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Last Updated: May 2022

Thanks for checking out our complete 30 Day Singer review. We’ll go over everything you want to know, including what you get, how well it works and who it’s best for!

Overall Rating & Recommendation

30 Day Singer Review

At first glance – based on the name alone – we thought it was a scam.

But after taking the course and a long look at several different singing lessons, we think 30 Day Singer is the best choice for learning how to sing better, quickly for most singers.

We HIGHLY recommend 30 Day Singer, especially for complete beginners. Here’s my personal experience with the program

It is a very well structured set of singing lessons. It’s the newest program available and also the best laid out program I’ve seen.

5/5 Stars Overall

Based on history, course content quality, course updates and customer support

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The program goes over all the essential things a new singer needs to know within 30 days (quicker, actually) – so it’s a quick-learn system that’s easy to navigate and go through.

If you want to get up to speed quickly so you can focus on more advanced techniques fast, definitely subscribe to 30 Day Singer.

We used to recommend that anyone specifically wanting to sing R&B try out the Vocal Mastery program, but since then we’ve still found 30 Day Singer to be a better program for 2020 – and includes “singing in the style of X major artist” video trainings.

And since it’s a video based course, we think it’s a better fit today. Vocal Mastery by HearAndPlay is a bit outdated in that way.

30 Day Singer is a great choice that will definitely help you become a better singer.

They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t end up liking it you can ask for a refund and lose nothing.

There’s no risk involved! So why not try it?

Click Here to Try Out 30 Day Singer for Free!

Quick Review of 30 Day Singer:


30DaySinger.com is a new set of online singing lessons that is perfect for beginner and intermediate vocalists who want to improve their singing voice (with no specific genre-preferences) in as fast a time as possible.

A great thing about this program is how it’s focused on getting beginners up to speed (and singing better) in less than 30 days.

Will you sing like Beyonce or Adele in 30 days?

No. But you will be a better singer than sings correctly in 30 days. And that’s the bare-minimum starting point on your journey to a Ariana Grande-level voice.

The best part of the program is that they also have a “signature style” section where they cover the specific vocal styles of the most famous singers out there – think Rihanna, Adele, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

The worst thing about this program is that it’s a subscription based payment with either monthly or annual plans, rather than a “one-time” payment like some other singing lesson options.

But it’s still worth it because, having spoken to the creators, they’re always updating and adding new content to the program. And if they’re previous lessons are anything to go by, the site will be FILLED with videos and tutorials soon.


  • FREE ACCOUNT – Preview the program/lessons
  • USD $29.95/month OR
  • USD $129/year (best value)
Homepage Screenshot of 30DaySinger

Program Overview:

  • Beginners Lessons (30 days of lessons that get you singing right, fast)
  • Advanced Lessons (Performance, Runs, Famous Styles, etc)
  • Specialized Technique Lessons (Phrasing, Vibrato, Pitch, Tone, etc)
  • Warm Ups + Exercises (sets of exercises and warm-ups for performance and daily practice)
  • “Live” personal lessons (one-on-on w/ instructors – *additional fee)
  • Community Forum w/ Instructor feedback


  1. Very clean interface/membership area is easy to navigate (no guess work of what to do first/next)
  2. Perfect for Beginners
  3. 30 day plan gets you singing better FAST (1 month to a better voice)
  4. “Signature Styles” training in the style of Rihanna, Adele and more!
  5. Cancel and get a refund within first month if you don’t see improvement
  6. “One-on-One” lessons bridges gap between online training and a personal vocal coach
  7. Community forum for questions, collaboration, etc is a great addition
  8. Comprehensive set of lessons – everything you need to master great vocal technique
  9. Great advanced lessons to truly become a professional-level singer
  10. Lessons to get you singing like your favorite male/female pop stars!

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  1. Monthly membership, access removed once you cancel paid membership
  2. Not enough genre-specific lessons
  3. Higher priced than competitors

Subscribe to 30DaySinger.com If…

  • You’re brand new to singing and want a structured way to get from A -> B
  • You don’t want to spend months on the basics and want to get up to speed as fast as possible
  • You need to improve your vocal tone, pitch and control
  • You struggle with riffs/runs or hitting high notes without strain
  • You want to extend your vocal range
  • You want to learn how to sing like your favorite pop stars

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Lesson Breakdown

Beginner Lessons in 30 Day Singer:

The beginner’s area gives you the choice of 3 separate instructors to bring you up to speed with proper singing technique.

Two of the instructors (one female, one male) teach pretty much the same thing (“30 Day Beginner” – the essentials) while the third instructor dives into singing a song while playing the guitar (“30 Day Singer” – guitar playing is optional)

The beginner’s sections all include recaps, FAQs and ear-training within the lesson framework.

Here’s how the lessons break down:

Member Area

“30 Day Beginner” Courses:

  • Welcome + Quick Vocal Warm-Up Technique
  • Healthy Vocal Technique, Posture + Breathing
  • Vocal Anatomy (All about the larynx)
  • Applying Warm-Ups to Song Work
  • Cord Compression
  • Chest Voice, Head Voice + Mix Voice
  • Stretching Your Range
  • Tone, Growth + Dynamics
  • Belting, Falsetto, Vibrato + Vocal Fry
  • Runs, Turns, Falls
  • Song Analysis
  • Phrasing + Style
  • Performance, Confidence + Nerves

“30 Day Singer” Course:

  • Finding Your Vocal Range
  • Major + Minor Scales, Triads, Relative Minors
  • Singing + Strumming Rhythms
  • Song Training (“Share My Voice”)
  • Smoothing Out the “Break” in Your Voice
  • Complexity in Scales and Scale Degrees
  • Adding Vibrato to Song Performance
  • Arpeggios and Swing Rhythms
  • Steps/Leaps, Accuracy and Fluidity
  • Tritones and Major Sevenths
  • Pentatonic and Blues Scales

Advanced Lessons in 30 Day Singer:

  • How to Sing Like a Pop Star
  • Runs and Embellishments
  • Perform Like a Pro
  • Singing Styles of Your Favorite Male/Female Artists
  • Classical Singing (i.e. “Choral” music)
Video Lesson Screenshot

Singing Tricks & Techniques:

  • Key to Perfect Pitch and Intonation
  • Steps to Better Phrasing
  • Mastering Vibrato
  • Getting Better Tone
  • Healthy and Strong Belting
  • Finding Your Breath
  • Intro to Harmonizing

Warm-Ups and Vocal Health:

  • Advanced Warm-Ups
  • Beginner Warm-Ups
  • Performance Warm-Ups
  • Daily Warm-Ups

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Video Walkthrough – Inside the Members Area


My Personal 30 Day Singer Review & Experience

I’ll be honest – when I first heard of this program I rolled my eyes because it seemed “gimmicky.”

“Really? 30 Days?”

Since we are partnered with Guitar Tricks (the makers of 30DaySinger.com) and have reviewed them on this website a rep reached out to us here at DeviantNoise.com and asked us to take a look at this new program they were launching.

So I asked for access to the course to take a look around.

I logged in and… (thankfully) I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t a gimmick (well… not exactly).

They weren’t claiming to turn you into Lady Gaga in 30 days. Instead, the idea behind the program is basically “hey if you want to improve your voice, we’ll get you singing correctly in 30 days.”

And that word “correctly” is important. Almost ALL beginners and novices (even ones with “great” natural voices) DON’T sing correctly. And so they never reach their full potential.

That’s why singing lessons in general are so important for ANYONE who wants to sing.

And 30DaySinger does a great job in making sure all singers get to the starting point (a well-rounded voice and vocal technique) within 30 days of video lessons.

From there, they can master the various skills and the “sexy” stuff that everyone wants to be able to do like runs and arpeggios.

And that’s the best part of this well-structured program for vocalists.

But Will it Really Make You a Better Singer?

30DaySinger.com Screenshot

The short answer is: YES.

The way the program is structured makes it super easy to follow and take the step-by-step journey to a better voice.

But like any program, you HAVE to put in the effort with practice. Daily.

If you commit to it, this program absolutely WILL make you a better singer by improving your overall vocal technique.

With the types of lessons included in the entire program (both beginner and advanced sections) you will learn how to really control your voice and sing like a professional. Once you’ve got the basics on breathing, posture, tone, etc. you get into the fun stuff like runs and riffing, embellishments and more.

Since the program is so all-encompassing, there’s no doubt it is an effective program.

The Beauty is in the Structure

I think the best part about this program is the short daily videos you’re taken through on your way to a much-improved voice.

There aren’t a ton of different buttons and sections and bells and whistles that will distract you. The website is clean and laid out in a way that makes navigation extremely simple.

You’ll know EXACTLY where to start, what to do next and how to go about practicing everything you’re learning.

Side Note: One of the problems we have with the Guitar Tricks program (from the makers of 30DaySinger) is that there’s SO MUCH content it’s hard to know where to start and what to do next. There’s also a ton of distractions, which can become overwhelming when you’re just trying to learn something.

So it looks like the company changed it up for this one and laid it out nice and simply so there’s no confusion or overwhelm.

To me it looked like the perfect setup for beginner vocalists and even intermediate ones who’ve never had any formal training.

But There’s Just One Issue

The price. It’s a subscription. Meaning you have to pay monthly to retain access to the video lessons.

Now, I don’t mind a monthly subscription if there is going to be new content added on a regular basis. And knowing the Guitar Tricks team, that’s most likely what they have in store. (GT has over 8000 video lessons and constantly adds new ones).

So if that’s the case, the subscription model is no problem for me at all. But I’m not 100% sure as I couldn’t find any information about updates.

Having said that, even if the don’t update it like they do Guitar Tricks, there are extras included in the subscription that may be worth it for some. They have a community forum and one-on-one access to vocal coaches for private lessons (extra fee applies).

Overall Recommendation: A Great Place to Learn Quickly and Effectively…

I DO highly recommend this singing course – especially for beginners, people who can’t yet sing good or singers with natural talent that haven’t been properly trained in good technique.

It’s a great way to learn and get proficient FAST. Within 30 days, you’ll notice an improvement in your voice if you’re diligent with your practice.

It’s simple to follow and progress. No confusion, just a better voice in 30 days.

I’ve previewed all of the material for this 30 day singer review and I’m confident it’s the right stuff. But just to be sure, I’ll be going through each video like a new student would and also practicing daily with the included techniques, exercises and warm-ups. I’ll report back here in this review with my results.

But if you don’t want to wait for my report, sign up for free, take a look around and try it out for a month. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

And, of course, there’s a money back guarantee if you’re not at all happy within the first 30 days. But from what I saw, I don’t think you’ll want to cancel for at least a few months so you can really absorb all the great lessons.

Who Should Subscribe to 30 Day Singer?

If you’re a complete beginner, don’t have a good voice, or have natural talent but have never trained your voice correctly, definitely sign up for 30 Day Singer today and fast-track your vocal improvement.

Still not sure? Sign up for the FREE limited version and give it a try for yourself.

Click Here to Try 30 Day Singer RISK FREE Today!

Who Should Not Bother With It?

This program will pretty much be good for anyone who wants to improve their voice.

BUT… If you know you want to sing in an R&B/Soul style (or Gospel/Jazz for that matter), I HIGHLY recommend you take HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System INSTEAD of 30 Day Singer.

That’s because the HearAndPlay company is focused on Gospel music overall, which is at the root of a lot of R&B/Soul music. So if that’s what you want to sing (R&B/Soul) then you’re better off learning with their product because you’ll get techniques and styles specific to that type of singing.

Thanks for checking out our complete 30 Day Singer review! We hope you found it helpful. If you think it could help other people you know, please share this article!

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