How to Sing Better in 2017

How to Sing BetterSo you can sing, but you need to learn how to sing better.

You might not like the way you sound and this can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Hoarseness of your voice
  • Singing off key
  • Shortness of breath
  • The phrases you sing are not smooth, or
  • A whole bunch of other reasons

How do you get better then? When practicing, you have to focus on these areas:

  • Pitch, Tone and Resonance
  • Breath control
  • Range
  • Projection and Clarity

Is It Possible To Learn to Sing Better?

Keep this one very important thing in mind:


You might think that you are a hopeless case, but becoming a better singer is quite easy. All it takes is willingness to learn how to train your voice and lots of practice.

The bottom line is you have to work towards one thing – you have to learn how to control your vocal muscles in every way possible.

How do you do that?

Taking Control of Your Voice

Take Control of Better VocalsRemember, there are two important aspects to becoming a better singer

  • Training yourself to learn a new or a better technique / method / exercise
  • Practicing technique / method / exercise every single day

Whether you want to have a better tone, perfect pitch, high notes, or more resonance, learning more about how the voice works and how to control it will help you shape your voice whichever way you want.

Learning new techniques is as equally important as practicing them diligently.

A Great Exercise to Help You Sing Better

Whether you are trying to hit high or low notes, loud or soft, this one particular technique is a sure fire way to help you hit them properly.

Having a steady larynx is the key.

The What?

sing-with-larynxThe Larynx, the middle part of your throat, is responsible for producing your voice.

When you try to sing higher or louder, your tendency is to raise your larynx to reach those notes or volumes.

Try reaching a high note now.

To sound more smoothly, you want to make sure your larynx remains steady.

How to Become a Better Singer

The “Mum” Exercise

The “Mum” Exercise will help your larynx remain steady. It will also help you get a better hold of your vocal cords.

Here’s how it works:

  • Say “mum” repeatedly using a steady tone (similar to a baby making noises while eating – “mum-mum-mum”
  • Just keep on saying “mum” until you sound relaxed and comfortable in your natural tone (don’t try to hit a specific note yet)

Once you feel that you sound relaxed and comfortable, then:

  • Continue saying “mum” but this time, start to follow a musical scale (say, C-Major) up and down. This is similar to doing “Do-Re-Mi” exercises but using “mum” instead.
  • You can then try to move on to higher musical scales or notes. Do this without straining your voice.

As you keep on saying the “uh” sound in “mum”, your larynx will remain steady. In effect, this will help your voice remain steady regardless of how high or low the notes are.

How Frequently Should You Do This?

Practice this exercise daily for at least a few minutes.

The more often you practice, the better you will become.

Keep in mind that you have to practice these vocal exercises regularly. Completing the exercise once will not make you a better singer.

Do these exercises daily for 2 weeks and you will see a noticeable improvement in the way you sound.

Is That It?

Vocal Coaches Improve Your SingingNo… definitely not. That is just one vocal exercise to address one particular problem in singing.

There are different other problems that hinders your voice to reach its full potential. These include:

  • Working on your “mix voice”
  • Reaching super high notes (falsetto)
  • Shortness of breath during long phrases
  • Dynamic range
  • Preventing your voice from straining to work longer and more often
  • Getting the right tone or resonance
  • Projecting with the right amount of vocal power
  • and so much more

So what else can you do?

Your Action Plan to Sing Better

The perfect way to learn how to sing better is to do it systematically.

You have to consider every area of singing better. Lay out a specific strategy to improve on specific areas.

How Can This Be Done?

  1. To start, go through the different areas listed above and pick one area (say, working on your “mix voice”)
  2. Master a new vocal exercise that addresses that specific area (visit our blog or other sites like YouTube)
  3. Practice that new exercise for one whole week (practice daily for at least 15 minutes)
  4. For the following week, master a new exercise that tackles that same area (working on your “mix voice”)
  5. Practice this new exercise for another week
  6. Just keep on doing this while focusing on one area for one full month

Overall Time Commitment

Time to a Better VoiceYou should practice 4 different vocal exercises that will address one area of the 8 problems listed above for one month. To sum up, this will take you:

  • 8 months or more
  • Practice every day for 15-30 minutes (this is just for practice)

Bear in mind that repetition is key. Keep on doing the same exercises over and over again to become a better singer.

It is similar to physically training your body – do it regularly and you will eventually see great results.

Your Shortcut to Becoming a Better Singer

Who’s got 8 months? If you are just like me, you can’t wait for 8 months to be able to sing better.

You want to become a better singer NOW. It’s just what I wanted when I first started.

My Secret Advantage

singing-lessons-make-you-a-better-singerThe perfect way to learn how to sing better fast in an effective manner is through online singing lessons.

Of course, you can hire a vocal coach or enroll in private singing lessons, however:

  • They can be way too expensive
  • Some vocal coaches are not the pros (some are retired local singers while others are choir teachers)
  • They will not meet you long enough or often enough (most offer vocal lessons for half hour sessions once a week – and that is if…)
  • They don’t care much about your improvement as much as you do

Why Do Online Singing Lessons Work Effectively?

Online singing lessons work effectively because they are systematically organized to address every aspect of improving your singing voice quickly and effectively using tried and tested methods.

Since I didn’t want to waste any time, online singing lessons worked perfectly well for me. I wanted to learn the different aspects of singing all at the same time.

I don’t have 8 months to wait. I wanted to see a difference and become a better singer in 8 weeks.

Surprisingly, it happened way to sooner than I expected!

So, Which Online Singing Lessons Work Best?

In my opinion, the best online singing lessons for both beginners and experts are Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method and Singing Success.

The Preferred Choice

Best Way to Learn SingingIf you are looking for something that is of high quality but at a cheaper price, the Superior Singing Method is the perfect choice.

I can’t say anything wrong with this course. They offer exclusive vocal exercises that you will not find anywhere else. It is a great program at a reasonable price.

Check our in-depth review of Superior Singing Method to learn more about the program.

Another Possible ChoiceLearn to Sing

If you don’t mind using your laptop or desktop to learn how to sing, a great alternative would be Singing Success. It can cost a bit more but it is still worth your money.

Brett Manning – the man behind the program – has worked with a number of huge stars like Haley Williams. His techniques and exercises are a great help.

My Personal Outcome

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money when I first started training myself to sing better.

I chose Superior Singing Method and I was sure glad I did!

I literally started to sound better just after a few days of practicing the vocal exercises. It was great!

By the end of the program, my confidence in singing went through the roof.

And That’s Not All

I wanted to try the Singing Success mainly because of the name behind it (Brett Manning).

I eventually took the plunge and bought the program using their easy-payment plan.

I loved this program! I sounded even better after taking this course. However, there may be something in the program that will not work for everybody. Read our full review to learn more about it. Other notable courses are Singorama and Vocal Mastery.

To Truly Get Better, There is Only One Way

singing-practiceI learned new vocal exercises continuously to attain expertise.

This is just something you have to do to truly become a better singer and stay on top of your game. Remember, the music industry is highly competitive. It’s like almost everyone is trying to make it to the music business.

Structured lessons are the best way to go. Had I not learned through structured vocal training, I would still be struggling with my voice and would have minimal improvement.

To figure out which program is best for you, read our entire set of online singing lesson reviews.

Improving Your Sound Further

songwriting-contrastAlthough you will find hundreds of free singing tips online (like the ones you will see below), nothing compares to structured vocal training and actually going through them.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, an amateur or a pro, you have to be willing to invest in your voice if you really want to become a better singer. To really make an impact, you have to train your vocal chords, breathing, mouth, tongue, and much more to come together in the optimal way. Well, good for you, it doesn’t have to be expensive or too difficult to do.

If you think you sound horrible, no worries. Formal training will allow you to sound on pitch and in tune. Just don’t give up and you’ll get there.

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Cheers to your singing success!

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