What’s New In Music at NAMM 2015

NAMM 2015

NAMM 2015If you haven’t heard of NAMM and you produce music, you’re about to get really excited.

NAMM is the national association of music merchants and every year they put on a show called The NAMM Show where they showcase all the latest hot music gear they’re coming out with.

This year NAMM was in full effect at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 21-24. I would love to go to one of these shows.

They honestly have some of the coolest toys for music producers, DJs and artists. Most music media covers NAMM and there’s usually some crazy new launches happening around this time.

Here’s some of the hot shit that made us wanna pull out credit cards…

Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you were at NAMM2015, what were some of your favorite highlights from the show?
For The DJs:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Classic Shit Brought Back To Life:

YouTube video

Cool New Guitars:

YouTube video

Korg Kronos 8

YouTube video

Roland JDXi (I want One… Now…)

YouTube video

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