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If you’re a singer, you should know that vocal warm ups are essential to your vocal health. You need to be careful with how you treat your vocal cords. Trying to belt out a song without a good vocal warm-up is not a good idea. But people learning how to sing better don’t always think about that. They just go for it.

In this article we’ll help you understand a great vocal exercise that will warm up your voice so you’re ready to sing your best while strengthening your voice.

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Why Bother With Vocal Warm Ups?

You can’t just sing at your peak on the drop of a dime. Even if you’re doing vocal practice or other vocal exercises, it’s a good idea to not just start up straight away. You need to warm up your voice and vocal cords, kind of like warming up a car in the winter time.

By doing this exercise you’ll be able to sing without straining or hurting your voice. And that’s important if you’re trying to go pro as a singer.

What to Do

It’s a closed-mouth vocal exercise you can do any time, anywhere.

With your lips closed, begin to make some vocal sounds like “mmmm” or “hmmm” – very simple and light sounds.

You want to almost be “groggy.”

Start from your head voice and move down to your chest voice, while making the same sound.

You can even do small runs up and down an octave range using the same light/simple sound.

The idea behind this is to get some vocal cord closure so your voice doesn’t break when it comes time to really sing.


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That’s It?

Yup, that’s pretty much it. We’ve got to give Aaron Anastasi from the Superior Singing Method the credit for this one.

Contrary to what you may think about vocal warm ups, you don’t need to do anything heavy or strenuous to actually warm up your voice. The simple exercise described above can be often enough.

If you’re just practicing a song at home or even with a group it’s a great way to get things started.

If you’ve got a performance or practice there are other things you can do the morning-of to help you sing your best later in the day.

Exercise is a great way to start the day and get the blood flowing through your body (including your vocal cords). And closer to the performance/practice time, you might want to drink some warm tea to help relax the vocals and throat.

Want to Learn More?

Of course, these aren’t the only exercises you can do to help you become a better singer.

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A lot of singing lessons like these have a lot of exercises included with them – for things like breathing, breath control, range, pitch and much more. Our favorite singing lesson is 30 Day Singer.

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And here are some more vocal exercises

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