership – access removed once you cancel paid membership
  2. Not enough genre-specific lessons
  3. 30 Day Singer price is higher than other competitors
  4. Some of the exercises are pretty boring/basic – available anywhere
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Who 30DaySinger is Best For:

  • Complete beginners, brand new to singing, who want a structured way to get from A -> Z
  • Experienced singers who want to focus on perfecting their vocal technique
  • Aspiring singers who want the flexibility of online lessons with the option to get 1-on-1 feedback/coaching
  • Anyone who struggle with pitch, tone, breath, control, power, riffs/runs or hitting high notes without strain
  • Anyone who wants to extend their vocal range
  • Singers who want to learn how to sing like their favorite pop stars

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How it Stacks Up to Competitors

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to singing lessons, so here’s a couple quick comparisons of 30 Day Singer when pit against some competitors in the market.

30DaySinger vs. Singorama

In my opinion 30 Day Singer is a much better option than Singorama, though Singorama’s main program is a cheaper option and only a one-time payment.

There are two main differences between the programs: the cost (described above) and the lesson media. 30 Day Singer is based on video lessons, which are always better than audio-only options like Singorama. Singorama also doesn’t come with updates, a blog, a community/forum or live-streams.

But if you’re really thrown off by the monthly/yearly subscription of 30Day, Singorama may be a good option.

30 Day Singer vs. Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method used to be our go-to lesson recommendation for singers, but they’ve fallen off HARD. Their customer support is virtually non-existent, and the content was pretty dated last I checked.

Although it was a good program back in the day, it’s definitely not the best option today. They also had some shady re-bill practices in their sales funnel.

Bottom line, DON’T go with Superior Singing Method.

What’s Included and How It All Works

In this section, we’ll go over what’s included in the 30DaySinger program, including lessons and additional content you get when you sign-up for a membership

The Main Training Modules:

You get to choose which instructor you want to work with for the main lessons included in the program – a male singer or a female singer.

30DaySinger has 2 main training modules that consist of 30 days worth of lessons each. (Note: most lessons are short and you can easily do multiple lessons in a single day).

Here’s how the lessons break down:

Screenshot of 30DaySinger Homepage

“Level 1” Course:

The first 30 days worth of lessons:

  • Day 1: Welcome
  • Day 2: Quick Warm-Up Routine
  • Day 3: Getting the Most Out of the Course
  • Day 4: Healthy Vocal Technique
  • Day 5: All About Posture
  • Day 6: Breathing for Singing
  • Day 7: Vocal Anatomy – Meet the Larynx
  • Day 8: Applying Warm Ups to Song Work
  • Day 9: Recap of Healthy Technique – Rest/Ear Training/Listening
  • Day 10: Cord Compression
  • Day 11: Chest Voice
  • Day 12: Head Voice
  • Day 13: Stretching Your Range
  • Day 14: Tone
  • Day 15: FAQ + Troubleshooting
  • Day 16: Recap of Growth
  • Day 17: Dynamics
  • Day 18: Belting
  • Day 19: Vocal Fry
  • Day 20: Falsetto
  • Day 21: Runs, Turns and Falls
  • Day 22: Vibrato
  • Day 23: Mix Voice
  • Day 24: Recap – Rest/Ear Training/Listening
  • Day 25: Song Analysis
  • Day 26: Phrasing and Style
  • Day 27: Confidence and Nerves
  • Day 28: Performance
  • Day 29: Growing as an Artist/Performer
  • Day 30: Wrap Up
30DaySinger Members Area Screenshot

“Level 2” Course:

The second 30 days worth of lessons:

  • Day 1: Welcome and What to Expect
  • Day 2: Pre-requisites to Mixing
  • Day 3: Mixing and Vowels
  • Day 4: Mixing for Loud Singers
  • Day 5: Mixing for Quiet Singers
  • Day 6: Developing Your Belt
  • Day 7: Strengthening Your Belt
  • Day 8: Rest Day+ New Song + Work Session
  • Day 9: Finding Your Vibrato
  • Day 10: Developing Your Vibrato
  • Day 11: Falls and Scoops
  • Day 12: 3 Note Riffs
  • Day 13: The Pop-Falsetto Flip
  • Day 14: Back Phrasing
  • Day 15: New Song + Work Session
  • Day 16: Singing the Major Scale
  • Day 17: Singing the Minor Scale
  • Day 18: Major and Minor Chords
  • Day 19: Harmonizing Part 1
  • Day 20: Harmonizing Part 2
  • Day 21: Building Your Own Harmony
  • Day 22: Cool Down Routine + Work Session
  • Day 23: Song Choice
  • Day 24: Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Day 25: Interpretation
  • Day 26: Memorization
  • Day 27: Rehearse and Record + Work Session
  • Day 28: Performance and Debrief + Work Session
  • Day 29: Artist Development
  • Day 30: Wrap Up
Video Lesson Screenshot

Advanced Courses:

  • How to Sing Like a Pop Star
  • Runs and Embellishments
  • Perform Like a Pro
  • Singing Styles of Your Favorite Male/Female Artists
  • Classical Singing
  • How to Sing Country
  • Intro to R&B
  • How to Sing in a Group (A Capella)
  • How to Gradually Sing Lower
  • How to Gradually Sing Higher
  • How to Belt
  • Christmas Songs
  • How to Sing Pop
  • How to Sing Any Song in Your Signature Style
  • Perform Like a Pro
  • How to Sing and Play Piano at the Same Time
  • How to Sing and Play Guitar/Ukulele at the Same Time

Tricks & Techniques Courses:

  • Key to Perfect Pitch and Intonation
  • Steps to Better Phrasing
  • Mastering Vibrato
  • Getting Better Tone
  • Healthy and Strong Belting
  • Finding Your Breath
  • Intro to Harmonizing
  • Breath Control Like a Pro
  • Pitch and Intonation
  • How to Sing Vibrato Pt. 2
  • Range Extension
  • All About Tone
  • Foundations of Vibrato Pt. 1 + 2
  • Singing Hacks to Make You Sound Like a Pro
  • How to Sing In Tune for Beginners Pt. 1 + 2
  • Head Voice and Falsetto for Male Singers
  • Vowel and Vowel Modification
  • Mixed Voice 101
  • Ear Training: Major/Minor Chords
  • Diminished/Augmented Chords
  • Major Scale Ear Training
  • Fixing Common Issues With Tone
  • Applying Vocal Exercises to Song Work
  • Rhythm for Beginners
  • Jazz Style for Beginners
  • Developing Each Vocal Register
  • Backing Vocals for Beginners
  • Easy Pentatonic Riffs
  • Seventh Chords
  • Sustaining Long Notes
  • Major Scale Riffs
  • Singing With Richer Tone for Low Voices
  • Daily Chest Voice Workout for Beginning Tenors and High Baritone

Warm-Ups and Vocal Health:

  • Daily Warm Up Routines
  • Performance Warm Ups
  • Daily Practice Routines
  • Daily Vocal Register Workouts
  • Avoiding Bad Technique
  • Removing Vocal Strain
  • Building Vocals AFTER Strain or Injury

Additional Content

In addition to the main content, there are at least a hundred previous live-stream masterclasses in the archive and new ones coming up all the time – the next one (at time of writing) is happening on August 1st 2022.

So you know you’re not going to be left stranded if you decide to go for a yearly subscription.

Here’s a quick look at some of the previous live-streams:

  • Style Breakdowns of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars and more.
  • Mariah Carey Christmas Riffs and Runs
  • Performance Prep
  • Ear Training
  • How to Tell You’re Singing In Tune
  • Pop Stylization
  • Running Out of Breath While Singing
  • How to Convey Emotion While Singing

There’s also a blog and forum section, but to be honest the forum isn’t as active as it could be.

Finally if you want one-on-one coaching, it ranges from $45 up to $150 depending on the instructor and how long of a coaching session you want.

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The Evolution of 30DaySinger.com Over Time

The great part about 30 Day Singer is that it’s constantly being updated with great content. Since the first time I wrote this overview of the program, the list of content/training above has grown substantially.

There weren’t even close to as many lessons back then, and yet I’d still recommend it because it was good quality. Now that quality has been mixed with quantity – there are just so many lessons that will keep you busy for a long time.

And that’s great to see.

But what’s better is that, not only have they added content, it seems they’ve also changed the core program and updated it to what they thought was a better way of doing things.

That tells me the company is interested in always improving. And that’s something one wants to see when deciding whether or not to subscribe to a platform.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the company takes things next.

Product Design and How it Affects Use

The website’s user experience is very good.

The interface is nothing crazy – it’s not especially pretty or eye-catching. But it is simple, clean and easy to use. And that’s what’s really important, even though nicer visuals always help.

When you first log in there is a main page with all of the main content areas easily accessible, with additional stuff in an ever-present sidebar on the left.

Member Dashboard Screenshot

If you’re confused about where to start (even though there’s a big green “Beginner Courses” button right in front of you), there’s a left menu button that literally hand-holds you along the way.

There’s also a pretty useful “Lesson History” section which keeps track of your training so you can quickly start right back at where you last left off.

There’s also an easy access “contact support” area if you need it. Some companies tend to hide their contact info deep in their site.

All in all, the website was really designed to be easy to use, understand and navigate. I wasn’t confused as to what was what or how to do something at all.

My Personal Experience

I’ll be honest – when I first heard of this program I rolled my eyes because it seemed “gimmicky.”

“Really? 30 Days?”

Since we are partnered with Guitar Tricks (the original makers of 30DaySinger.com) and have articles about them on this website a rep reached out to us here at DeviantNoise.com and asked us to take a look at this new program they were launching.

So I asked for access to the course to take a look around and do a full review. I logged in and… (thankfully) I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t a gimmick (well… it sort of was, but not exactly).

They weren’t claiming to turn you into Lady Gaga in 30 days. Instead, the idea behind the program is basically “hey if you want to improve your voice, we’ll get you singing correctly in 30 days.”

And that word “correctly” is important. Almost ALL beginners and novices (even ones with “great” natural voices) DON’T sing correctly. And so they never reach their full potential.

In my initial 30DaySinger review I realized it does a great job in making sure all singers get to the starting point (a well-rounded voice and vocal technique) within 30 days of video lessons.

From there, they can master the various skills and the “sexy” stuff that everyone wants to be able to do like runs and arpeggios.

And that’s the best part of this well-structured program for vocalists.

When I started using it, it was great – easy to use and navigate, plus the lessons were nice and short, allowing me to move faster than 30 days for the initial lessons.

Now I’ma be real – the early lessons, especially Level 1 lessons, are basic. They’re almost boring. But for a beginner they’re essential. After the first week or so, things start to pick up a little bit.

By the end of the first 30 lessons, you’ll have a solid foundation. The second set of lessons – Level 2 – is where some of the more fun stuff started for me.

30 Day Beginner Course Screenshot

Did it Make Me a Better Singer?

The short answer is: YES, it would’ve if I stuck with it.

My problem is because I like doing a lot of musical things – piano, bass, beat making, production, songwriting, singing, etc. – I’ve been really bad at consistently practicing.

My voice is decent, it just needs to be worked out and it’d be great.

And I know what they teach in 30 Day Singer is effective, if done consistently.

If you commit to it, this program absolutely WILL make you a better singer by improving your overall vocal technique.

With the types of lessons included in the entire program (both beginner and advanced sections) you will learn how to really control your voice and sing like a professional. Once you’ve got the basics on breathing, posture, tone, etc. you get into the fun stuff like runs and riffing, embellishments and more.

And that’s our entire look at the 30 Day Singer program. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about the product, and some final thoughts. If you’re looking for other options, you might be interested in our Singorama Review (read now).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 30 Day Singer Worth It and Does it Actually Work?

Yes, this program is worth the money if you’re willing to put in the work to watch the lessons and practice every day. The most important part of any program is how diligent you are with practice. But in terms of the content available in 30 Day Singer, it is definitely worth the price to learn all about singing better in a structured, easy to follow manner. But do not expect to sing like Ariana Grande in 30 days if you’re just a beginner. It will take time and lots of practice to really achieve a great voice.

How Does 30 Day Singer Work?

The program begins with 2 separate beginner sections which consist of 30 lessons each. You are meant to do 1 lesson per day (minimum). By the end of the first 30 days, you have a solid foundation in proper singing technique. The second 30 days improves that understanding with some more intermediate concepts. Once you’re done both of the beginner sections, you are able to break off into more specific topics that you’re interested in.

How Much Does 30 Day Singer Cost?

30 Day Singer is a program that has two subscription options – monthly at $29.99/month or $129/year. There is also the ability to create a free account and preview some of the lesson material to see how the whole thing works.

The Final Verdict

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this singing course – especially for beginners, people who want a structured way to improve their voice or singers with natural talent that haven’t been properly trained in good technique.

It’s a great way to learn and get proficient FAST. Within 30 days, you’ll notice an improvement in your voice if you’re diligent with your practice. It’s simple to follow and progress. No confusion, just a better singing voice.

DON’T Get This Program If…

If you know you want to sing in an R&B/Soul/Gospel style, I HIGHLY recommend you take HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery course instead of (or in addition to) 30 Day Singer.

They focus on Gospel and Jazz so it’s a better choice for anyone looking to do “soulful” singing styles.

But other than that, it is a great option for anyone to improve their voice overall.

Thanks for checking out our complete 30 Day Singer review! Hope you found it helpful.

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