Hear and Play Vocal Mastery Review

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Vocal Mastery Review

Last Updated: January 2023

In this HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery review we’ll go over what’s included in this lesser-known singing lesson, how well it works and whether it’s the right choice for you.

This program is the #2 pick in our buyer’s guide for the top online singing lessons.

Let’s get right into it.

Quick Review of Vocal Mastery

HearAndPlay is a great company, but the Vocal Mastery program is not often mentioned by people who recommend singing tutorials online.

I personally think it’s a fantastic program, and aside from the aesthetic problems I have with it – it’s audio only – it’s probably my favorite vocal training program.

That’s because I’m a sucker for soulful music and singing, and that’s where this program excels.

Because it’s a very basic product and not exactly hand-held, it’s definitely not for everyone. But if you want to sing R&B, Soul, Gospel, Jazz or any “soulful” styles of music, this is absolutely your best choice. If not, then something like 30 Day Singer (learn more) is probably a better option for you.


7.4/10 Stars Overall

Key Decision Making Factors

  • Ease of Use – 7/10 – not the best for absolute beginners – need to figure some things out on your own (exercises, etc). Not hand-held/fully guided.
  • Comprehensiveness – 8/10 – Fairly comprehensive program. Not a ton of emphasis on the absolute basics.
  • Vocal Exercise Quality – 9/10 – best vocal exercises I’ve found – unique, fun, interesting and challenging. But some exercises don’t have enough explanation about what to do.
  • Affordability – 10/10 – the cheapest option available. VERY affordable, one-time payment.
  • Standout Features – 3/10 – literally none. The product download is a zip file with a bunch of audio files within it. That’s it. That’s all you get.


Should You Subscribe: YES – if you want a soulful voice or sing R&B/Gospel/Jazz/etc this will be your best option. The vocal exercises also help your voice more generally, so it’s good for any singers as well. It may be confusing for some absolute beginners, but if you can read between the lines a little bit, you’ll be fine.

In a nutshell, this is a highly recommended buy.

More About the Program

I first came across the company HearAndPlay when trying to learn how to play piano. Their program was the best out there for my specific needs – I wanted to know how to play by ear, being able to improvise on the spot, and not just read sheet music or memorize songs.

And I loved their piano tutorial. So I decided to try their vocal program and was similarly pleased.

Sure, their programs don’t have a ton of bells & whistles – there aren’t extras/bonuses, there isn’t some really nice design or interface, etc – but their content is REALLY high quality.

They teach in a unique way and have unique methods of explaining the fundamentals of music.

Vocal Mastery is no different. It may just be an audio-only program, but the content of the program is fantastic. And it WILL help you sing better.

Although I recommend it mostly for singers who want a more soulful voice, ANY singer can benefit from this program because the things that make your voice/style soulful are the things that make ANY performance in ANY genre better by 1000%.

All-in-all, it’s my favorite set of singing lessons, and I’d highly recommend it to all singers. But in truth, 30 Day Singer is a better option for most people who want a guided, hand-held, nice-looking program with additional features and content.

Try out Vocal Mastery Risk-Free with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


  • $39 USD one-time payment

Program Overview

  • Audio-only program – all lessons, exercises are delivered via downloadable MP3 files
  • 10 separate modules covering fundamentals, technique, and advanced concepts
  • Adapted from an audio-cd based program
  • Comes as longer “full CD” audio files, as well as smaller clips broken down by concept/exercise
  • Includes unique and challenging vocal exercises – my personal favorites
  • No additional content/updates


  1. Instant download access
  2. Exclusive vocal exercises you won’t find in any other program – from the START
  3. The most affordable singing lesson with high-level content/concepts
  4. Digital download MP3s make it accessible anytime, anywhere
  5. The only program that will specifically help you get a more soulful singing voice


  1. Audio-only download – no nice interface, no video, etc.
  2. Some exercises aren’t explained enough, leaving you to figure out what you’re supposed to do
  3. Zero bonus content

Who This Program is Best For:

  • Singers, rapper or songwriter that writes melodic lyrics
  • Novice, intermediate and advanced singers who want a more soulful voice
  • Anyone that wants to sing in the styles of R&B/Soul/Gospel/Jazz/etc.
  • You have difficulty with technique (like hitting high notes well or breathing correctly)
  • Singers who don’t need hand-holding and can “read between the lines” and figure things out if necessary
  • Anyone who wants unique and challenging vocal exercises that will really help grow your vocals
  • Anyone who wants to learn advanced techniques for runs, riffs and belting

Get a More Soulful Singing Voice With Vocal Mastery Today!

What’s Included in the Vocal Mastery Program?

Jermaine Griggs, a gospel musician, is the man who started Hear and Play. Vocal Mastery is taught by a female vocal coach (and incredible singer) Nena Lockhart.

Hear and Play’s courses slant towards a specific music genre but this does not mean that you won’t benefit from these courses simply because you prefer other types of music.

I am not a gospel singer, but I feel like the Vocal Mastery System is one of the best overall vocal training programs I’ve come across.

Vocal Mastery Instructional Audio Files

As mentioned above, this is an AUDIO-ONLY program. You get a set of downloadable MP3s that feature the following lessons:

Essentials for Beginners 101

In this section, you will learn the correct posture and proper breathing techniques while singing. You will also learn the correct vowel and consonant pronunciations using your tongue and mouth. It also covers the significance of using a variety of face expressions while singing.

Essentials for Beginners 102

In this section, you will be able to put into use everything you learned from the first audio lesson through different exercises. It will help develop the techniques you learned from lesson 1, and this is a bit more challenging.

You will start to learn new skills such as slides and octaves to help you transition smoothly between your different vocal registers.

You will also learn more about the proper blending and expanding the range of your voice.

Essentials for Beginners 103

This section is the third installment for the essential techniques for Beginners 103. This section focuses on singing extremely lengthy phrases using proper breathing.

The exercises in this section will help you build up longevity.

This section will also teach you techniques to ensure that every note is accurate and not sung lazily. You will also learn about lazy tongue prevention through a variety exercises.

Dynamics 101

In the fourth audio, you will learn stylization techniques and music dynamics. Learning the importance of using these techniques will help set your singing apart from others.

You will practice various exercises with some activities that will enable you to master different vocal techniques. You will learn different methods involving:

  • controlling your volume,
  • energy usage,
  • straight tones,
  • sighing and crying,
  • vibrato, and
  • so much more

This is an awesome addition to the system.

Dynamics 102

This lesson tackles more about dynamics (Dynamics 102). You will learn about decrescendos and crescendos, consonant enunciation, accents, and breathe marks.

The exercises in this audio are designed to help you apply the techniques in real life performance. By the time you reach this section, you will love all the knowledge you acquired from this awesome course.
Additional Info:

As much as I like the other online vocal training programs such as the Superior Singing Method, Hear and Play’s courses are on par with other vocal courses. Plus, if you’re focused on Urban music then it’s the most relevant singing lesson possible.

This program is well organized and user-friendly.

The other online singing lessons we review here are easy to understand too. But Hear and Play’s music is more of the type of music I like (urban, jazz, r&b, blues, etc.). Although I have tried other singing lessons, Hear and Play’s course is one program I want to try out.

Alright… Now on to the rest of our analysis…

Modes and Scales 101

This section focuses on scales, vocal modes, and chord usage. Here, you will learn common modes, which will let you see where you are heading while you’re singing.

Knowing this information is highly important as you start to go solo and sing runs – it will help you turn something tricky into a fearless run.

Vocal Arpeggios, Runs, and Riffs 101

Singing runs, riffs, and arpeggios is the topic of discussion in the lesson 7. This section builds on what you learned in lesson 6.

You will discover the basics of different vocal riffs, runs, and arpeggios. You will also learn different sequences to help you define your individual style.

Since this course includes valuable information that you won’t find in other vocal training programs, this is one unique course that I love. You will learn a bunch of stuff throughout the Vocal Mastery System.

Vocal Arpeggios, Runs, and Riffs 102

The next audio serves as an extension of the last. Here you will learn more methods and exercises to help improve your runs, riffs, and arpeggios further.

These will help set your singing voice and techniques apart from others.

Professional Runs 101

After learning the basics of singing runs, you will be taken to the next level – professional runs. Here, you will learn a technique known as the Running Game.

You learn various methods of doing runs and riffs in a systematic manner.

Being able to hit professional runs will give you an edge over other artists. That is why it is imperative to go through the last lessons after you have mastered all the different techniques from the previous lessons. Ensure that you will be singing professional runs properly by getting your voice in the right condition.

Professional Runs 102

The final lesson of the Vocal Mastery Series will enable you to combine all the techniques you learned from all the preceding lessons, which includes runs that are more advanced.

Things you learned such as posture, breathing techniques, octave drills, vibrato, rhythm, decrescendos and crescendos, cries, and sighs will all be brought together to create a remarkable performance. All the techniques you learned will be incorporated to bring your voice to a completely new level.

And that’s our entire look at the Hear And Play Vocal Mastery program. Below you’ll find some final thoughts. If you’re interested in our previous reviews or to take a look at our next product deep-dive, check out our Superior Singing Method Review (read now).

The Final Verdict

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this vocal training system to all singers. It’s affordable, comprehensive and has the best vocal exercises I’ve found.

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced singer or a professional, you should try this product – even if you don’t want to sing Gospel, Soul or R&B.

This course is a unique and a completely different course from other singing lessons.

The other programs will provide you with the basics, which are essential in singing to help you improve.

Vocal Mastery will most likely take your craft to a completely new level.

Thanks for reading our full HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery review. I hope you found it helpful in making a decision on how to improve your voice!

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