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Facebook may not be super popular with young people, but it’s still a HUGE social network that deserves your music marketing attention – whether you’re a singer, a rapper, a songwriter or music producer. And there are a few different ways you can do this.

Obviously, you can share your music on your personal and artist profiles, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Facebook is still a very visual medium. Meaning video is huge on the platform. And it’s rumored the blue giant is only going to place more emphasis on video for Facebook.

So it’s a good idea to get into the habit of using video on the platform.

One of the best ways to use video as a rapper or singer is to utilize Facebook Live.

And here’s the crazy thing – Facebook finds that people watch Live videos 3x longer than normal Facebook videos.

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Recently Michelle Aguilar wrote a post on the TuneCore blog about this very subject, so we wanted to share what she wrote, and add our thoughts.

What is Facebook Live

Here’s Michelle’s take:

Facebook Live is a live video streaming feature that allows people, public figures and pages share live video with their friends and followers.

The Details:

Your live video can be up to 90 minutes long, just make sure you’ve got a solid internet/wi-fi connection. And the best thing, the video gets published on your profile after your live feed ends. So people can watch it even if they miss the live stream.

Just click the “Live Video” button on the “What’s On Your Mind” section of your timeline. It’ll start streaming the live video.

How to Use Facebook Live as a Rapper or Singer

Here’s what Michelle mentions as good ways to use FB Live Video:

  • Q&A With Fans
  • Song Requests
  • Rehearsals
  • Announcements

Those are all great ways to use the Live Video feature. If you want more details on how to use them in the above ways, check out the original post on the TuneCore blog.

Here’s another couple ways to use it:

In The Studio

Whenever you’re in the studio – it can be a great content to stream video of the session live. Setup your phone and just do your thing in the studio.

Check in every so often if there’s a lot of people watching and making comments, etc.

Whether you’re recording or its a mixing session, stream that shit. People love watching in-the-studio footage.

Songwriting / Beat Making Sessions

If you’re a rapper or singer, why not live stream your songwriting sessions? Just setup your phone and start writing the song (do it out loud so ppl watching the stream can hear).

If you’re a beat maker or music producer stream the beat making process.

Ask people’s opinions, read comments and respond and just make the fans part of the creation process.

This is great content that fans will eat up.

Live Show

Another idea is to live stream your live shows – no matter what they are.

Whether they’re empty clubs, open mic nights or packed theatres, why not live stream the show?

This might require another person to do the filming and interacting with fans, but hey… it can be done.

Get creative with it.

Just Do It

Content is king on the internet, but it takes a lot of time to create and distribute. But you need to do it consistently. That’s why using things like Facebook Live Video is a great way to just naturally integrate it into your day (or night). Facebook Groups are great too.

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