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Last Updated: January 2022

Quick Review

Vocal Mastery Review


  • One-Time Payment of $125
  • Two-Time Payment of $65 (plus $5 fee)
  • Three-Time Payment of $45 (plus $10 fee)

Overall Rating: 5/5

HearAndPlay Vocal Mastery is literally one of the best online vocal training program available – especially if you want to sing in an R&B/Soul style. But the exercises included can ALSO help singers who sing in any genre of music. Highly recommended buy.


  • Ten weeks (One Lesson Every Week)
  • 10 MP3 Audio Lessons
  • One Bonus Lesson and a PDF Transcript of the Whole Course

Singing Skill: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Singers

Try out Vocal Mastery with No Risk at All!


  1. Instant Download Access
  2. Exclusive Vocal Exercises You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
  3. Affordable Payment Option with Cash Back Guarantee for 365 Days (That’s a Full Year!)
  4. Free Subscription to “Monthly Music Mentor” program for 3 Months


  1. A number of videos to go through (Quite overwhelming)
  2. Requires Constant Practice (Many people hate practicing)
  3. Minimal Bonuses (Still, the course itself is great and worth your money)

Buy This Course If…

  • You are a singer, rapper or songwriter that writes melodic lyrics
  • You think you can’t sing
  • You’re a singer that wants to improve their tone, pitch or other vocal attributes.
  • You have difficulty hitting high notes without straining
  • You want to protect your voice and vocal cords from damage
  • You are willing to put in the practice

This Course Will Work Best If…

  • You are just learning how to sing but want to go straight to some serious vocal lessons.
  • You already know how to sing and you want to keep your voice in perfect condition to last for a long time.
  • You aim to hit the high notes but not resorting to falsetto
  • You wish to know how to use riffs and runs adequately
  • You aim to extend the range of your voice to sing in almost any key you want

— We Also Recommend 30 Day Singer if You’re Not an R&B Singer Specifically —

A Story About Vocal Mastery

Before we get into the nitty gritty of our Vocal Mastery review, I want to start with a little story.

I really don’t think I’m a great singer.

But I have been singing for a while (since childhood) and people said I was really good. My problem was that I’ve always thought people were “just trying to be nice” when I’d get a compliment…

So I never really had confidence in my voice as a singer.

And then at about 10 years old I fell in love with Hip-Hop and became a rapper. So naturally the vocal melodies stopped in favor of rhythm and lyricism.

I neglected my voice. And then I started smoking.

Needless to say my voice became worse and worse, and I didn’t even really realize it.

Learning the Ugly Truth

Bad Singer

Eventually, though. I wanted to get melodic with my voice again, along with my lyricism.

I decided to try singing.

What was I thinking…

My Huge Wake Up Call

Holy s%&t did I HATE the noise that initially came out of my mouth.

Oh, and I was recording myself too.

So, not only did I realize my voice sounded horrible when I opened my mouth, I go to re-live the horror when I decided to listen to the audio recording of myself.

But that ain’t even the worst part!

I thought maybe I was just trippin’ so I go and ask a couple of friends what they thought about the recording.

“Hey, here’s a singer I’m thinking of working with. Tell me what you think of them”

Damn, they tore into “the singer” on the recording. They had nothing good to say and actually said some pretty nasty things.

Now remember, I thought I sang great…

But after all those years of neglecting (and ruining) my voice I was off-key and off-pitch so much that I don’t even think AutoTune would help me.

I eventually found out that my vocal range was super limited, I had no consistency in pitch and I wasn’t breathing right.

So basically… I thought I was a great singer but in reality I was one of *those* people who thought they could sing, but couldn’t carry a tune (anymore, at least).

Not gonna lie, I felt like a squaking bird reading that feedback. That s**t hurt…

Click Here to Make Sure You Never Have To Go Through What I Went Through

I Couldn’t Keep Doing What I Was Doing

Computer Singing Lessons Review

I had to improve my singing voice.

So, I did what anyone that was serious would do – searched Google and YouTube to find free tips on how to sing better.

Unfortunately, what I found were just the basics that helped, sure, but didn’t really cause major improvements in my voice.

None of the stuff I was finding took it to the next level.

What I needed was the help of a pro – a vocal coach that was proven and knew what he was doing. Not some random YouTube channel.

Private Vocal Coach vs. Online Singing Lessons

Private vocal coaches are damn expensive. And if you don’t live in Hollywood or New York you probably won’t find the type of pro you’re looking for.

That became clear when I started researching the local vocal coaches in my city – basically a lot of glorified high-school choir teachers.

I really was serious about getting better. And the free stuff wasn’t cutting it so I had to be willing to pay to make my voice better.

I searched and researched for a LONG time. I found a lot of different options that sounded great.

But HearAndPlay’s Vocal Mastery System was the one that stood out the most. I had tried the company’s piano training before and LOVED it. So when I found out about their singing lessons I got excited and decided to see what it was all about.

I wasn’t expecting anything crazy… And I wasn’t worried since I could get a full refund even if I decided to try it out for a while.

But funny thing was I ended up already knowing someone who had tried out the HearAndPlay course.

Here’s what happened:

Within a couple of weeks (that’s FAST) of using some of the concepts in the HearAndPlay content, they could definitely hear a significant improvement in their singing voice.

The notes they could now sing were so much better than before, their breathing was getting better and things that were difficult seemed to be getting easier.

It’s wild – they always thought they were singing on pitch but after trying out the course and knowing what to look for in one’s performance, they could see (and hear) how they were so wrong..

There’s just a huge difference when you start training the voice properly.

Want to Make a Huge Difference In Your Voice? Read This

So what do I think of the course?

In my opinion, the best thing about the course is the comprehensiveness and the vocal instructor – and the fact that some of the vocal exercises featured are exclusive to HearAndPlay.

The vocal exercises were specifically crafted by the company to help students sing the correct way by training their voice and habits properly.

I have to say, these are some pretty BOSS vocal and breathing exercises.

Also, the fact that they focus on “Gospel” or “Worship” music may throw people off when they first learn about it (it happened to ME too), but it REALLY DOESN’T MATTER.

This course will help ANY singer sing ANY style of music. And it’s especially helpful if you sing modern in modern hip-hop and r&b styles.

Each of the sections in the main course contains essential information for anyone who’s thinking of singing – whether it’s as a hobby or a career.

There were bonus modules included in the program too. But the real gem in this whole thing has to be the main course materials.


My Personal Take on the Vocal Mastery System

Training musicians of all types is where the Hear And Play company specializes. When it comes to music lessons, Hear and Play is my favorite.

I have tried a variety of their music lessons, and I have been satisfied with all of them. Their music is within the same music genre I like to perform, and they are a bunch of awesome people.

Additional Info on Hear and Play

Jermaine Griggs, a gospel musician, is the man who started Hear and Play.

Hear and Play’s courses slant towards a specific music genre but this does not mean that you won’t benefit from these courses simply because you prefer other types of music.

I am not a gospel singer, but I feel like the Vocal Mastery System will help me become an exceptional singer.

I was very excited to try it out when I learned about their singing course.

Before trying out this music course, I already bought some of Hear and Play’s piano courses, and I was satisfied with how the lessons were set up.

Vocal Mastery Instructional Audio Files

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate singer, or an experience one, Hear and Play’s Vocal Mastery is an excellent vocal training program for everyone.

The course comes with several MP3 audio files. It features Nena Lockhart as the instructor. She discusses the lessons in detail to help you sing like a professional singer fast.

Essentials for Beginners 101

In this section, you will learn the correct posture and proper breathing techniques while singing. You will also learn the correct vowel and consonant pronunciations using your tongue and mouth. It also covers the significance of using a variety of face expressions while singing.

Essentials for Beginners 102

In this section, you will be able to put into use everything you learned from the first audio lesson through different exercises. It will help develop the techniques you learned from lesson 1, and this is a bit more challenging.

You will start to learn new skills such as slides and octaves to help you transition smoothly between your different vocal registers.

You will also learn more about the proper blending and expanding the range of your voice.

Essentials for Beginners 103

This section is the third installment for the essential techniques for Beginners 103. This section focuses on singing extremely lengthy phrases using proper breathing.

The exercises in this section will help you build up longevity.

This section will also teach you techniques to ensure that every note is accurate and not sung lazily. You will also learn about lazy tongue prevention through a variety exercises.

Dynamics 101

In the fourth audio, you will learn stylization techniques and music dynamics. Learning the importance of using these techniques will help set your singing apart from others.

You will practice various exercises with some activities that will enable you to master different vocal techniques. You will learn different methods involving:

  • controlling your volume,
  • energy usage,
  • straight tones,
  • sighing and crying,
  • vibrato, and
  • so much more

This is an awesome addition to the system.

Dynamics 102

This lesson tackles more about dynamics (Dynamics 102). You will learn about decrescendos and crescendos, consonant enunciation, accents, and breathe marks.

The exercises in this audio are designed to help you apply the techniques in real life performance. By the time you reach this section, you will love all the knowledge you acquired from this awesome course.
Additional Info:

As much as I like the other online vocal training programs such as the Superior Singing Method, Hear and Play’s courses are on par with other vocal courses. Plus, if you’re focused on Urban music then it’s the most relevant singing lesson possible.

This program is well organized and user-friendly.

The other online singing lessons we review here are easy to understand too. But Hear and Play’s music is more of the type of music I like (urban, jazz, r&b, blues, etc.). Although I have tried other singing lessons, Hear and Play’s course is one program I want to try out.

Alright… Now on to the rest of our analysis…

Modes and Scales 101

This section focuses on scales, vocal modes, and chord usage. Here, you will learn common modes, which will let you see where you are heading while you’re singing.

Knowing this information is highly important as you start to go solo and sing runs – it will help you turn something tricky into a fearless run.

Vocal Arpeggios, Runs, and Riffs 101

Singing runs, riffs, and arpeggios is the topic of discussion in the lesson 7. This section builds on what you learned in lesson 6.

You will discover the basics of different vocal riffs, runs, and arpeggios. You will also learn different sequences to help you define your individual style.

Since this course includes valuable information that you won’t find in other vocal training programs, this is one unique course that I love. You will learn a bunch of stuff throughout the Vocal Mastery System.

Vocal Arpeggios, Runs, and Riffs 102

The next audio serves as an extension of the last. Here you will learn more methods and exercises to help improve your runs, riffs, and arpeggios further.

These will help set your singing voice and techniques apart from others.

Professional Runs 101

After learning the basics of singing runs, you will be taken to the next level – professional runs. Here, you will learn a technique known as the Running Game.

You learn various methods of doing runs and riffs in a systematic manner.

Being able to hit professional runs will give you an edge over other artists. That is why it is imperative to go through the last lessons after you have mastered all the different techniques from the previous lessons. Ensure that you will be singing professional runs properly by getting your voice in the right condition.

Professional Runs 102

The final lesson of the Vocal Mastery Series will enable you to combine all the techniques you learned from all the preceding lessons, which includes runs that are more advanced.

Things you learned such as posture, breathing techniques, octave drills, vibrato, rhythm, decrescendos and crescendos, cries, and sighs will all be brought together to create a remarkable performance. All the techniques you learned will be incorporated to bring your voice to a completely new level.

Final Thoughts on Vocal Mastery by Hear And Play

Overall, this is one highly recommended online singing lesson to try out. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced singer or a professional, you should try this product.

The musical training conducted by the people behind Hear and Play are great, and I give them my full support.

I have tried several of their products before and have always been satisfied with every one of them. This outstanding and excellent course thoroughly covers all the different aspects of singing better. Soon you may be able to sing like your favorite artist. Who knows?


Do you want to sing like Whitney Houston and other powerful singers with great voices? Then this course is for you.

Even if you have tried other singing courses I still say try this one out – especially if you want to sing pop or R&B.

This course is a unique and a completely different course from other singing lessons. The other programs will provide you with the basics, which are essential in singing to help you improve. The Vocal Mastery will most likely take your craft to a completely new level.

Vocal Mastery series uses different techniques and styles to help expand the range of your voice and improve your singing style. Overall, this is a great course – a must try.

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