Singdaptive Review

A complete review of the Singdaptive singing lessons program for 2021. Is it worth it or ineffective?

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Last Updated: July 2021

In this Singdaptive review, we’ll go over everything you need to know before you decide to spend money on a set of singing lessons.

We’ll cover what the member’s area is like, how effective the lessons are and the overall flow of lessons for beginners and intermediate/advanced singers.

We’ll also go over what’s included in membership and how everything works with the program.

Is it worth the money or is the company’s unique approach to online singing lessons ineffective?

Read on to find out the truth…

Singdaptive Review

Quick Review

Here’s the run down:


  • Individual Lessons – $5 each
  • All Access Pass – $49 for 2 months / $145 for 1 year
  • Exchangely Private Coaching – $90 / 2 “exchanges”

Program Overview:

  • Free account sign-up
  • Onboarding Survey to determine focus areas + lesson recommendations
  • Set of lessons to help you jump-start what you need to focus on first
  • Access to individual lessons to continue your training
  • Optional private one-on-one vocal coaching lessons (virtual)


  • Bridges gap between online lessons and private training effectively
  • Tries to personalize experience and guide through lessons
  • Affordable pricing
  • High quality lesson content and instructors
  • Great overall features (quizzes to progress, practice journal, training timeline, etc.)



  • On-boarding lessons are great, but no structured plan after on lessons to view, exercises to practice, etc.
  • Exchangely private coaching can get pretty expensive over time, just like local vocal coaches
  • Feeling lost / overwhelmed still possible, especially for complete beginners and non-tech savvy

Overall Rating and Recommendation

Singdaptive has taken a pretty unique approach to how their singing lessons work.

And in truth, it’s a really good way of doing things – they try to make their lessons and overall program as personal to each user as hands-on as possible.

Having gone through some of the program I can confidently say YES, I do recommend this program to both beginner and intermediate singers.

I wish more companies adapted this hand-held and personalized approach. The best part of the program, however, is the bridge between one-on-one vocal training and the convenience of online lessons.

But the program isn’t perfect and there are things that could be improved. We’ll get into that more in a bit.

Overall, though, if you’re looking for a solid beginner and intermediate singing program Singdaptive is a great choice.

4/5 Overall Rating

Based on Quality of Instructors + Course Content + Features, Program Layout and Cost

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Subscribe to Singdaptive If…

  • You’re a beginner just starting out with singing
  • You’re an intermediate singer looking to improve in various areas of vocal technique
  • You value the convenience of online lessons but still want the option of private one-on-one coaching
  • You’re not looking for specific lessons on specific styles/genres of music

Full Review of Singdaptive

The unique advantage of choosing Singdaptive is this – it’s the closest thing you’ll get to having the benefits of a private vocal coach, with the affordability and convenience of online lessons.

That’s really what caught my attention when I was first asked to review the website by their team.

The problem, oftentimes, with online lessons is the non-personal, overwhelming nature of them. There’s just so much information and you don’t know where to begin – so it’s easy to get frustrated and give up.

Some companies have tried to overcome this problem, but Singdaptive have gone a step further than I’ve seen other companies go with their onboarding survey/quiz.

But it’s not perfect. That sense of overwhelm and being lost eventually hits you, so there’s definitely room for improvement. But it’s one of the best implementations of this “personal, hand-held” approach I’ve seen.

How It All Works

When you first login to the member’s area you’re taken through a 10-minute survey.

Seems annoying, but it’s worth the time. It’s meant to assess where you’re at as a singer – just like a real vocal coach would before diving into the lessons and exercises.

Once you’re done it, you’re taken to a set of videos that are best for you personally. They’re primers for you to go over before you dive into more specific areas of vocal training, based on where you’re at vocally.

But after that, things get a bit more confusing.

Once you’re done with the initial selection of video lessons, you’re thrown into the course library. Sure, you have an idea of the things you should focus on, but no more structure, step-by-step approach.

I think that’d be a benefit to beginners – a lesson-by-lesson path that’s laid out for each step of the journey. Something similar to what Fender Play has for beginner guitar players.

What’s Next?

If you can avoid the feeling of overwhelm when faced with an endless list of options, you can dive into the lessons and learn every aspect of vocal health, technique, performance and more. They even have a set of lessons on stage makeup.

All in all it’s pretty thorough in terms of knowledge and lesson material.

And the next best part of the Singdaptive approach is the Exchangely private coaching. While you’re practicing the material you learn in the video lessons, you can book an “exchange” session with a real vocal coach.

You’ll send videos back and forth where you demonstrate a technique and ask questions and the vocal coach will respond with tips, improvements and feedback.

This is a really great feature and is what really bridges the gap between real life vocal lessons and online singing training. You get the convenience of working at your own pace, with an affordable set of lessons. And then when you’re ready for real-life feedback and help, you can book sessions with your private tutor.

It’s all there for you exactly when you need it.

What’s Available in the Member’s Area

The Singdaptive site menu has a few different areas:

  • Library
  • Instructors
  • SingerPath
  • Practice
  • Timeline
  • Store

The Library

This is the lessons library where all the video courses are contained.

Singdaptive is divided into several different focus areas of singing – Vocal Health, Performance, Creativity, Theory and Audio/Sonics. So the lessons are also divided into areas that correlate to this.

But there are also other categories based on what type of singer you are – Solo, Choir/Ensemble, Stage Productions, Gigging Bands, Recording Artist. In these categories you’ll find lessons specific to the type of performance you’ll be doing.

Here’s a list of all the video lesson categories in the Singdaptive library:

  • Performance Ready
  • Vocally Healthy
  • Vocal Exercises
  • Artistically Free
  • Audience Engaging
  • Musically Informed
  • Audio Savvy
  • Solo Performing
  • Choir + Ensemble
  • Stage Productions
  • Gigging Band
  • Recording & Sharing
  • Makeup

Needless to say, there’s a ton of content that will keep you busy for a while, making the yearly all-access pass a great value.


This section has more information on all the different vocal coaches and instructors involved in Singdaptive. It goes over their background and specialty.


The SingerPath is your personalized path of training that you receive after completing the survey when you first sign up.

You can always revisit these lessons in this area at any time.

Practice + Timeline

The practice journal and timeline are a running record of your progress in Singdaptive. It’s another one of the really great features of the program.

It makes it really easy to stay focused and on top of your training/practice. Each time you take a lesson on a vocal exercise or practice routine, you’re able to save that exact exercise to your Practice area. That way when you’re doing your daily practice you have a plan on what you need to do each time.

It’s a super convenient feature and I’m not sure why no one else in the online lessons game is doing this.

The timeline itself is just a running record of the things you’ve done throughout the program, including any notes you make on lessons or insights you have when doing the quizzes and action items in the lessons.

Honestly, these are solid features that are really useful and appreciated in a program like this.


This is where you can either purchase individual lessons or an all-access pass. This is also where you can purchase your Exchangely private coaching lessons.

The Final Word on Singdaptive

Overall, Singdaptive was a blast to review. It’s a great singing lesson program that has some of the most unique features I’ve come across reviewing music lessons.

If you’re a beginner singer, you should absolutely try it. But even if you’re more intermediate in your training or you want to brush up on some stuff, you should subscribe.

It is way more worth it to get the yearly all-access pass, rather than subscribe monthly or buy individual lessons. That’s the way to get the most out of it.

At the end of the day, I definitely recommend aspiring singers try out Singdaptive for themselves.


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